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Dating Corner


Jello Queen
V.I.P Member
Username: Butterfly88
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Sexuality: Lesbian
Location: New Jersey, USA
Religion: Progressive Christian
Politics: Democrat
Philosophy: Leave the world a better place than how you found it.
Obsessions/Interests: Postcard collecting, cryptocurrency, word games, casual video games, animals.
Desired Partner Characteristics: Caring, understanding, intelligent, feminine
Self-Description: I'm feminine, intelligent, and caring. People tell me I have a good sense of humor. I tend to be an anxious person. I'm good with computers but am not the best at gaming but I like to play anyway.
Other: I make money selling stuff online.


Your friendly neighbourhood hedgehog
V.I.P Member
Username: Vanilla
Gender: Female
Age: Currently 35 (Born 1985)
Sexuality: Asexual
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Religion: None
Politics: Not big on politics
Philosophy: Be good to those who are good to you
Obsessions/Interests: Drawing, writing, psychology, some PC gaming (love Fallout 4 and StarCraft II), and being somewhat social (but not too much).
Desired Partner Characteristics: Someone who completes me. A person who I can depend on, relate to, and allows me to be my true self. Extra points if you know how to help me build my computer.
Self-Description: An ambivert who likes spending time with those who mean most to me. I'm the kind of person who likes doing almost everything together when in a relationship (including cooking or doing the dishes). I love hugs and cuddles, going out to eat, relaxing with Netflix or a good movie.


Well-Known Member
Username: dhl02
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: Greater Chicago Area
Religion: Agnostic strongly leaning Atheist
Politics: Left Libertarian
Philosophy: Resources are not a zero sum game. if you make the pie bigger, everyone gets more pie; Treat others BETTER than you'd want to be treated
Obsessions/Interests: Science/Astronomy, Outdoors/Fishing/Camping/Hiking/Boating, Sports/Baseball/Hockey/American Football/Golf, Games/Chess/Video Gaming(not gambling-I despise that) Music and Languages
Desired Partner Characteristics: I'm looking for someone open minded with a decent sense of humor. Someone who is physically active and would like to help me become so. Must like Sports, the outdoors(camping) and music(preferably alt-rock and/or classic rock)
I'd like someone who is affectionate, likes touching/kissing and is fairly open and enjoys sex(when the time is right in the hypothetical relationship) and is pretty open minded in bed. No Tobacco, 420 friendly. Tattoos/piercings are not only ok, but appreciated.
Self-Description: I'm a super open minded guy. I've always wanted to be outside doing things and be physically active, but have had physical issues get in the way. I am a huge sports fan, amateur astronomer and outdoorsman. (I have 5 telescopes lol) I'm pretty funny, and love to use puns. I have a dirty, dark sense of humor so I hope that whoever responds to this has the same taste in humor. I'm open to dating bi women who lean straight.

Updated for clarity.


I have ADHD too!
For those with the Asperger's Syndrome condition, love can be extremely hard to do properly, as finding the right person, and under the right circumstances, is nearly impossible. Something always seems to get in the way, whether it be some critical difference that makes a potential mate incompatible [religion, philosophy, your level of contact with them], them already being in a relationship [people often forget that the people who are considered "prime choices" are often already in a relationship, as you will rarely have been the one to have gotten there first], or more often than not, that at some point during the courtship, we mess it up due to the Aspie condition and they become turned off by us.

Therefore, I believe that a place should exist here, where everyone else understands the condition we have and its effects, because everyone either has it themselves, or at least is close to someone who does. While none of us came here specifically to pursue a relationship, having the option to if no other viable options are open to us, or if one simply prefers it over those that are, is a convenient and viable option for finding someone who you can form a successful relationship with, as opposed to the relatively-low chances that one would have in real life, due to most people one would meet not understanding the condition, simply attributing our actions to rudeness, poor manners, and so on and so forth [you all know the story].

Here is what I propose. I will make here a list of people seeking a relationship, as well as a template that people can fill out for themselves as a sort of mini profile that will have some basic information. If people see someone they like who is compatible with them by their sexuality and gender, then they can talk with that person a bit here, and then start a PM conversation with them to pursue a deeper relationship. This thread is still a work in progress, and so, I will take suggestions on ways I can improve it and make it more efficient [this, I know to of course be one of those words we aspies love to use].

Note: When filling out the template, if you don't feel comfortable giving a piece of information, then don't give it. Only give as much information as you are comfortable providing. Also, please try to keep your profiles reasonably short, and not ramble on and on as aspies are inclined to do, since it will take up too much space.

Romantically-Interested Singles

[Insert Image Here]
Username: What's your Username? The one listed on the side of all your posts?
Gender: Do you identify yourself as male or female?
Age: How old are you? Again, although technically optional, this one is highly recommended, as a person's age will factor in greatly to their decision of whether or not they want to have a relationship [relationships with large age gaps are usually frowned upon]
Sexuality: This one is required, as people won't be able to know whether they can pursue a relationship with you if they don't know what your sexuality is.
Location: Although optional, this one is highly recommended. It is simply asking where you live, since engaging in a long distance relationship is notoriously hard and usually ends in failure. If a person is willing to move to be with someone, that's they're decision, but if not, its best that they pick someone who lives somewhat close to them.
Religion: What religion do you practice? This is an issue of contention in many relationships where it is different between the two parties, and can often lead to breakups.
Politics: What are your political beliefs? For many, you can just put whatever political party you identify with [liberal/democrat, conservative/republican, independent, libertarian, communist, anarchist, undecided, etc.].
Philosophy: What philosophy do you live your life by? For some you can just name it, but in general most of you will have to give an explanation to explain this one. Just be sure not to make it too long.
Obsessions/Interests: This is completely optional, but naming your obsessions or interests might be a good way for you to connect with someone if they share those things with you.
Desired Partner Characteristics: What are you looking for in a partner? This one is also required, as if you have any requirements for someone you're looking for, and then start to get hooked up with someone who both you and they don't know at first doesn't meet one or some of them, the other person's feelings could be severely hurt if you have to break it off with them later because of them not meeting one of them, which would likely be because of something that the other person is very self-conscious about.
Self-Description: A brief description of yourself and who you are. Try to be as descriptive as possible while at the same time being concise, fitting as much information as you can into as short a description as possible. Remember, you can always tell the person more about you later.

[Insert Image Here]
Desired Partner Characteristics:

Here's mine to provide an example.
[Insert Image Here]
Username: RavenSly
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Religion: Currently Undecided [Agnostic for long time, considered but eventually decided against Christianity. Now leaning towards and considering Buddhism]
Politics: Independent [Lean Liberal, but has differing views depending on topic]
Writing, Drawing, the Internet, Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Video Games, Learning [pretty much anything, but especially academic subjects like History, Science of any kind, Language, even Math, and anything else I can get my hands on], Philosophy, and Stories in general
Desired Partner Characteristics: Intelligence, Wisdom, Maturity, Compassion, Independence, Loyalty, Honor, Honesty, and although not required, being Pretty wouldn't hurt.
Self-Description: I am a 20-year-old young man from Minneapolis, currently alternating between living with my mother and father. I enjoy art and writing, and want to become a Fiction Author after completing college. I consider myself an honorable and honest person, and can honestly guarantee that I would never lie to a person I was dating. I am also extremely loyal to someone I am emotionally attached to, willing to do pretty much anything for them should the situation call for it [I would literally be willing to die for you if I was dating you]. I have very strong ideals, believing in fairness, honesty, honor, integrity, and common courtesy. I am also quite laid-back, not usually taking things that happen around me seriously, as I've learned that worrying about every little thing that happens simply causes a person unnecessary stress that only wastes energy. I do however have my faults, being far from perfect. I have problems with anger and aggression, although I'm currently working on them [I'm about to begin an Anger Management course]. My manners are poor, as are my hygienic habits. I am known for being crass, rude, and obscene, as I swear relatively frequently in common conversation [not all the time like some people, but I'll drop an F-bomb occasionally and will usually say "****" a few times in a conversation]. I'm also notoriously lazy, having problems with motivation and my work ethic if I don't like whatever it is I'm being expected to do. Still, none of these things are absolutes, and they change frequently, and I'm getting more mature all the time. That's me in a nutshell, so please, if there's anyone out there willing to take a chance on me, I would appreciate it immensely if you'd give me a chance to show you how loving a person I can be.

And there you have it, I basically just described myself in a single paragraph, albeit a pretty long one. Now you give it a try, and soon enough we'll have a good pool of singles to work with, so that everyone can find someone who works for them. So, are you willing to take a chance on love?

The Great Timsby

Active Member
Username: The Great Timsby
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Sexuality: heterosexual
Location: Wyoming
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Libertarian, leaning Republican
Obsessions/Interests: Movies, I love movies. I also love old cars, Gaming, and Music. I play lots of instruments, guitar, piano, French horn, drums, bass, a bit of clarinet (not very well anymore tho), I love warehouse 13, and doctor who and star wars. I love Thriller movies. I also really like to drive. also I love supernatural, agents of shield, and doctor who.
Desired Partner Characteristics: Someone Kind, loving, patient, gentle. A person who would go camping and hiking with me, but also stay in all weekend and binge watch tv shows, youtube, and movies. Someone who loves cuddles.
Self-Description: I am a weird child as I like to say. I randomly say random words and things. I love food, I'm chubby. I love to cuddle. I love to sing and help people feel better. I am definitely an introvert. I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I am also very ADHD. I tend to hyper fixate on things, and over think everything someone says. I hate when people yell. It makes me think they are angry. I have brown hair, and my eyes change color, from blue to green to grey to yellow (not my eyes themselves but my iris's, I don't have jaundice.) I am 5'11 and almost always wear jeans. I hate pants tho. I never Really bother to tie my shoes, i usually leave them tied and just slip them on. I am very prone to messes, and because of the ADHD, rarely clean them up because i forget they are there. Also i hate water dripping down my face after i shower. I think StevieT is the funniest youtuber ever. thats basically my entire sense of humor


Well-Known Member
Username: Vernalsole1355

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sexuality: Straight

Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America

Religion: Christianity

Politics: Independent (Specifics available upon request)

Philosophy: I believe that we are given gifts by our Creator, whoever you believe that to be, and that we need to live our lives fulfilling those gifts to the best of our abilities.

Obsessions/Interests: Sports, Sports, and more Sports. Favorite sport is baseball, favorite team is the Atlanta Braves! (Full list will be given in Self-Description). I also LOVE food. My favorite type would be Indian or Sushi.

Desired Partner Characteristics: A few Hard requirements:
1- You need to like sports in some capacity. (Or willing to learn to like one)
2- You need to be OK with physical touch, and spending as much time as possible with me, whether it be virtual or physical. Although it won't immediately go there, the love language of physical touch and simply being around you is almost a therapy to me and it WILL come up eventually in the relationship.
3- You need to be at or over 18. Legal reasons.
4- You need to either have been OFFICIALLY diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, or act, think, etc. on a high-functioning level.
5- You need to live in or around the Nashville area. No long distance relationships.

Some other preferred characteristics I'm looking for but are not required are:
-You like video games and/or e-sports, like the Overwatch League.
-You love different types of food.
-You are also a Christian (denomination does NOT matter).


I am a 18 year old High School Student in the 12th Grade. I love sports. I'm a fan of the Tennessee Titans (NFL), Atlanta Braves (MLB), Nashville Predators (NHL), Nashville SC (MLS), Memphis Grizzlies & Atlanta Hawks (NBA), & the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (NCAA). I love different types of food, ranging from Indian, to Chinese, to American. I'm very smart. I have a good sense of humor. I'm very honest about my feelings, you won't hear me sugar coating my views on stuff just to make someone happy. I'm also upfront about things. If I have an issue with something or someone, I will say something about it directly to the source of the problem. I value relationships with my friends as I don't have a lot of them due to various reasons (Autism included). I've only had 2 relationships, one lasting for 8 months and the other lasting for 18 months (year and a half).

If you have any questions about me that are not listed here, feel free to send me a private message and I'll get back to you ASAP!!!

Have a great day!

NoKipAr on the run

Well-Known Member
I assume this "image" buisness is supposed to be a picture of me but Oh well. I am not putting in the effort since I'm not allowed on Facebook. what even.

Username: Nokipar On the Run it's a reference to a story I never want to create.

Gender: Male.

around my late 20's. sorry, I know this is about getting laid, but I'm Street smart even as an adult.sorry.

Sexuality: bisexual. Hell! I'd even ....um.... something something pink white and light blue stripes

Location: What the!? okay, somewhere in Canada!...hmmmm... it's kinda embarrasing with this whole "IRL" thing....

Religion: I DON'T KNOW WHO TO LISTEN TO! SO AGNOSTIC! WHO SHOULD I LISTEN TO!? RICK AND MORTY? MY FRIEND'S MOM!? WHO!? still, Religion makes up for good Mythology.

Politics: aaaaaah, gee wiz... I am a Liberal but one thing's for sure: Lesson Learned. Never vote Republican again! .....Indeed an Elephant in the room.

Philosophy: wow. I used to Philosophy about every thing right down to the last most miniscule thing when I was a teenager and I lost a lot of sleep as a result. kinda like that anime with the bandage eyed girl ....Chinybiou? remember? girl's obsessed with MMOs and Dnd? anyway....

Obsessions/Interests: Animation, (anime, Stop Motion, Sitcom and Adult stuff, the internet's Flash, Pixar) ummm... what else? When I was a kid I loved the ever loving crap out of Dinosaurs, I love Drawing, Writing, Animating, I make my OWN CARTOONS! and I like games like Nintendo and Playstation (I never want Xbox) I like Nature walks, Science fiction, Film and TV critique, Jhonen Vasquez and Tim Burton, Lizards , Star Wars and other movies of "The Hero's Journey" or ... "Revenge Resell Franchises"......and Doctor who.

Desired Partner Characteristics: I would love to have a girl who is a NERD. Nerds? Nerds. Nerds? HELL YEAH! I mean I love to talk about creative works with a girl! and she'd be a good voice actress for my cartoons with female characters. and also, I also want a girl who is emotionally supportive. and I can play 2 player games with her! hell! I even would like someone who well..... I'd like a Red Head. when talking about taste in music, I like anything that's either of my top 3 genres: Jazz, Emo/Alternive Rock, and Techno. I would like a girl who shares my interests. That goes without saying. One last thing, I want someone, if Neurotypical, I need someone who understands Autism. I have Asperger's.

Self-Description: I'm really into animation. It's my fave interest. And I don't like being yelled at. I am not a , and I often times don't listen because I am impatient and the reason I am very Imicomptent (did not spell that right) because I always want the easy way out. I like to swim and I'm trying to avoid fatty foods, and since Animation is my biggest interest, I know pretty much everything about the medium! And I must tell you a little thing with me; I have this cousin to Schizophrenia called "Fraglis"...it's been bugging me since 2010 and to move on.....I have dreams of being an animator, and a damn good one! I am great with math, but I am always afraid of getting the wrong answer. and as for my favorite animal?....anything Reptile based. lastly, three things: I have a horrible relationship with my father, I'm a giant fan of Ricky and Morty, and I've been writing a novel since age 12! take care and I hope you find me awesome.


V.I.P Member


Gender: cis man
Age: 25
Sexuality: pansexual (preference depends) / switch
Location: New England
Religion: none. I've identified as an atheist, deist, agnostic, and Satanist at various points in my life.
Politics: furthest possible left on every concievable issue with the sole exception being 2A

Philosophy: we all are products of our environment, sure, but we owe it to ourselves to transform that environment. We must dare to invent the future. No one "knows what's best" for another individual better than they themselves. Suum cuique, non serviam.

Obsessions/Interests: metal, hip-hop, punk, sci-fi, horror, video games, psychology, public transport, obscure / grimdark history, empires / colonialism, subcultures, cyberpunk dystopias, post-apocalyptic hellscapes, cannabis (nothing harder than that, thank you), booze, guns (not the culture surrounding them, ugh), creative writing, literature, visual art

Desired Partner Characteristics: all genders applicable. Must not be adverse to snuggles, and lots of 'em! Animal lover is always a plus and I simply must know about any pets you have. Sharing interests isn't mandatory but I'd love to hear you nerd out about yours all the same.

Above all else I need a deep emotional connection with someone who can feel comfortable venting about their past trauma and will tolerate me bitching about mine. Bonding through music, weed, and going out on adventures is ideal. Staying in and ordering take-out while snuggling and watching a movie is always a safe bet too! Being open and showing sappy puppy affection is more than welcome, when you feel the moment is right. Making inside jokes, dedicating songs to each other, going out to restaurants, and acts of service are all love languages I honor and will reciprocate.

My ideal person is someone I can be friends with first, fall madly in love with, and finally live out the childhood I wish I had. I will be fiercely loyal to whoever takes me as I am and is willing to work out any issues that may come up like humans instead of running off or starting a shouting match.

I will respect your boundaries to the letter but you must tell me early, explicitly, and gently; I don't do hints. Realistically, I can't develop romantic attraction toward someone who is an asexual, refuses to smoke bud, has poor hygeine, or already has a kid. I'm sorry for all that.

Do not even bother interacting if you have borderline personality disorder or any reaktionary ideology.

I'm about 5'8'' (172.7 cm.) and weigh 170 pounds (77.1 kg. / 12.1 st.). My body is a "bear" type and a bit hairy. Slowly but surely, I'm growing into myself and am more confident in my appearance than ever. I'm working on movin' on up in the world and thrashing to keep my head above water with all my adulting responsibilities while still trying to find time for creative projects and social life (hahahaha yeah right). Beyond that...

3a9 (1).jpg

Well, throw your hat into the ring! I'd love to talk to my fellow freaks soon. Take care!
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Well-Known Member
Photo's: No.

Username: Binary_Bark (Refers to a early electromechanical computer BARK)

Gender: Male.

around early 30's.

Sexuality: Straight

Location: In South-Africa, somewhere…. (No way I’m giving exact location on the interwebs)

Religion: None (“Religion is like a pair of shoes..... Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes.” ― George Carlin)

Politics: Will have a look every once in a while, honestly it doesn’t really interest me

Philosophy: For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. – NDT
There are a few others.

Obsessions/Interests: Doctor Who, cars, mostly space based sci-fi. Playing No Man’s Sky, reading specially Sir Terry Pratchett I’m a huge STP fan and now reading his entire Discworld series for the 6th time.

Desired Partner Characteristics: Independent, strong. I love redheads, but not a dealbreaker. A bit of a nerd, can understand and deal with someone with Asperger’s and finally and most important of all, just being yourself without acting to be someone else. (TBH I really love those strong badass female characters in TV series and movies)

Self-Description: I don’t like loud noises, places with lots of people, bright lights. I do get impatient, especially when it gets to a point where I’d be late for something where a specific time was given, have to be on time or 5-10 min early.

Would rather spend a weekend at home with animals or go for a walk in the bush, guess that is quite obvious here on this forum.

I like thing in order, books by author, DVD’s by title then release order (eg. Batman series). Labels of items facing outward, lids in line with label.

I can for instance watch a series I really enjoy over and over, like NCIS (NCIS NO, NCIS LA, Original NCIS), Blacklist, DEV’s and Doctor Who.

I'm not really very good at this, but do or do not, there is no try
Any more information can be got from asking/private talk

Gerald Wilgus

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
You were saying that women have it better in the romance/sex arena because they are more desired than men. I was saying that being more desired is not always good. Very simple.
I never said that either gender's life as a whole is better or worse than that of the other.

BTW, violence is complex
Preattack Indicators
Having social anxiety and being shy, I have always thought that shy girls/women certainly do not have it better than men. I'd bet they use some of the same avoidant behaviors when approached that made me unapproachable or being unable to approach somebody. Being painfully shy and inexperienced is hard for both sexes.
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Tunes and Toons
I'll put a photo later.

Username: tkcartoonist

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location: Southeastern Wisconsin

Religion: Agnostic/Atheist (depending on my mood that day)

Politics: Some things I'm Conservative on, others I'm Liberal. I'm mostly Libertarian, but I can have Anarchist leanings at times

Philosophy: "Don't be a hypocrite"

Obsessions/Interests: Well, I like taking the time to read books. I've been big into electronics and video-gaming since I was a kid, and they bleed over into a lot of my other interests. I like to write, make art, shoot video, take photos, create music, and experiment around with all of those previously mentioned hobbies. I have also been learning how to do woodworking (mostly to make a cigar box guitar) and how to cook as well.

Desired Partner Characteristics: Someone who is intelligent and has a sense of humor. I like women who have talent and aren't afraid to be silly. I'm not picky for the most part, but I would prefer a partner who is more of a tomboy. It makes it easier to discover overlapping interests

Self-Description: I'm more or less the quiet type. I keep to myself a lot, and it takes me a while to open up to people IRL. I've had a lot of people tell me I'm smart, but I'm not the kind of person that wants to show that off because I often question myself on things I know. I'm gradually working out some personal issues I've had the last few years, which has made me even more reluctant to put myself out there on the market.


Welcomer of Newcomers
V.I.P Member
Username: Isadoorian, Isa for short




British Columbia, Canada


Left-Leaning (NDP)

Wheaton's Law and Bill & Teds Excellent Advice

Video Games, Reading, Cooking, Baking, Listening to Music, PC related stuff

What do you want in your Partner:
Just someone whose into the same things as myself; doesn't need to be exact, of course. I'd also like my partner to be Childfree, meaning not having kids in their life whatsoever.

Describe yourself:
Humorous, self reserved, can be fairly serious when needed to be and can be quite the chatter box but generally I keep to myself.


New Member
I am married, but I wanted to post and say that I think this is a good idea. If you are single, and if you have trouble finding an NT who is willing to understand and accept you, then maybe someone else on this site will be more understanding/accepting. Best of luck.
I agree with this post. You find compassion with someone who knows your situation. This is really nice. I forgot that each person is unique some maybe harsh at you but there are others who still have a human heart.


Active Member
I like this idea. I will be posting a formal "ad" later when I have the capability to do so. Question though...has this legitimately worked for anyone before???? Just curious :)
Name:Jared Mills

Username:i don't have one




Philosophy:fight unreasonably low expectations directed at people like me amongst the neurodiverse using any means necessary.

Sexuality:Bisexual.i have a somewhat crazy sex drive :bearface: :tiger: :tigerface: directed at certain men or women i'm wildly attracted to.i also like certain big men & big women :hearteyes: :kissing: :kissingclosed: :kissingheart: :kissingsmiling:,along with giant stuffed animals :bearface: :tiger: :tigerface:.

Obsessions/Interests:Video Games,Anime,Wrestling (WWE,AEW,Impact Wrestling),Martial Arts (Full Contact,Hitting Hard),one amongst many used against any low expectations directed at me & others like myself amongst the Neurodiverse,along with acts of Anti-Heroism.

Partner Characteristics:interests that are equal to mine,along with my sex drive :bearface: :tiger: :tigerface: who is extremely kinky walking around half-naked like it lives in the jungle like i do,while being cuddled with :hearteyes: :kissing: :kissing: :kissingheart: :kissingsmiling:.

Describe Yourself:Articulate,but Long-Winded,socially intellectual based on whatever certain things i do or say & people amongst children in school or friends who i met end up following it.i`m an extreme social wisecracker who also laughs like The Joker from Batman.
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Active Member
Pic coming soon

Username: Crysalis99

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Sexuality:Heterosexual…and love try new things in the bedroom

Location: Akron/Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Religion: Grew up Lutheran until the Age of Reason. Atheist but looking to get involved in a congregation for the kids sake. The sense of community and all that kind of stuff.

Politics: Generally liberal but thanks to my career I’ve become moderate on many issues. But at a deeper level, I’m a Marxist at heart. Life is a constant struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariats.

Philosophy: As an atheist, I feel the beauty in life is we assign meaning where there was no meaning. We have one shot on this rock. Make it got (and hence why you’ll catch me being more positive than not on this board.
Obsessions/Interests: Video games (Final Fantasy is my number one obsession since I was seven lol). Computers/technology. Psychology. True Crime/Serial Killers. Brewing beer. LEARNING!!! Like I’d be a professional student if I could afford it lol

Desired Partner Characteristics: Boobs and a vagina???? Hahaha, no. More seriously, in regards to physical characteristics, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t have a set ‘type’. But since the five love languages have turned into the seven love languages, my love languages are acts of service, physical touch, emotional and intellectual. It would be nice if my partner shared some of that. As an introvert, I would very much prefer another introvert. I love vegging at home with Netflix and some wine (once kids are in bed :) )

Self-Description: My Myers Briggs Personality is ISFJ - Defender. Scary accurate. I’m analytical, geeky, kind, passionate and patient and mask very well in crisis/stressful situations. I am a social worker by day and a full time dad by night to my beautiful two children (in which I am residential and custodial parent). I am very much on the lookout to meet someone to (eventually) show them what not only what a healthy relationship looks like but what the true meaning of family means. Family is highly important to me. My match profile includes this quote from Brooke Hampton and it is me to a t:

“You’re right, I am more than a little weird and a bit awkward. No, I don’t fit in and most people don’t understand me. But at least I am being real and I think the world needs more people who are brave enough to be real.”



Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Username: Granty1988
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: , United Kingdom
Religion: None
Politics: Undecided

Philosophy: Treat people how you wish to be treated, keep an open mind no matter how much you think you know, and always try to do the right thing.

Obsessions/Interests: Movies, outdoor pursuits, nature, museums,

Desired Partner Characteristics: Would like someone that is true to themselves and confident.

Self-Description: Ive been called, kind, caring and a good listener, i will do everything to help people. Im usually a quiet person, somewhat of a gentle giant. If you would like to know anything else about me please feel free to ask.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of the Jigglypuff Army
V.I.P Member
I’m not picky about looks. I’ll take any guy that is nice and don’t mind my quirks or problems. And understand that certain things will trigger me and don’t hold it against me. I am more interested in personality traits since I think that is more important than being with someone that is just eye candy.

Slim Jim

has glasses,shirt,hair, just need jim charisma now
^ You never said where you're from? That kind of makes it hard for anybody to take you serious. That's probably the most critical thing to know.

Ugh...I don't expect nothing to come of this...Are there many women reading this section? lol. But I shall enter a submission. As I am not in any committed relationship. And it's a writing exercise.

:Slim Jim (No, my name is not James.)
Gender: Male. That's what my birth certificate says. So let there be no confusion.
Age: Thirt...Same age Jesus was crucified. You work it out.
Sexuality: Straight. I'm attracted to the female form.
Location: I reside in a place that spawned Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Duran Duran...that place where her majesty rules the realm. You work it out.
Religion: Hmmmn...Spiritual...
Politics: Hmnnn...I guess humanist...
Philosophy: Treat others with respect. I try. Nobody is perfect. I wouldn't say I follow the golden rule. As I feel the golden rule is slightly flawed. As it's subjective, How am I supposed to know how people want to be treated!?! That would be assuming on my part, and good intentions, often lead to bad results.

Obsessions/Interests: Many things, I'm multifaceted. Get to know me, and find out. I might surprise you.

Desired Partner Characteristics: Naturally..somebody who looks...nice. As does everybody. But that aside. More importantly, intelligent, caring, lustfully enthusiastic about having a good time, basically a vibrant person, who likes to joke about and have fun. What everybody wan s basically.
IS that you? do you fit that description, Then I want to know! I want you to want me!!
Age range... hah....I don't know...18-48, I'm flexible.
Let me tell you this story.
A relative of mine. Knows this man. He's divorcing his wife, same age as him, and this man, Metal worker, in his mid 40's, is now dating a woman in her mid 60's. Now my relative she looks down on this, has many disparaging remarks about the situation. The man has some debts, and the older woman may be helping him financially. But whatever the sincerity of such an arrangement. I can not judge from the outside. So like I said, I'm flexible. An older woman is no barrier to love for me. Whatever people may think. If I like a person, I like their psyche, I become attracted, to your consciousness, not your atoms. Your personality, could be, my aphrodisiac ! you might never know....just how sexy you are! so don't disqualify yourself unnecessarily.

Naturally I prefer women my own age range. But I'm attracted to personality first and foremost. A sweethearted person who's average looking, can be way more appealing, than a younger ,coldhearted malicious type person, who may have model looks, but a black heart. You know the type, have every privilege handed to them, become arrogant, exploit people. Pretty on he outside, ugly on the inside. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about,The type that probably bullied you mercilessly in class for being strange, different, awkward.

Yeah so if anybody is from England.......Let me know....If you're a lonely aspie lady. If you live near me. I might like to meet you...or not. Whatever case may be. It's all good. I'm perfectly fine doing what I'm doing.

Self-Description: I could come up with bs claims to make you believe how great I am. Let me give it to you straight. I am a person who happens to be diagnosed Aspergers. High functionality. On the cusp of normal actually. But not quite...Not quite.
Here is a matter of fact description. White, male, blue eyes, long brown hair, picture Kurt Cobain, junkie style, it is what it is. Attractive, I guess so. People think so. I would say 7/10. How much do I weigh...Right now, Around 170. How long am I...In inches, (I know ladies don't want to know that...but then again maybe they do...hmmn) About... 72 inches (6 foot.) (Yes, being tall seem to go down big with ladies. Some have even told me they would never date a short guy. Hey, great. So I have that going for me.)

Now....that the meat market descriptor part is out of the way.

Personality: Funny but analytical. Stubborn but carefree. Heart of gold. Wickedly intelligent....from where I come from, the bar isn't set too high. Cultural values being what they are. Football and alchohol being the dominant themes. I don't shy away from using multi-sylable words. I'm booksmart. So If you find words sexy, I'm the guy for you. If you want attractive youthful, hot, charismatic, intelligent nerdy male, with a lot of energy. And you're a nerdy female yourself. Well..you better look elsewhere....actually,no.
What you desire is right here in front of you! If you feel sick of all those other guys, you know those types, you remember what they did. So typical. You know how they used you. Well, my personality is something different. You may not be able to handle it. I'm not like everybody else. I might be too intense for you. I can be romantic, I can be your friend. I am something you will never comprehend. I will guarantee, I am somebody you will never forget, hardly , they just don't make too many of me. Okay enough of that. Not that I'm superman. But I'm real. 100%. If I find you interesting, it's from conviction. And I'm only interested in people with equal qualities. Equal integrity.

If you come from this country, It shouldn't be hard to meet up. If you so desire. That's England. I'm from England. Where it gets very wet and rainy. Inbetween Ireland! and Scandanavia! Turn left at Greenland! English, Are you? Then come and contact me. I dare you...I dare you to.

Damn I feel like a salesman. *Smart chicks need only apply.*

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