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How do you want Earth to end, & when?

How would you like the Earth to end?

  • A decent plague pandemic<Alien Invasion<A.I takeover<Environmental Ruination<Comet Strike<

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • Timing? Next Tuesday<New Year's Eve<Date of your choice

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters
I am having a terrible day in an awful week in a miserable month in a wasted year, like everyone else! Unless you are a maniacal world leader or greedy business tycoon this has been a mean year.
I am sick of it. Not only because we have all been so mismanaged during this pandemic crisis, but because our human rights are being daily diminished. Yes, I get busy during such times, but I am not well & my energy is depleted.
Usually, I would travel in order to see a new view, well that has been a flop. So, instead the mean side of me is appearing. If terrorists can still carry on stealing children, & blowing people up then I want my second in the bright light! A nuclear bright light! I want nuclear conflagration, next Tuesday! How would you like the world to end? No wimps wanted. Aliens is good, A.I. takeover is excellent, a real Zombie Apocalypse would be interesting, a Comet hit is a bit passe, & this pandemic is not doing a very good job! Is it? I await your comments.
Age&Skulls (2).PNG
I think you know my thoughts being a Christian. Read up on Revelations. You don't want to wish that on anyone. Give people time and a chance.
Question. Do you use music in your work? I find it helpful in times like these.
Given your mood. Try Dimmu Borgir Progencies of the Great Apocalypse.
Or All Good Things Album Machines.
l need an attack of furry fat unicorns farting glitter storms and galloping around like on meth. Then Ms. pac-man to come chopping thru and eating all ex-husbands and bosses that fired me. Finally l need an explosion of green slime wiping out all social media. Then the earth would explode and the giant messiah of donuts would emerge and we would all be reduced to candy sprinkles. Then l would finally be at peace.
Zombie apocalypse I think. At least I'd have a fighting chance instead of waiting around to see if I become ill. Something I can see and fight against would be better than this.

Actually suspect that the planet will just vomit us all off one day, first earthquakes and then volcanic activity and start over. Then it can go back to what it should be, where animals and the natural world will become its caretakers again.
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I'm conflicted. I like the idea of another asteroid hitting the earth and unloading a billion huge dinosaurs.


And Turtles. But inline with the season an Alien Invasion would be nice. Santa gets it first.

I'm conflicted. I like the idea of another asteroid hitting the earth and unloading a billion huge dinosaurs.

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And Turtles.

Looks familiar. The good old days fer sure. Where else could you find a cave-dwelling woman who looked like Raquel Welch having just come from a paleozoic beautician with shaved legs.

Everyone is young compared to me. I was still well at 46 doing stuff. Now, I am a wreck & frankly fed up with the world's stupidity. A life can be hurt by stupidity. I am only as bitter as the most bitterest herbs lashed with extra bitter to make your tongue disengage from one's head. A huge solar flare could be good too. Sunburn the planet clean! I mean where are all the aliens? I want mean aliens that hunt humans for sport & eat their livers. Children are pureed, & the elderly chopped up for their pet food.
I agree with the sun burning it all up. But, not in millions of years.
Or maybe the Earth explodes from within. Who knows what's going on at the core anyway.
Time wise? Any time it wants.
Or how about a black hole sucking us in. There are more than just the one in the middle of the galaxy.

Personally I've enjoyed this year. Whilst depression has been bad, this is mainly due to my own personal issues such as lack of friends and my job causing stress. I've seen a lot of people blame 2020 or write it off completely as a disaster. If anything it's been a great time to show gratitude and perseverance. Still, most would rather blame outside factors rather than take responsibility. People not being able to socialise or go on holiday are grievances I can't relate to. In fact, considering the amount of pollution planes cause, I think it's a great thing that airline companies are struggling. I did the maths a few months back, and figured a 10 hour flight of a Boeing 747 uses as much fuel as my car would in nearly a century.

As for the world ending - I think it's a rather conceited human opinion to have. The earth and nature will continue to persevere and thrive long after we've finished destroying ourselves.

This is probably why I've enjoyed the pandemic. Humans have plundered nature for thousands of years and it's nice when nature gets it's own back. Sure, I'm a consumer just like anyone else. As an adult I've tried to minimise consumption as best as possible. At least climate change is being genuinely addressed, but it feels like a token gesture considering our insatiable need for consumerism.

Now, you could easily argue that enjoying the sufferings of others is perverse. I think it's probably a by-product of long term depression. But, there's also a genuine feeling that something must be done with regards to overpopulation - and if a virus helps with that, then that's a positive.

I'm no stranger to thoughts and opinions which confound or upset most people. I suppose sticking out like a sore thumb is something a lot of us are used to in some way shape or form.

As expected, the media and news has been relentless with the pandemic. The press likes to peddle bad news every day, so of course they had a field day with COVID. But, most people don't know what's good for them, and continue to read the news every day under the misconception it will have a positive effect. Bad news day in day out for a whole year with COVID and it's easy to see why most people think this has been the worst year ever.

Excuses and exceptions seems to be the attitude of most people with COVID in the UK. It's dragged out longer than was necessary. I hear people at work talking about how they'll be breaking the rules around Xmas, to spend it with their families etc. I went to the park yesterday to staff on my lunch break, in a town which is in Tier 4. Saw 2 parents out with 6 kids having a picnic in the park. It's not allowed - but people are being difficult and selfish. Then again draconian and authoritarian approaches such as China's approach to handling the virus is seen as evil.

It's continued human selfishness that will no doubt bring about our end. That survival instinct of self-preservation is in all animals, but our way of life is thoroughly unsustainable.

Whilst death is an obvious fear in all of us, there is a part of me that welcomes the eradication of our species - we've been nothing but trouble to this planet.

As a teenager I spent years fixated and terrified about the end of the world. I read countless examples of possible scenarios that could end humanity. Personally I hope it's one that enables animals to thrive long after we're gone. So nothing like an asteroid impact or supervolcanic eruption which would wipe out animals too.

I guess my hope would be for a virus, or the continued evolution of COVID that scientists can't keep up with. Seems like a surreal thing to wish for doesn't it? A life time of appreciating the company of animals more than humans is probably why I think it'd be doing the world a favour if we were gone.

One of the doom-mongers at work was doing her usual reading aloud depressing news stories to the office and spoke of Denmark culling hundreds of thousands of mink. My immediate thought was that should be what is done with humanity. But this doesn't come from any hatred of ethnicities or religions etc - it's just a general distaste for our entire species.

Well, I'm not sure if that's helped or hindered getting that off my chest. It's the sort of thing I don't really talk about all that much because my opinions are so easy to counter. I tend to get my thoughts picked apart by people who disagree and like nothing better to point out that I'm wrong in the ways I think and feel. Which is why I probably rarely talk with any depth to anyone but a handful of people.

So, whilst the idea of humanity ending still fills me with fear, I think it'd be a kindness to our planet. This woke generation considers the rape and pillage of history as contemptable, and yet we continue to act this way towards the very planet that ensures our survival. Pot, kettle.

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Sci fi has some good endings.

Earth is scheduled for demolition to make way for galactic highway.

Aliens come and place a bomb with a timer into the centre of the earth, and everyone has just weeks to live.

Earth just stops rotating and everyone dies.

Earth stops rotating, and the Earth turns into a hothouse. All sorts of creatures exist, but mankind is long since gone.

My personal favourite: Some alien spores/microorganisms land on the moon and start eating it, then some contaminated moon dust brought back from the moon by astronauts gets dropped onto an extinct volcano and starts eating its way down to the core of the earth, eventually consuming the earth too.
Rubbish ending, no brownie points for you.

Sometimes, it can be best to get the ending you're expecting.

However, since you want a good end of the world scenario, how about the way our world 'ends' in the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics?
In the comic, James Bond (a villain in this story) learns of the existence of a magical alternate dimension called the "Blazing World" and is unknowingly manipulated into trying to destroy it by launching a nuke into the dimension - he and his cohorts deeming the plan a success and planning to repeat it by destroying Wonderland later.
However, his manipulator is the Wizard Prospero - a resident of the Blazing World and who seeks revenge on humanity for sealing magic away centuries ago. Thanks to the nuke, the energies of the Blazing World are unleashed upon the world and take the form of/awaken/attract various monsters to attack humanity (the following represent the real locations that are attacked):

Moscow, Russia is terrorized by the Russian witch Baba Yaga.
Tokyo, Japan is attacked by both Godzilla and Gamera.
New Zealand is devastated by the reawakened Cthulhu.
Eastern Europe is swarmed by Vampires from the Vampire City of Selene.
The Middle East is assaulted by Giants and Djinn.
Ireland is overrun by the "Swine-Things".
Newcastle, England is invaded by the Vril-Ya.
Oxford, England is attacked by the Jabberwocky after it emerges from Wonderland.
London, England is besieged by a combination of Werewolves, Spring-Heeled Jacks and the return of Gorgo.
Washington, USA is assaulted by the supernatural entities from Glastonbury Grove.
New York, USA is destroyed by a combined assault from a revived King Kong, Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox Babe, Frankenstein's Monster, GORT and Giant Ants.

Earth is invaded in later years by the Romulans first and later by the Daleks.
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Personally, I'd make the following changes/additions since we're including various creatures/monsters from myth, folklore and other media:

01. Ireland, I'd have the Swine-Thing's attack be joined by Rawhead Rex, The Grabbers and an army of Fomorians led by a revived Balor.
02. North and South Korea would be attacked by the monsters Pulgasari and Yonggary respectively.
03. Bangkok would be attacked by the monster Garuda.
04. Norway would be attacked by the Midgard Serpent and an army of Trolls.
05. Sicily and Greece would by devastated after Typhon finally escapes Mount Etna.
06. Rome, Italy would be besieged by the Venusian monster, Ymir.
07. Inverness, Scotland would be invaded by an army of the "Blue Men of the Minch" alongside the Kelpies.
08. Aberdeen, Scotland would be flooded by the Cirein-cròin.
09. The Orkney Islands would be attacked by the Finfolk and the Stoor Worm.
10. Scotland as a whole comes under assault from the Sluagh, Werewolves, Dark Wizards and an army of fairies led by Micnevin. Furthermore, Nessie and Scotland's other lake/loch monsters would attack the local populaces.
11. Copenhagen would be destroyed by Reptillicus.
12. Wales would be attacked by Human/Alien hybrids.
13. London, England would have individual and multiple Aliens join the assault on the city, as well as Konga and Queen Kong.
14. England, UK would have multiple locations involving Zombie outbreaks.
15. Paris, France would be overrun by Zilla and its offspring.
16. Berlin, Germany is attacked by Frankenstein's Monster.
17. Mexico would be besieged by Q the Winged Serpent and numerous Giant Scorpions.
18. Toronto, Canada would come under assault by Paul Bunyan with his Blue Ox, Babe.
19. Michigan, USA would be destroyed by a swarm of Kandarian Demons from the Necronomicon.
20. Carolina, USA would be invaded by the Giant Behemoth.
21. Illinois, USA would be overrun by Mutated Grasshoppers.
22. Wisconsin, USA would be swarmed by Giant Spiders.
23. Texas, USA would be attacked by a Giant Gila Monster and Mutant Shrews.
24. Los Angeles, USA would be swarmed by Giant Ants.
25. San Francisco, USA would be ravaged by a Giant Squid and the arrival of the two MUTOs.
26. Arizona, USA is attacked by a Giant Tarantula.
26. Indiana, USA would be overrun by an army of Demogorgons and other monsters from the Upside Down, led by the Mind Flayer.
27. Maine, USA would be destroyed by a revived Carrie White and other Stephen King monsters (too many to list).
28. New York, USA would replace Paul Bunyan and Babe, Frankenstein's Monster and the Giant Ants with Clover, the Deadly Mantis, the Giant Claw and Gozer (in the form of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man).
29. USA in general would be swarmed by multiple Audrey-II's, while battles would also break out in multiple locations due to highly-evolved apes and advanced killing machines from the future both time-traveling back to the past to try to destroy each other and gain total dominance over the future.
30. Middle East would also have aliens to deal with.
31. Australia would be overrun by outbreaks of Zombies and Internet Demons.
32. Antarctica becomes infested with Xenomorphs after the pyramid hidden below the ice is activated.

Global: Multiple locations would be attacked by Dragons.

So, how's that for Brownie Points?
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