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work anxiety

  1. T

    Coping with work socially

    I find it really difficult in work when people start coming in and I'm serving them and taking orders. I read into every facial expression and feel very hyperaware of peoples moods. I automatically jump to thinking somethings wrong with me or something I've done if they look angry or have a...
  2. Beanfinity

    In the workplace - being told to work differently / slower

    This just occurred to me today, and I am even at work right now typing this up (on my morning break, not eating into work time). I don't mean this as a 'flex' as I know autistic people have trouble with their jobs, so I hope it isn't taken that way (my workplace issues have always been socially...
  3. Irakus34

    I Shouted To My Now-Former Chief

    Hi. It's been a while. Trying to cope up with a lot of feelings that are drowning me from time to time. What causes meltdowns more often. Actually, the other day I had one of the worst meltdowns I've suffered in years. Nothing was in my control. Nothing could be fixed by me. Yet, everyone...
  4. Ikarus Diary

    I Can't Carry This Anymore

    Hi. The context of my situation is that I'm doing the final module of my course and it's practical training. My shift is 7 hours long every week day until June 30th. During these hours I have to wake up 16 patients, bath some of them, do beds, put breakfasts, give medication, clean the dishes...
  5. The Great Timsby

    I am really struggling...

    Hi. My name is Timothy, I am 21 years old with Asperger's and ADHD. I'll try to cut straight to the chase. I can't make myself go to work most days. I Hate most jobs I've had. The job I'm working now should be good and i like the people I work with, yet I still can't make myself go to work most...
  6. Siegfried Wolfram

    I need some advice (tiny work-related issue)

    Well, hi everybody, this is about a tiny work-related issue I've been having and I find it hard to figure out what to do. The situation is the following: I am working from home since last year, and the company I work at we've been having regular Skype meetings about work. I write stuff for work...
  7. TheSaltyStray

    Employment and Autism

    After being dismissed from another job, I have came to the solid conclusion that 20 years in customer service has not been ideal for me. It requires so much "camouflaging" and people seem to be harder and harder to read and please as I get older. It all leads to *extreme* exhaustion...
  8. Cherryblossom

    Hello.. anybody else having work issues?

    I am new to the site, hello! I was diagnosed with aspergers one year ago this month and still getting used to the idea. Did anybody else feel both relieved and unsure if it was in fact correct? I have researched and researched to ensure it is suitable and accurate for my circumstances...
  9. What time is it?

    Can anyone help me with my problems at work

    Late last year I took a grievance against my manager but now it has got out of control and could anyone help me with this site I'm only new
  10. Starfire

    NT people who do half a job!

    Does anyone else find that many NT people seem to think it's ok to do half a job, (the cream), and leave the rest to the Aspie? The reason being apparently, Aspies 'enjoy the challenge', 'they are good with the fiddly stuff', 'they will spot the mistakes quickly' etc etc! I'm on a real downer...
  11. Siobhan

    Introduction: Feedback Welcome

    Hi, I found my way to this forum during my self-diagnosis process. I'm pretty sure I have aspergers or high functioning autism but I'm still in the process of reading as much as I can find and making a document with all my symptoms and whatever stuff my parents can remember from when I was...
  12. jande107

    Work rant

    I was asked a couple weeks ago to do a time study for one of our work queues. Not a problem since all I have to do is share my screens with the person doing the study and do what I normally do. What I wasn't told was that my supervisor was sitting in on these. The supervisors in my dept don't...
  13. A

    Nervous about Workforce Re-entry

    I'll be starting my new job in less than a week. My work history is very checkered, with lots of long gaps and jobs that seem to spiral down in terms of skill, and far "beneath" my qualifications. However, I've found that working requires a totally different skill set than studying, so I've...
  14. CheeseBlues

    Work Anxiety and Chronic Pain

    I have been working for Starbucks for a while now. It's a pretty cool job I guess, I like making drinks and cleaning/stocking. Sometimes making drinks is too much for me though, I have been getting sensory overload really bad, especially when there is a rush. There's nothing I can do to escape...
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