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  1. Stuttermabolur

    Did/do you call your family members by their names?

    Starting from when I was four, I called every member of my family by their given names. I didn't call my parents "mom" and "dad", or even my grandparents "grandma" and "grandpa" or anyone else for that matter. It made sense to me as a kid, because potentially every adult is a mom or a dad, while...
  2. Knower of nothing

    Schedules and other systems to induce habit formation.

    The situation: I live with my family in the attic of our home, full time NEET, rarely go outside. Needless to say I have a lot of spare time. Despite this, my ability to take care of myself and not fall back into the usual pit of self neglect is very inconsistent. Time is not the issue. In a...
  3. Jenisautistic

    An autistics book haul introduction to my new channel

    Hey everyone just stop this video might interest you let me know what you think I also want to let you know that I started a new channel if your interested please check it out https://youtube.com/channel/UCRVHsqiKP142WDXyTEzHdiw
  4. dylan_gnome

    Trying to get myself out of a “food loop”

    Not sure if this is the best board to post this in but it didn’t seem like it really fit in any of the others. For the past few weeks I’ve found myself stuck in what I call a “food loop” where I only want to eat one type of food, or food from a specific restaurant. This month it’s Taco Bell...
  5. G

    Quick question on naps

    I'm trying organize my sleeping habits, particularly going to bed early and getting up early; and this month, I'm having a lot of difficulties getting enough sleep at all. One day my girlfriend suggested taking naps. For me as an Aspie, my kind of "naps" involve lying on my bed doing nothing...
  6. Daydreamer

    A rather strange feeling. (Compulsive words).

    Sometimes I feel the need to say a particular set of words (Boom, cha, say wha'?) after I do certain things, and I'm not even sure why anymore. I guess you could call it a compulsion. However, it's not one that heavily plagues my mind per say. Usually if I refrain from doing it then I get this...
  7. Jena

    Does anyone on the spectrum do this too? Or is it just my habit?

    Okay so I have a extremely bad habit at picking fur off of stuffed animals and my dog (it doesn't hurt him dw he still got plenty of fur on him no bald spots at all double coat). Anyways I am despreatly trying to stop this habit. My fingers start really hurting and the skin around the nail peals...
  8. Nikolas Di Domenico

    Ruined Christmas for myself

    I am a Cybersecurity student. Recent a package came to our doorstep, of course, I knew what it was right away. It was a DSLR camera, being the cybersecurity student that I am I hacked into my mom and dads. Amazon and eBay account and found out what they are getting me. I feel that password...
  9. Caelix3

    Wanting to do the same activity / thing.

    Anyone else have this problem? That you want to do the same activity or thing over and over again. The mere thought of doing something different stresses you out. To the point that you usually don't try something new? I've been having this problem forever. Especially with video games. Or t.v...
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