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  1. Levitator

    Me doing some music

    I did "The Way I Am" again in a lower key, and you won't notice it, but I think it sounds better. I'll post this stuff for critique and discussion of music studies if people are interested, but not if it's found spammy or bothersome.
  2. Angular Chap

    The Hum

    I figured a group of people with potentially very sensitive hearing may have also experienced this phenomenon. Have you ever been plagued by a constant low frequency humming noise that only you seem to be able to hear? Like a car engine idling down the street. Maybe this will shed some light on...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    A Thing to Contemplate: a sci-fi phenomenon

    It's a rather niche little trilogy, but has anyone else read the Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness? If not, I'll give a little more info as to what I've been thinking about since my diagnosis. I loved these books dearly during my teen years, and to me they're still moving today. There is, in...
  4. Hylian

    Can't handle total silence

    Is anyone else not really able to handle total silence? I've never been able to handle hearing nothing but total silence. It gives me a headache from having to listen to my tinnitus, and it makes me have the intense urge to vocal stim. It also gives me anxiety and makes it hard to sleep. I...
  5. S

    Anyone want to start an internet ASD band? (srsly)

    This is a long shot, but I'm going for it! So basically, I'm a multi-instrumentalist with a small following (you can check my Metal Archives link in my signature or check out my metal releases on BC). I play guitar, bass, drums and synths for my 'band', and my specialties include melodic...
  6. Highway Cowboy

    More sensitive to noise

    I'm a 47 year old Aspie Trucker, husband and father. Just lately I'm noticing that I have become alot more sensitive to noise. The worst one for me is other people eating. I seem to be hypersensitive to the sound of people chewing food and drinking. It absolutely drives me mad to the point I...
  7. shysnail

    What would you do?

    I hope this is the right section, as it's a housing situation rather than an employment one. I'm in the super lucky position where I could potentially buy a house or an apartment with my partner. The issue is that I am really sensitive to noise from neighbours. I don't know if this is a sensory...
  8. Pats

    Who else keeps computer muted?

    Sometimes I turn the volume up to hear something and forget to turn it back down or off. Then I'll switch over to a game and the music starts and it's like I can't hit the mute button fast enough. It's not until later in the day that I'm ready to turn the tv or music on.
  9. SparklAng

    Clear ears = Messy mind

    Ok, so I have had problems with my ears for a few years now. I was effectivly deaf in one ear. I finally had a ENT (ears nose and throat) appointment at the hospital, and after a lot of sticking various instruments and 'ear hoovers' into my ears, they retrived a few, urm, objects. (I dont...
  10. Ameriblush

    Are we all sensitive to noise?(partial rant)

    Aspie here...who can never have another family day at her house ever again because of something she did. I only discovered last summer how sensitive I am to sound, and it was disastrous. My family was having a big Labor Day cookout that invited almost half of my maternal side to our house. It...
  11. Katleya

    Misophonia, anyone?

    I came across an article a few days ago about misophonia, which I'll summarize as an intense adverse reaction to certain sounds. The article here talks about people who feel rage (or even cry & get physical reactions) from hearing particular, not especially loud sounds, such as chewing...
  12. C

    quick hello and a work stress q

    hi everyone. For the last couple of years I and various medical practitioners have been struggling with trying to solve what is causing my insomnia and social anxiety and freakouts relating to travel and over socializing. (Prior to that time my life was normal except for a bout with cancer.) I...
  13. ASD_Geek

    Does anyone else hate bathroom hand dryers?

    I was just in a public restroom today and like may others, they no longer have paper towels (for sanitary reasons, they say). I had to use one of those high velocity, whiny dryers which I despise. This was not the first time that I had used one, but I really dread the sensory experience that...
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