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Anyone on Meds???

How do sleep without Seroquel? I have been taking it since 2008 and the few times I have tried to quit I was unable to sleep.

I take melatonin every night. It actually works! I still wake up at 4 am a lot, but at least I go to sleep. I also get a lot of writing done at 4 am so nothing lost.
@Biblio-Love: I was thinking of giving Melatonin a go myself: what brand do you use & what concentration? Do you take them right before bed, with or without food or what?
I have been taking melatonin for about 10yrs. I take the 3mg dose about 30min before bedtime and it does help me fall asleep.
@ Nolan: Thanks! I'm going to the pharmacy today so I'll pick some up. Between that & getting mercenary about caffeine (none after 14h was my old rule but I'm scaling that back that to 13h) things ought to improve even more.
I just got back from errand-running. I bout bought the Jamieson 5mg & I'll put it to the test tonight. Does it leave you at all jet-lagged in the morning? Does it have to build in the system for a few days before it takes effect?
I agree with Nolan. I always felt fine int he morning, and the effect was immediate. I've been on it for years, and it still works. I take Swiss Melatonin dissolve 5mg. It goes under the tongue. I go to sleep about 10-15 minutes after taking it.
THanks, guys! It's also a small easy to swallow pill & not some enormous football. I can't wait to give this a try.
I tried meletonian and didn't notice any difference.
i agree, when i was having an incredible hard time sleeping these past two days, i took a bunch of melatonin tablets and wasn't tired one bit. and i took a lot. did not feel any difference.
Left me feeling miserable...it couldnt put me to sleep...but i eventually took a nap anyway.
I have to have my Klonopin every night or I can just forget sleeping at all. I find it is better than the Xanax I'd been taking. It stays in the system for a longer time, no abrupt drop off. It is also more, mmm, mellow and calming. It takes a while to 'kick in', but it is worth the wait. I take 3 small doses during the day, then a bit more at night. Works for me! :cloud9:
Klonopin didn't seem to help me. Really the only thing that seems to help is flexiral but I also have pain that contributes to the lack of sleep. but it does make me sleepy as well. Xanax can help a bit, wine can help a bit. But only if the timing is right, and then the issue would be staying asleep, and then is it even restful sleep. too many factors that go into getting restful sleep, seems like it may never happen for me.
I'm on Voxra (bupropion) and Strattera (atomoxetine) for my ADHD and I take Theralen (alimemazine) for anxiety and sleep problems.
I've tried a lot of other meds for depression, anxiety and my sleeping problems, but none have worked.
I've been to therapists and psychologist on and off since I was 5 years old and so far no therapy have helped.
But most of that time I haven't had the right diagnosis and now I'm waiting to come to a place that only take care of "complex patients" (which usually means people with ADHD and/or ASD and mental illness). So I hope that it will work this time.

A little off topic, but I could have got at least one diagnosis right already when I was 5. 'Cause the psychiatrist I meet then wrote this in my medical journal: "T. show classical signs on autism, but since the patient is a girl she can't have this disorder." (this was 1992 in the north of Sweden)
Citalopram (60 mg)

I'm not really sure it does much, to be honest.

What benefit do you guys get from Lithium?

And am I right in thinking that melatonin is for sleep? My GP is really hesitant to put me on anything for sleep, but I'm barely functioning at the moment.
Citalopram (60 mg)

I'm not really sure it does much, to be honest.

What benefit do you guys get from Lithium?

And am I right in thinking that melatonin is for sleep? My GP is really hesitant to put me on anything for sleep, but I'm barely functioning at the moment.

I've tried Lithium three different times over the past 15 years. Once, by itself. The other 2 times I was on antidepressants (Effexor and Lamictal). It did not do much for me, except make my anxiety a bit worse and I had a hard time sleeping even with a sleep aid (Xanax). But, from what I've heard, it does not work for some people. It either works great, or it does not work at all.
I have had quite a bit of success/relief from the Lamictal I started back in July 2012. It took a while to get to a dose that has been effective (87.5 mg daily, split into 2 doses). I am sensative to meds, so I have to start very slowly and increase the dose slowly. There are side effects along the way, like headaches and irritabillity, but these do go away once you get to your "maintanence dose". I went up to 100 mg per day and discovered that was too much! Had to go back down.
Have you tried Lamictal? Are you on other meds?

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