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  1. Irakus34

    How Can I Maintain A Job If I'm Undiagnosed?

    Hi. I want to ask for advices and a plan B if the plan A fails. Actually, I'm about to start practical training next week in a psychiatric, in a health care profession. It's going to be 7 hours taking care and supervising a great number of people. The thing is if they like me, I might get the...
  2. nervous habits

    Obsessively pulling at my split ends.

    I used to style my hair with heat, wash with sulfates and nasty things, rip it to shreds towel drying it, ALL daily. I have since stopped using heat completely, wash with friendlier ingredients a few times a week, condition my hair daily, and take my vitamins. One thing I cannot conquer is...
  3. Callistemon

    Thoughts on Daylight Savings

    Not sure where best to post this, but yesterday I read a fun persuasive piece in The Guardian from an Aspie who doesn't like daylight saving - and why he doesn't! Tonight in Britain the clocks will go forward – all except mine | Stefano Pavone
  4. onlything

    Advice before a surgery?

    It seems one of my great saphenous veins stopped working and I'm going to have to have it operated. Did any of you have such an experience? Any advice on how to prepare myself (and stay calm)? I will have to wait until autumn since all surgeries were cancelled due to coronavirus, but it should...
  5. F

    Mindfulness Maybe

    The culture surrounding health and wellness can be difficult to navigate as a neurodiverse individual as even popular resources can often alienate those who struggle with sensory sensitivities and executive function. I want to move past this, toxic productivity is something prevalent in this...
  6. Jibbers

    Well, I am new here

    Hello, I am Jibbers, I have a bachelors degree and have worked as a dietitian for the past 2 years. I like to lead-climb in the climbinggym and outside as well. I like running and fitness too. I live by myself and I own a cat, her name is Luna (I added a picture). Sinds February 2019 I learned...
  7. W

    Nutrition - Brain Health - Supplements

    Hello, I am new to the forum so sorry if I am inadvertently rude in any way. I've been doing some research on useful low impact supplements but its fairly difficult to find anything related to what I am looking for. My thought process is that those with a higher-IQ, fast thought speed or those...
  8. I

    Ramblings of a Lost Adult

    I don't choose sides. I listen and analyze. I want to learn more about other people from all kinds of communities to further understand why communication is so difficult within societies, when all we are are born, and out to survive.
  9. Veronica VanCleave-Hunt

    Eating Experience Survey/Looking for your input please

    I don't have an ASD diagnosis but I also haven't saught one out. ASD runs in my family and I score on the higher end or "borderline" on self-diagnostic tests. One thing I know for sure is that I relate more with non-neurotypicals than I do with neurotypicals. As a nutritional science grad...
  10. Beatrice Telfer


    Hey!! I am a student in south east London studying for a BA Hons in Business Psychology. I am carrying out dissertation in relation to my degree. I am shouting out to all fellow Aspies willing to take part in a study that will look to address workplace strain for Aspies and what can be done to...
  11. Veronica VanCleave-Hunt

    New Member - Nutrition & Food Science Student

    Hi there, I just discovered this awesome community. Thank you for letting me join! I don't have a diagnosis but ASD runs in my family. I have scored high on self-diagnostic tests but I'm not sure that I would qualify for a diagnosis. Non the less, I really enjoy communicating with different...
  12. Utini

    Troubles working in healthcare

    Looking for other people that are familiar with a busy job in healthcare or any loud and fast paced job really. Would like to know if you have any of the same problems/feelings. My biggest concern lately, as I get older is that I don't take care of myself at work. I'm a CNA on a med/surg/neuro...
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