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Do you talk to animals?

Cali Cat

Femme Ferale
... I've been known to talk to dogs and cats...and several people have called me an Animal Whisperer.

What about you? ... I have an obsession with nature and some of the critters. ...

Yes, I quite enjoy talking to animals, more so than to humans. I often get much more intelligent answers from animals too.


Well-Known Member
I do, mostly in english (and mostly just hello) but sometimes I'll imitate them although I mostly do it when there is no one around (people tend to give you funny looks or call you a f****ing weirdo). I'm good at imitating cat meows and I used to be good at whistling bird calls as well but I seem to have lost that ability lately.


A scientist found out that dogs can learn around 300 words. I started with her as a pup, I would touch her ear and say "ear" her paw and say "paw" I kept it simple- like for lasagna and spaghetti are both called sghetti to my dog. She is so smart she totally knows what pizza means! lol


Well-Known Member
I have the job of caring for two fluffy bunny boys and two beautiful bonded parakeets. Our lop uses me as his personal chew toy, and our Rex mix just ignores me for most of the time, unless I have food. >D He usually gives me a look usually reserved by cats, aloof as a piece of rock. My budgies are my babies. Fluttershy is a pretty dark sapphire blue and the one I half-raised from a fledgling. She and I have a semi-understanding, and she doesn't seem to mind my handling most of the time. We have our own little conversations, and I can hang her upside down for all she cares. Her mate, Glacier ( a handsome powder blue), however, is as cuddly as his name. He'll nibble my nose and preen my hair, but when it comes to petting and cuddling, FORGET IT! I'll talk to him, and he'll screech back; however, that is about our level of communication. The brat has little use for humans other than millet and transportation. Despite my stubborn attempts, my little talker refuses to talk "human." He has his mate to talk to, so why would he learn another language?

I talk to other people's pets and wild animals. We have moose and a lot of different bird species around my house. I walked right by a cow moose lying in the trees a few feet from the path, talking to her the entire time so she wouldn't get any funny ideas. I didn't feel like getting moose hoof tattoos at the time. I even sang to the horses I used to work with. I think that we Aspies are more comfortable with animals because they are easier to read, and they don't judge us for being different. They are a source of unconditional acceptance and affection.


Mage, Sage, Revolutionary
Yes. I seem to have a connection with them that even I don't understand. Birds land on me. Peoples shy cats come and rub all over me. Dogs always want to come by me and even chipmunks watch me and run over my feet. I do not go out of my way for animals. We have a mutual respect for each other. I don't bother them and for the most part, they don't bother me either. Many people comment about this, and my kids were always amazed.

I know someone with that gift. She says it's the spiritual gift of love--it casts out the normal fear the animal will have. You are blessed indeed!


Staff member
V.I.P Member
Animals to whom I have spoken: owls, mourning doves, red winged black birds. Conversationally.

Coyotes---because I got fed up hearing their crazy yipping when I went out to do chores, so I'd yip back.

Possums...when I needed to catch them. The best way to do that was make my mind blank so that I could emanate nothing scary to the possum, then say calmly 'Hey, Buddy..' and when he'd look up (hmmm thinks the possum, do I know her?) grab the possum. [Put him in a cage and transport at least 5 miles away. Possums eat chickens. I don't want possums to eat my chickens.]

Cats. Naturally I talk to cats. I have one talkative cat and another that mostly communicates with facial expressions/body attitudes.


Active Member
I have always spoken to animals in human and their language... I also have little dialogues much like johnny morris off BBC TV when I was a kid. Animals also seem to trust me. In fact I mentioned this at an Aspie group and the facilitator said she had heard that this wasn't unheard of with those on the scale. For me it's normal and part of who I am☺


Staff member
V.I.P Member
Animals to whom I have had to speak, but did not expect a reply include: goats----mainly telling them what to do; rodents---mice, chipmunks, red squirrels...to assure them I meant no harm and they'd be well advised to hold still so I can take them out of my house. Otherwise the cats will probably kill them. Spiders---I don't know why, but "Here, sweetie." Then catch them, so they can live outside. More to eat out there.

There's nothing much to say to a moth. They seem kind of desperate and giddy.


Well-Known Member
Yep. To my parrot (Who talks back and always has something amusing to say), to the little spider who lives over the back door, to the neighbor's cat, to bugs I rescue from the shower.........any chance I get really.


Eat, sleep, cars
I do to my dog, cat and sometimes the horses. its a good skill like when a animal wants to try to attack you just try to kind of sign a peace treaty.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Yeah, a lot. I know they don't understand the words per se, but coupled with body language, etc I try and communicate in a fashion. My own pets understand some words thru training or repetition and I also once in a while just talk to them like I do people, just to be socialable. :D

Tia Maria

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
I have always talked to my pets (currently only cats) & all animals. Regarding our cats, I speak to them with some repetition but also in full sentences. :) They always listen when we speak to them, & there is quite a bit that they understand. The know their names (& nicknames) & come when we call them etc... They are indoors only because that is safest where we live although I might also be a bit over protective. They also communicate to us in numerous ways to let us know something or what they want. They are quite smart & very active. They aren't 'trained' in any way but they do have me trained very well. :p Every one of our cats (current & prior) have been rescues. Many came from very bad situations where they would have lived a horrible life & a painful death without either my or someone else's intervention so it is my pleasure to give them a comfortable & happy life. I am very affectionate with them (except with one girl whom we are not allowed to touch) & tell them all the time that I love them. Overall I'd say we have excellent communication. :)


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
A recent study with dogs showed that dogs can understand more words then people realize and can recognize (and understand the meaning) at least some human facial expressions. They know the difference between a smile and a frown/angry face. I have no doubt cats are on a similiar level. I think perhaps, parallel evolutions (ie. Wolf pack, Lion Pride, Human Clan) has set up the basis for communication as communication is one of the keys to how these groups operate within themselves and succeed.


Petite Awesome Aspie
I talk to my cat all the time. I don't feel as crazy as when I'm talking to myself (with no animals around). I often talk to the birds at the sanctuary where I volunteer, and they will sometimes talk back.

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