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Dating Corner

Slim Jim

has glasses,shirt,hair, just need jim charisma now
Obsessions/Interests: Many things, I'm multifaceted. Get to know me, and find out. I might surprise you.

Let me clarify. Since I didn't go into any details.

I like ; books. Reading books. Arranging books. Studying books. I like old books, also I like bad weather, I like to get wet! vanilla ice cream, visiting cemeteries, loud punk rock music, and am not averse to polygamy, if that's what floats your boat. And I don't believe in Microwaves!!

What else...err...I'm very old fashioned, I like dresses...ha only joking.

I Also like hmmmnn let me think, I believe in kooky things like, reincarnation, Jim Henson stuff (dark crystal, and that philosophy show, with those Greek fables, that's my favorite.)not a vegetarian, I like meat! Spicy too. I like to go commando, I find underwear so restricting. I like sex pistols and honey bees. I like to visit places, and listen to music. I like the dark. I'm more comfortable in the dark, (I've walked through countryside at night, encountered wild animals, it doesn't not scare me.) I like SNL, original cast,, those guys were just great where that they! Especially Belushi. All those 80's comedy. Also those brat pack movies. My favorites being War games, ( Sheedy.) Repo Man, (Emilio ruled in that, Iggy pop soundtrack) Breakfast Club. (Molly, what a hotty, unconventional but hey.) Oh and Weird Science. ( Hall, that funny geek, we can all identify with.)

But at the end of the day. Hey I'm just a guy that reads books. Read a lot of books. Oh and I like shows about serial killers, preferably with a musical component.

As You can tell...I'm very odd, I bet there is nobody out there that shares these interests, such a shame, I know such persons could not possibly exist, and not likely to exist.

And if I ever met such a person that liked all that too. It probably must be hallucination or something.

But that's just tip of iceberg. I like a lot more other stuff too. But just to give you a idea.

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