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  1. Streetwise

    Samaritans.org self help app

    The Samaritans is an English charity, originally, now UK and Eire(republic of Ireland)wide ,founded by rev(pastor in USA)Chad Varah, in the early 1950s ,as there was no suicide prevention, 24 hour helpline and suicide percentages were high. Cut to the 21st century, now there is the Samaritans...
  2. grommet

    Are things going to be okay?

    I was at the store today and the lines are longer than I have ever seen them. People are buying everything and some shelves are empty. I am not worried about the virus, I may get sick but I think I will get better. I am worried about people panicking, buying everything up and then people not...
  3. N

    I might need help to understand

    I hope everyone here made it into the new year and had a great start. i might need some advice to understand my situation and relationship because I clearly don’t know what to do anymore. I’m now in a relationship with a really great guy for almost 4 years now. There were many ups and downs...
  4. sisselcakes

    How to Help with Managing Anxiety

    So this is gonna sound as though I’m wading into codependency territory because I’m going to ask for advice on how to help my boyfriend cope with anxiety; however, while I am concerned about him, it’s not altogether altruistic. I’m asking because it affects our relationship and it causes me...
  5. Major Tom

    A technique that could help anyone.

    There has been a few things or people that have had a big impact in my life. Some of them were here, and hopefully you've had the chance to see and share in the great advice, wisdom, and caring moments that can happen on AC. I wanted to mention another person who has helped me along the way. I...
  6. ErinH

    Aspies in Work

    Hi everyone, I work full-time and have done so since university (and worked part-time before uni), with the occasional year-or-two gap due to mental health difficulties (before I realised I could be aspie). I have always hated working in the sense that I can never seem to release myself from...
  7. texkag

    Social Anxiety

    Does anyone else suffer like this? Today I went to a post diagnostic support group. I had tried to get to the group for months but something always got in the way. I travelled for over an hour to be there. It started off well. I sat in the front, I chatted briefly to someone who turned out...
  8. justin_havu

    Gym anxiety

    I'm normally fine with going to the gym--as long as NO ONE is right next to me, even better if they are on the other side of the room! Otherwise, I wind up leaving about the time someone hops on a machine right next to me. I currently have a six month membership to Dover (NH) Rec Center...
  9. M

    Overthinking and the link with creativity

    Link between Overthinking and Neuroticism By Rick Nauert PhD ~ 3 min read Historians describe Isaac Newton as a brooder and a worrier, prone to dwelling on the scientific problems before him as well as his childhood sins. In short, he was a classic neurotic. A new paper in the journal Trends...
  10. Nacho

    Hello, my Name is Nacho I'm from Spain (18 y old)

    Hello guys. First of all, my name is Nacho, I'm a 18 year old male and was born in Spain. I found this forum yesterday night researching for some books about Asperger. I'm a self-diagnosed Asperger -or at least that has been my conclusion, I will explain later about it-. A month ago, I went...
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