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  1. N

    Highly functioning autism or just a strange behavior in my 10 year old?...

    I know I need to go to the doctor and ask, but since many wonderful people here might just give me some life feedback on this forum, I would highly appreciate it! My dahugher, who is now 10 has some slightly unusual behavior, and I wonder if it's simply her personality, or I should get her...
  2. 9

    Could I be HFA?

    I’ve been doing some light research lately and I’m wondering if it would be worthwhile to get an official diagnosis. I believe I have some characteristics of high-functioning autism (or at least something that affects my social skills). I am hopeful that some explanation can help me navigate my...
  3. L


    Hi ! I’m Liz, mum to a 22 year old son who is about to go through the ASD assessment process in the UK. Eager to learn more and be more sympathetic and accommodating to those with neuro-divergence
  4. crp

    Subtyping the Autism Spectrum Disorder

    I've studied tons of the professional materials and I have to tell you that the so-called high-functioning autism (HFA) is probably not the Asperger's syndrome only (according to the current classification) but there is also another subtype of HFA that takes place accurately between the Kanner's...
  5. Kavigant

    Autistic Facial Expressions?

    One of the seemingly most consistent markers for autism which I have come across in my reading is a lack of facial expressions. My situation, however, is the exact opposite: I have whatever is the opposite of a "poker face." Everyone around me is able to tell precisely what is going through my...
  6. mangosoda


    Took an entire year but finally done! And as always I expected something big to happen due to this, and as with every diagnosis or evaluation literally nothing changed lol Don't know what I expected but oh well... Okay I DID expect at least a celebration, but maybe I should just ask for one...
  7. autism-and-autotune

    Misdiagnosis, or missed diagnosis?

    I know I vent on here about my family a lot, and maybe it's best to not give in to anger all the time but sometimes it's as if I have no choice. Recently I've been able to access my IEP from high school, and this is the first opportunity I've had to read it post-diagnosis. What a ride...
  8. mangosoda

    First meeting with a psychiatrist about autism - mixed feelings.

    Had it like, 2 weeks ago but I decided to wait and think more about it before starting discussion about specifics that werent with my friends or psychologist. It was pretty standard, honestly, questions about how my mothers pregnancy was, childhood, how I feel, etc etc, we know this, my issue...
  9. mangosoda

    My diagnosis is in 2 days !!!!

    I can't believe it . Oh My GOD . TWO DAYS ! I'm going to be screened for autism in just two days, on the 16th, my appointment is from 10:40am to 01:40pm . This will be the first step towards my diagnosis, towards getting the proper accommodations and EVERYTHING !!! its been a long 7 and a half...
  10. G

    There's no cure and doctor's don't care, so what's the point

    I recently had a friend over who is a doctor, a practicing GP, with a degree in psychology. During the evening, he mentioned a patient of his who was inquiring about getting a diagnosis for autism. What he told us sounded like he was telling the patient to just accept life as it is and not...
  11. Y

    I think I may have been lied to about having Asperger's.

    For most of my life, I was told by my parents that I had Asperger's syndrome. Last year I found my old diagnosis paper and took a picture of it on my phone because I thought it'd be cool to have that. When I looked at it today I realized it said this, "OP's diagnoses are Pervasive Developmental...
  12. H

    my diagnosis observation video soon

    hi, i haven't logged in for a little bit! my phone rang earlier and it seems i have my ados (autism diagnostic observation schedule) in a few weeks in february, by zoom video call. i guess it took almost a year and a half, but they said it could have even been as long as three years i'd be...
  13. BluJay

    Anyone on the spectrum NOT have sensitivity issues?

    Hi! I’m new here. My GP has referred me for an ASD diagnosis (of course I’ll be waiting a while) I’ve got something on my mind and would love to hear from the community. I’ve learnt a lot about Autism over the years (purely out of interest) and am still trying to refine my understanding...
  14. jleeb05

    First Day of Assessment

    Today was the first day of my assessment for ASD. I wanted a formal assessment because I don't necessarily fit some of the ASD boxes in a way that would make me comfortable to self-diagnose. As @Nummulite mentioned in another thread, the process of getting assessed is quite frustrating. You...
  15. Janja

    Hello everyone!

    I am waiting for my assessment, but they can’t give it to me until November 10! I am very disappointed that I have to wait so long for this. It was suggested by a therapist I had gone to for an assessment of ADD that I probably do NOT have ADD. After asking multiple questions, she said it sounds...
  16. A

    My life-changing autism diagnosis 2021-06-22

    My life-changing autism diagnosis As a woman with autism you're likely to receive a diagnosis much later in life than if you are a man with the condition. Why is that and what impact does a late diagnosis have? Kim Chakanetsa is joined by two autistic women who are speaking up about their...
  17. zozie

    It's official: Me and my kids are diagnosed autistic

    Just got back from that award-winning doctor, who actually saw both my older and younger kid, and me, and he and his team diagnosed us all. The whole thing took four hours, including the ADOS-2, and we felt seen as people. They offered some great resources. So now it's official. I can get the...
  18. flyingswallows

    Do you have to take someone with you/give their contact details?

    Hi, I'm very conflicted. I have my assessment appointment on Thursday. My mum told me a year ago that 'since childhood, you've always isolated yourself at home and have had mood swings'. She now has no recollection of this, and has told me I was completely normal growing up. My dad corroborates...
  19. zozie

    Finally Saw A Decent Doc - ASD Assessment Update

    Well, nearly 2 months after my first, rather wretched assessment process, I finally saw a young PsyD student (nearly done) with extensive experience interning at a private clinic assessing autistic kids and adults. The clinic in question just won an award for their research on autism diagnoses...
  20. P

    Encounter with Dismissive GP over Potential Asperger's

    Hello I'm new here and I've just joined today so I can share what has happened to me today. First of all I would like to give you a brief bit of background history. I'm 45 years old, female and I live in the north of England. I've suffered with depression, anxiety and social anxiety my whole...
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