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  • I'm so sorry to hear they shut off your Internet! Please check in with us whenever, if you can. I'm thinking of you.
    You may be able to do some volunteering at a daycare or a youth centre, you can also volunteer to do a kid's corner book reading 1x per week at your local library.
    Congratulations! As for saying anything, NO WAY! You are already a man going into a conservative field wherein men have had a poor track record. Many day cares & ECEE avoid hiring men due to the much higher molestation risk when compared to women. Do not give them an excuse to doubt you. You might turn out to be an excellent fit for this challenging career ( I know: I've done it in the past!). Parents & centres need to have 100% confidence in you & trust in your integrity. Many ignorant people believe that AS automatically means that a person is dangerous or crazy. They don't need to know anything about you being an Aspie & do not mention bi-polar disorder either.
    Thanks Nolan. He is one of my fav authors of all time. But still I worry that they aren't that good.
    Certainly, Nolan! There are always new members who haven't seen them, older members who may have missed the post & people who could use a friendly reminder.
    Oh I should not have said anything or started anything. My bad. I'm just upset about my female friend & me not having such a close relationship anymore. Well until I hear from her again. But I will give her more space & talk more to my guy acquaintainces. Ok to answer your question-last night I posted a few what I thought were funny pics. Some people complained the pictures were insensitive...and instead of me listening to them & learning how not to hurt anyone in the future per posting comedy pictures, my ego got involved.

    So I ended up insulting another member which is never a smart thing. I hope she can forgive me. Thank you for asking Nolan!
    Thank Nolan. I can't wait to show you my new boy. It looks like he is arriving today well his body is arriving at my friends house today so that is agreat I will have him by Christmas eve. Whee.
    Oh of course. I would never deprive you guys of seeing him. It might be acouple of weeks before we get to get him home though. I always send it to my friend so she can look it over and make sure that nothing is broken. You have seen Nathaniel's head. I can't wait to show you all his whole self.
    If I recall correctly, the forum was in the middle of an upgrade process while you were probably on the site, but it should be ok now. Is the site ok on your side now?
    I seem to have this notification too, I didn't notice it before. Probably everyone has... one of the side effects due to changing servers most likely.

    I'll contact Brent over it though. Thanks for notifying me :)
    I never was much for Duke Nukem and I don't have internet or a computer that will actually play it. my mom's laptop barely plays a game as old as Call of Duty United Offensive, it is not a gaming computer.
    yes but she hasn't played it in over a week, she is going to have to start over with her callus again if she doesn't pick it up Wednesday
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