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  1. AutisticMilly

    Are Reboots/Remakes Ever Good?

    You can probably guess from the title what this is about. Do you think that remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings of old properties ever turn out good? Additionally, are there any that you particularly liked or disliked? I’ll start with one of my special interests. Last year, Studio Orange...
  2. Imaginatively_Cute

    Oi, has anyone seen "Fire Force"

    My peers tell me it's pretty good, so ima give it a shot, what are your guys thoughts on it, Please don't spoil tho.
  3. Rotundi

    Who loves watching the cooking channel?

    I'm super into supermarket stakeout right now
  4. GeminiSagittarius

    What was the last TV show you watched?

    I start with: The Middle :)
  5. Ladybird2013

    Anyone else like British mysteries?

    I love British mysteries- books, movies, TV shows! My favorite shows are: Midsomer Murders Father Brown Shetland Broadchurch Anyone else like these, or can recommend others?
  6. Vindicator Phoenix

    Do some people only "like" pop culture, to fit in?

    Many popular songs, music artists, movies, and TV shows get circulated throughout the mainstream, becoming "viral." I believe that many people don't actually appreciate the artistic quality of such media (if you could call some of it artistic, at all), and care only for how trendy they'll...
  7. Autistamatic

    Your favourite comedy :)

    A new member here @Spartan commented on a post how comedy has helped them get through life. I have to say I agree with that. Comedy has always been a huge part of my life - stand up, sketch shows, sitcoms and satire all have put a smile on my face and helped keep me sane all these years. What...
  8. W

    Sesame Street Seasons (1 & 2)

    How many Episodes Of Sesame Street Season One are there in all?
  9. pjcnet

    Do you talk a lot through TV programmes or movies, often annoying other people?

    I have always had a problem with talking through TV programmes and movies when I'm watching them with other people, when I was a child I used to be constantly told off by my Dad for it and even as an adult my "friend" is always complaining about it, in fact he often says that he can't watch...
  10. Jorg

    Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, etc

    I don't know if there's already a post about this series, I know is "old" and it was canceled many years ago but I just watched the last episode from SG-1. I remember watching this series many years ago when I was a kid and since some months ago I've been watching it on tv, today it "ended" and...
  11. xudo

    New series of 'The Undateables'

    I realise that a thread was started before about the new series of 'The Undateables' on Channel 4 (UK), but I'm starting this one because I've just been contacted by a member of their team about it. A few months ago, they started following me on Instagram and I assumed this was because my...
  12. LostInSilentHill

    New shows, movies and books

    I find that a lot of people get upset with me when I don't watch the show/movie they recommend or read a book that they wanted me to read. They say that I am not trusting their opinion on media or something. I only watch things I've seem before and have a very difficult time even trying to get...
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