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high-functioning autism

  1. B

    Aspies Rejected by Parents

    I’m looking for other aspies rejected by their parents. Aspie kids are weird, and surely there must be a significant number of parents who want nothing to do with them. I’d like to know what effect this has on the children and how much I have in common with other rejected aspies. I never knew...
  2. S

    Does anyone want to be my friend?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone on AF would like to be my friend! We can start conversations and chat together. Kindly please 'follow' my profile and I will do the same! Regards, SRSAutistic
  3. S

    Direct eye contact when interacting with NTs

    Please reply to this thread. When I try to make direct eye contact when interacting with NTs, I feel uncomfortable, and I become overstimulated and stressed in social situations. I have some questions. 1. Why do we autistics become overstimulated and stressed with making direct eye contact when...
  4. S

    Bullying at School/Work

    In high school (secondary school), I was bullied. Please reply to this thread. 1. Have you ever been bullied at school or work? 2. Why did you get bullied? 3. How did you get bullied?
  5. S

    Masking/Passing as NT

    When I try to pass as NT in public or in social situations, it is very exhausting and tiring. Please reply to this thread. 1. Have you ever tried to mask your autism or pass as NT in public or in social situations? 2. Why did you try to pass as NT? 3. What was your experience like, and was it...
  6. S

    Special Interests that find us

    Please reply to this thread. I want to know why our special interests find us. 1. What are your current special interests? 2. Do you like having special interests? 3. Why do our special interests 'find us'? 4. Why can’t we autistics choose our special interests? 5. Why do we autistics...
  7. S

    Peer Pressure at School/Work

    In 7th grade (Year 8), I was peer pressured by 2 students to run away from class. In high school (secondary school), I did not experience peer pressure. Have you ever experienced peer pressure at school or work?
  8. S

    Special Interests and Infodumping

    Please reply to this thread. 1. What are your current special interests? 2. Do you infodump about your special interests to NTs or other autistics? 3. Why do we autistics want to know everything about our special interests and become experts on it? 4. Do you like infodumping about your...
  9. S

    Bullying at School/Work

    In high school (secondary school), I was physically bullied. Please reply to this thread. 1. Have you ever been bullied at school or work? 2. Why do bullies target us autistics? 3. Why are we autistics often bullied at school and at work?
  10. S

    Masking/Passing as Neurotypical/NT

    When I try to pass as NT in social situations, it is very exhausting and tiring. Please reply to this thread. I have some questions: 1. Why is it so hard for us autistics to learn NT social skills? 2. Why is it exhausting and tiring for us autistics to try to pass as NT in social situations...
  11. G

    What forms of Autism were re-defined as ASD-1?

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that the re-definition itself, of Aspergers and other forms of Autism as “ASD-1,” is actually worse, than the confusion it causes. Even if one is opposed to Autism Acceptance, this re-definition is wrong because by viewing us purely from what’s wrong...
  12. Valya81

    Hello hello

    Hi, my name is Valya. I am excited yet worried about pursuing diagnosis because of the way in which I've seen others discriminated against. I really love reading and personality type systems, so I think that's why I've gone undiagnosed for so long. I fixate on relationships among communities and...
  13. UncomfortablyNumb

    Old Aspie, New Member

    Hi Fellowe Forum Folke, Just found this forum, and I'm liking what I see. 67 year old retired male. Issues (among others) are major clinical depression, alexithymia, high-functioning Asperger's, and most likely schizoid personality disorder (with a lot of borderline tossed in as well.) MCD...
  14. Clay Major

    Recent Diagnosis of High-Functioning Autism

    Can't say I'm quite thrilled about doing this, nor can I say I'm irritated, just indifferent. I find that many individuals think Autism cases are all the same, or similar to one another. However, that is not the case. That is why it is referred to as a spectrum. Of course, many of you know this...
  15. C

    Hello, I just got here...

    Hello all :-) I am new here. Just been diagnosed at 27. Although it's a diagnosis that I have suspected for a couple of years, something which I'm sure many others here can relate to... Not really sure what else say for the moment... I am a bit lost at sea... but looking forward to being part...
  16. Jenisautistic

    (Video) what is high functioning autism?

  17. IxchelAspie

    Hello Awesome Warriors! I'm new and newly diagnosed- Just saying HI

    It only took me three weeks to decide to say, HI, publicly. :) But here I am. Newly-diagnosed, 56-year-old retired law professor. As I look back and begin to understand the past 50 years, I am stunned as to how I ever made it this far! The learning curve is steep, but so worth it. I very...
  18. Mellow Bunny

    How do meltdowns work?

    Hello, I'm called Mellow on here, and I just wanted to talk about meltdowns. I'm not completely sure how they work. I mean, I know how they come about, but I'm not sure if I've had any meltdowns. Around a year ago, I was in a "ARD" meeting with my dad and a bunch of teachers, counselors, and...
  19. Verdandi

    My relationship with my Aspie destroyed me

    I don't even know why I'm writing, I guess it's just to vent it. After our break-up, entirely his call, justified by his inability to cope with long-term social commitment and following a couple of excruciating months when I fel like I had to walk on eggshells all the time, we kept talking. He...
  20. Chiefersis

    I found my people

    Hello Every one! I grew up not knowing I am slightly autistic, so like many of you I experienced the feeling of " I'm different; I don't know or can't understand why." I was very firmly convinced for a while that I'm just "Unlucky" that's why things don't workout between me and people, which...
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