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  1. S

    Hello everyone

    I’m a high functioning autistic. My special interests are computers/IT, psychology, and martial arts. I’m not an anime or gamer type and I don’t generally watch TV. Hacking is a lot of fun. I’m trying to learn more about video games to be able to have that conversation with other hfas. Hit me...
  2. L

    Just an Appreciation for good Data

    I’m doing the nightshift in the sleep lab right now and got nothing to do for the next 7 hours. But that’s okay because the EEG-data we are collecting is just SO CLEAN today. I love it when the EEG actually works because there are so many things that can disturb the signal. It’s so exciting...
  3. C

    Research on Autism Strengths, Social Identity & Wellbeing

    Hi all, I'm looking for autistic people aged 16-30 to complete a survey for my research into autism strengths, social identity and wellbeing. I've noticed how much focus there has been on the difficulties associated with autism, and less about the strengths which I'd like to explore about more...
  4. P

    Research for eating disorders in autism

    Hello everyone! (Trigger warning for discussion of eating disorders) I am currently doing a Masters in autism research and have an assignment which is a research proposal on "Improving eating disorder treatments for autistic males". I wanted to consult with the autistic community before...
  5. T

    Creating New Questionnaire on Characteristics of Autistic People

    Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of my husband, who is a psychology professor and is looking for autistic and other neurodiverse collaborators for his research. If you are interested, please do not reply here. Instead, send an email to him at: [email protected]. Thanks. "I would like...
  6. Slim Jim

    Optical Illusion reveals if your Brain is Male or Female

    Do you see the man running towards or away from you in this optical illusion? Illusion shows if you have female or male brain & what you see first says a lot If you saw the runner approaching, this means you have a more male brain. If you saw the figure hightailing it away from you, it means...
  7. EuclidWasRight

    Neuropsychological Testing, IQ, WAIS / WISC, etc.

    I'm starting a separate thread on this. I was looking at my old WAIS-IV test scores. I didn't really know what they meant. The psychologist explained the test, but it wasn't enough. I looked for more information about the tests and what they are supposed to measure. I hope the links are...
  8. Leslie Keating

    ND Masters Psych Student need Autistic YAs for short online survey on mental health & wellbeing

    Hi guys , we need participants for research on the impact of changes to services and quality of life during Covid 19 on autistic young adults. This survey has been approved by autistic young people. We really hope that this research will help to improve services for the autism community. See...
  9. P

    How many different names does one disorder need???

    So, I recently did a Google search for Autism topics, and one of the questions that popped up in the search results was "What are the 3 most common forms of Autism?" That question got me thinking.... How many different diagnoses are there that are now classified as "Autism?" I did some research...
  10. B

    Studying Autism and ADHD Risks in Siblings (STAARS)

    Calling all families with a baby under 11 months old and a parent or older-sibling with a ASD diagnosis or ADHD/hyperactivity traits! We are recruiting for our STAARS study, if you are interested in knowing more please contact us at [email protected]
  11. SageRose

    The Disney challenge.

    I'd like for those of us who are interested, to pick a Disney male or female character that you think could represent your life experience, whether it's from an autism view or a general view (if you're NT), and explain why you chose that character. ex. I pick Ariel because like Ariel sacrificed...
  12. Homebrand

    Psychology and everything related

    Just wondering who else out there has this as a special interest and if so do you have anything to share on the topic. I'd love some new idea's on new areas/topics I can research. Also feel free to add any videos or links that interest you.
  13. Catalyst


    Hello. I'm self-diagnosed, and perhaps incorrectly, but Asperger's (according to the DSM-IV, anyway) fits me very well. My therapist and my psychiatrist believe my bipolar disorder explains everything I've been through as a kid and my social awkwardness now, saying that even aside from bipolar...
  14. Ameriblush

    How were "refrigerator moms" treated by society when this theory was popular?

    I recently delved a bit more into the abandoned theory from the 1940s that autism was somehow caused by mothers being distant and uncaring by their children. It's a messed up theory, and I can only imagine the torment the parents went through by their community. I feel like there are even...
  15. S

    Do you have a special interest you are passionate about? Your help is need in starting a magazine!

    As a sixteen -year old with Asperger’s syndrome I know all too well, how it feels to share extensive knowledge on your passion with someone, only to be met with blank expressions; bored by your knowledge regarding the history of mechanical keyboards, disengaged by your talk on your extensive...
  16. A

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    One of my latest obsessions has been the MBTI. I'm currently on a psychology binge, researching all things personality related. I believe I'm an INFP, at least thats what most of the tests say. I also identify well with INTP and have gotten that result on certaintests. I've literally been up all...
  17. M

    The criteria for lying

    Much of my life has early on, been a naive and honest approach to life, people and events. I've recently looked up and taken tests about honesty and lying. And how to tell the difference between someone who lies and someone who's honest. Although I've consistently told the truth in my life, not...
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