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  1. Octopodes'MentalHealth

    I'm not sure what to write here...

    Hello I am new to the forum. I discovered it while searching the internet to see if some of my "quirks" are just autistic traits. Specifically, when I get overwhelmed, I have a tendency to shut down or freeze. Such as when I feel like I cannot speak. The thoughts and answers to people's...
  2. Homulilly

    [Update2] NT needs help connecting with autistic children (ABA trigger warning)

    Updated 4/27/2022. Current situation update. I'm trying to decide whether to stay or quit and need some suggestions. Thanks to all! This is on #32. Updated 3/14/2022. Compiled things I need help with without the triggering stories from my original post. This info is on #23. Please still proceed...
  3. Eric Greenland

    NT -vs- ASD thoughts

    NT -vs- ASD thoughts: I have come to think of NT logical thought as a circle. A 2D shape. Any logical point of view from a NT mind can be placed on this 2D circle for any given problem/topic with the center being a perfectly balanced point of view. This 2D shape is locked in place tho. The...
  4. M

    Thinking that Neurotypicals have extrasensory perception

    In my experience, especially as a child, non-autistic people appear to obtain information out of nowhere, or that people who claimed to "just pick something up" weren't being honest. It wasn't just about picking up emotional tone and body language but all sorts of other things. How frustrating...
  5. rosewater

    Started dating an Aspie... and for a while I thought he was a psychopath

    Hi everybody! (warning, long post ahead) First post on the forum :) Great to meet you all. I hope I have not offended anybody with the title of this post. A few months ago I met a person who I initially thought to be an Aspie. However, shortly after I became convinced he was a psychopath...
  6. Vindicator Phoenix

    Compliments for the Other Side! <3

    If you have autism, say something nice about a neurotypical person you've met, or something nice about neurotypical people. If you're neurotypical, say something nice about someone with autism, or about people with autism. I've met some neurotypical counselors, over the last five years, and...
  7. SimplyWandering

    Ever felt like you didn’t belong anywhere, but constantly want too...Then Come check this blog out

    Hi welcome to my ASD blog, which I am doing through videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram. YouTube.com TheFutureIsHOW TheFutureIsHOW Instagram: TheFutureIsHOW2 We will face everything from fear , to relationships (of All kinds), to cooking healthy, to enjoying life, and to understanding...
  8. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    The best of times... (First published 01 Jan 2018)

    It's that time of year again, and I had hoped to have something heartwarming, insightful and completely out of character for a logic loving, systematic, no-nonsense Aspie, to share with you all. My Christmas tree is still up, so I've thrown in some Dickens, and have sprinkled it with a...
  9. Bella Pines

    How do you feel about NTs?

    I read a blog recently that is written by an autistic about NTs. It is a tad patronising to NTs, but FAR less so than any article written by NTs about aspies, which always contain phrases like 'symptoms' and 'diagnosis', like it's a disease that needs to be managed. However, the blog raises a...
  10. MrSpock

    Does our focus get interpreted as neediness?

    As some of you know I've spent quite a bit of the last year and a half in a strange relationship/friendship with a woman who I like a lot. I wish it were more than a friendship, and I think that part of her does, too. She doesn't know what she wants a lot of the time, she's admitted as much to...
  11. As sweet as-pie

    Reactions from NT partners

    Hi all, I am in a long term relationship with my current (NT) boyfriend who I started dating in 2013. I self-diagnosed in early 2016 and got my official diagnosis at the start of this year. I've always been very open with him about how I think and see the world and also about my autism...
  12. What I see

    What I see

    Watching someone that's in the Autism Spectrum can be challenging. You're the outsider looking in. Seeing the challenges happen, but never feeling what it can do to someone that's actually experiencing it. It heightens my anxiety that's for sure. When my fiancé goes through obstacles everyday...
  13. N

    NT-aspie/autistic relationship advice needed!!

    I know this website is aimed at autistic people and I don't want to infringe on your safe space, but I really need some kind of relationship advice and this community will be more understanding than any NT relationships advice page. I am an 18 NT woman in a relationship with a 21 (nearly 22) y-o...
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