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Do you talk to animals?


spirit gardener
Yes I do, and think some of them, like cats and dogs, actually understand more of what we are saying than we realise.


Staff member
V.I.P Member


Well-Known Member
I actually do talk to animals mostly when alone. I say things like say hello to Robins/birds, to dogs & cats. The cows at the gate at a nearby farm really anything that comes across my path :)


Leader of the otaku legion!
Yeah I talk to animals all the time, I say hi to them. One day on my way to work i saw a raccoon and I said hi Rocket!


Well-Known Member
Yeah, I chit chat with any animals. usually have a conversation with the cat , as someone else said, I narrate with animals like the birds etc
yep I talk to my dog, when a puppy training him up, told to use 1 syllable words like sit, cross, down, stay etc. I just talk to mine like I would talk to my child. Down the park sometimes people will notice how we communicate and think it's nice. Picture is from his 1st Birthday, more presents than me!


Sight seeing on the planet of the apes
i talk to my furry little buddy Chewyteeth all the time, and
she meoweoops and chirips back pretty much every time.

i like to have nonsense conversations with Chewy, just ask her
random questions and hear her insightful meow responses.

it really doesn't take much to entertain me:oops:

Gayda Collins

Well-Known Member
Sure, I talk to animals. I'm a cyclist, and, when I come upon roadkill, I often tell them that I was sorry that they hadn't been more careful. I also talk to cats. When our cat meows, I meow back. We can have some rather long conversations, though I have never known what we've communicated. I used to have a coworker who could bark like a dog. We must have been quite a crazy pair. Anyway, I've read that this is called aspie hunting. You may want to google that.


Jello Queen
V.I.P Member
Yes, often, both pets and wild animals. Sometimes I talk to wild animals so much I scare them away without meaning to.


Active Member
maby i will try to talk to an animal some day i never realy tryed doing that thank you for the suggestion

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