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I don't have an ASD diagnosis but I also haven't saught one out. ASD runs in my family and I score on the higher end or "borderline" on self-diagnostic tests. One thing I know for sure is that I relate more with non-neurotypicals than I do with neurotypicals.

As a nutritional science grad student, I am interested in the eating experiences of those with ASD and how they influence intake of certain foods like fruits and vegetables. One thing that I have noticed and that I have heard from ASD communities is a lack of the direct perspectives or voices of people with ASD. The current body of research on the topic of food/nutrition and ASD has virtually no direct perspectives of those who are on the spectrum. Furthermore, it is lacking a focus on adults. Now that I have the opportunity to do research, I aim to change that. As part of this research, I have compiled an anonymous survey that asks about eating experiences, eating patterns (habits), and fruit and vegetable intake. I have also done a number of anonymous interviews asking about eating experience since childhood.

I am still looking for adults (18+) in the United States (with and without ASD) to respond to this survey. If you are interested in participating, please follow the link below. It will take you to the first page of the survey, the informed consent which has more information.


Please comment with any questions or thoughts that you have. All feedback is appreciated.
Thank you for reading this! :)
strange no American members have said theyve completed it ,suppose they are disenfranchised by the healthcare they dont receive
I wasn't able to complete the eating survey.
It wouldn't submit.

Thank you for trying and for letting me know. I can't figure out why that would be but if you are inclined to try and take it again, this is the link:

Food Patterns and Eating Experience Survey

If it tells you that you cant take it again because you already took the survey from your computer, then you may have submitted it without getting confirmation from the website.

Thanks again
strange no American members have said theyve completed it ,suppose they are disenfranchised by the healthcare they dont receive

I'm less than 2 hours from the border but still American. The healthcare, yeah...
Hello, @Veronica VanCleave-Hunt , I was wondering if you could take a look at another thread where we are discussing how some doctors are saying that autism can be “cured” by diet. Has anyone experimented with nutrition to help alleviate autistic challenges?

There has been some science, and I have done some research, but I don’t believe that diet can change autism - it might be able to help a person behave better, or feel better, or anynumber if things, but we are born with a neurological genetic thing. What are your thoughts on this as you are studying these subjects? How much of this ideology have you heard of in the field of nutrition?
I agree I don't think nutrition has a role in changing the fundamentals of autism. The research that I am doing is focusing on the experience of eating. The aim is to 1) see if there is a significant difference in the eating disturbances of adults with autism compared to adults without and 2) to understand the nature of eating disturbances experienced by individuals who are on the spectrum and 3) how those eating disturbances influence intake of specific food groups like fruits and vegetables. In the field of nutrition there is a lot of misinformation about every topic. As a nutrition professional (registered dietitian) there is currently no strong enough evidence to recommend any specific dietary changes to change the nature of autism itself.
Hello, My name is Veronica and I'm a Nutritional Science Grad Student who is very interested in eating disturbances related to ASD. I am hoping to get some input from you all about some observations that I have made so far.

I have been doing research interviews with verbal adults with ASD (verbal and of normal- above IQ) and collecting information via an anonymous online survey that asks about general personal information (gender, ethnicity, employment, residency etc), fruit and vegetable intake, eating habits, and eating disturbances related to ASD. I am distributing the survey to adults with and without ASD in order to compare the two groups.

Some observations I have made so far, there are a lot more women than men who are responding to the survey, titled "Food Patterns and Eating Experience Survey". It's a good thing because there is so little known about women with ASD, especially adults. This is just not what I expected to happen. Does anyone out there have any insight into why more women with ASD than men are interested in responding to this survey?

This is a link to the survey with more information: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EatingHabitsResearch

To anyone out there who is reading this, from your experience, do you think eating issues are more common among adults with ASD than the general population? Why or why not?

Thanks for reading this :) Please share your thoughts!
In the UK, but read earlier that people in the UK are welcome to do the survey, but got the following after submitting the first page:
survey said:
We're sorry!
Something went wrong.
Sorry if you lost your place—we're working hard to get things up and running again. Thanks for your patience!

Not exactly a helpful error message and it lost what I'd done, so I gave up, if they fix it or you know what I should do to work around it, please let me know.

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