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  1. T

    Talking is exhausting me

    I had a bad fight with my partner, it's always the same issue. We are both at fault and I'm working on it, to control myself better. To not react so intense. But... I got a shutdown (like ... the 3 time this month...I feel dead), I tried to recover from it as fast as possible but of course...
  2. D'Andre

    Singing issues

    I have been singing my whole life. I record, write, sort of play....but I'm have an issue with my upper register. My question as a newly discovered person on the spectrum...can shutdowns and exposure to overly stimulating situations affect "vocal coordination" A year ago, I experienced what I...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    Why is finding work so difficult?

    This is going to be a vent, of course. Even for me lately to find part-time work is extremely difficult. I used to work in the retail, and jobs of all sorts were abundant; for almost five years I worked at the same company. Three years ago I left said position due to pandemic stress...
  4. Irakus34

    I Can't Cope Up With My First Job

    Hi, it's been a long time. This week, I found a job, my first job and yesterday was my first day in there. I'm in a residency with old disabled, dependent people. I have workmates and my shift was pretty calm to be honest. However, it's evening shift from 2:15 pm to 10:00 pm and we have to...
  5. shinobi

    Dealing with Meltdowns/Shutdowns

    My question is, how do you cope? I still struggle even to this very day when everything overwhelms me. I've had grown adults making fun of me in public, labeling me as a "spoiled brat" and demanding me to be taken to hospital to be "drugged and locked up". Usually when people approach me...
  6. J

    Seeking my own autistic confirmation.

    I am a 32 year old male who was recently diagnosed. My diagnosis occurred over 3 visitations to the doctor. The first was an introduction, the second a questionnaire for my wife and I regarding my behavior as well as an IQ test, and the third was the doctor's analysis of my personal behavior...
  7. catdog55616

    A g h

    Something happened today that seems very insignificant, and I suppose it it. My phone screen cracked. Hadn't dropped it, just hit it with the metal part of the seatbelt. I had never previously broken a phone screen before, and it's taking a bit of getting used to. Only thing is, it sent me into...
  8. BlackWolfie555

    Meltdowns ?

    Since I'm new to this whole world, I'm wondering if what I'm feeling are meltdowns. I know in children it's a lot like temper tantrums and can be loud or just obviously a meltdown. But can they be and contained? Like I feel like I'm melting down, but I'm still walking through the grocery...
  9. Write, Rinse, Repeat


    Sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed that I shut down. The words don't want to come, and everything feels overstimulating, and all I feel like I can do is space out. No thoughts really. Not much feelings either, or so it would seem to an outsider. Really though, it's like the volume is turned to a...
  10. SomeRandomAspie

    Shutdown leading to a meltdown?

    So this question probably doesn't require any background but I'll give it some. Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. It wasn't a huge deal on its own of course. So my brother, mother, and I went to the dentist and got that out of the way. Afterwards we needed to go to the store. It was at...
  11. Jenisautistic

    Reading makes my head spin

    Reading makes my head spin When I try to read or listen to an audiobook just give me a headache it’s not because I can’t read the words or understand them. Once I read the sentence my head starts to feel dizzy and it starts to pound a little bit. My mind does not wander but I still can’t get...
  12. Jenisautistic

    writing about The Outsiders *Spoilers* And trying to push through a possible shut down

    Going through a brain fog right now. Although right now at this moment it’s not bad as it was before. Have some stuff going on. Sometimes I get like this Like the blank page I started on. Creative and in a way just plain in a rut. But still staying positive! Possible shutdown ? Anyway...
  13. RiverSong

    Job Interview Anxiety, Overload & Shutdown?

    I don't know if this is exactly spectrum related or not but I've always been awful at interviews. I've been on more than I can count but I just can't seem to grasp the interpersonal aspects of the interview process. Sometimes it's just a matter of me being really off, extremely nervous or...
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