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Aspergers and issues with sex

Amanda cohen

New Member
Hey I have this problem and I can't find info on it anywhere.
I should start by saying I've never been molested in anyway.

I'm struggling with this issue where I want to have fun and different sex with my NT/ boyfriend of 5 years but in regards to the way I see sex, I'm really into it when it's happening and i want it a lot in theory but the rest of the time looking back at my sexual experiences I feel impure/unclean/disgusting/worthless/ashamed after sex. Like a rape victim somehow. I want to try things and explore my sexuality but I can't when literally half the time I feel for me personally sex is wrong and impure and bad and the other half the time I really want it and enjoy it and don't mind.
Thousands of women feel that way...people will respond to this later...but your opinion on this is important... and I feel that the community has a lot to learn from this thread...many people here have probably had the same type of experiences, and not just women, but men too
I don't think this is what they meant. Not sadness - disgust.

The articles mention all sorts of negative feelings
occurring post-coitally, as a result of hormone/endorphin

Disgust can be one.
I cited these articles because they deal with the physiological
possibilities, rather than postulating any psychological ones, to
begin with.

If, however, the unhappiness/disgust, shame etc are a result of
stories the OP tells herself (such as, "I don't deserve to have fun/be happy,"
"Sex is only appropriate for married people," "Doing this is selfish," etc)
that is a separate issue.
So glad you were not molested, however, I was and feel those feelings all the time and in truth, after sigh a huge relief and think: I did it!

It is pretty disgusting. The smell ( that men seem to find intoxicating) which makes me wretch. The uncomfortable feeling and uncleannliness and so, as we are going to be renovating our bathroom, we are including a bidet ( wonder if that was what they were made for)?

In absolute truth, I could forgo this act, but ah well, when one is married to a highly sexed person, not so easy.
Simply put, I just never found any of the ways pleasing.
When I was younger I played around a bit with a couple of boyfriends, but, now that I am older, I pass.
Life is fine without it in any form to me.

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