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My diagnosis is in 2 days !!!!


consistently mildly sick
I can't believe it . Oh My GOD . TWO DAYS !
I'm going to be screened for autism in just two days, on the 16th, my appointment is from 10:40am to 01:40pm . This will be the first step towards my diagnosis, towards getting the proper accommodations and EVERYTHING !!! its been a long 7 and a half months waiting for my appointment, and now im going to sleep twice and itll be the day :D literally cannot stop stimming

Neonatal RRT

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Great news. Just some advice for when you do have your testing and assessment:

1. Be yourself. Literally. This is critical. No masking. Be as honest and to-the-point as you can be.
2. There are prescription medications that you "need", and there are prescription medications that are "as needed". If you can go into the testing and assessment unmedicated, or with the least amount of medication, that would be best. Another way to say this is "be at your worst". Skip your morning coffee or stimulant. If your brain is exhausted, stressed, headache, etc.,...and this is the way you are without your medications and coffee,...this is the way you show up. No masking.
3. Make up your own "You might be autistic if...." list. Your concerns. Your experiences. Your sensory, communication, social issues, etc. Write it down/make a Word file, and bring it with you to your interview. If you have difficult time expressing your thoughts verbally to a therapist, like I am, then this should help with keeping your thoughts straight.


consistently mildly sick
Oh ! Nevermind then, the doctor is ill :/ I'm not sure when I'm rescheduled to have it, hopefully it's not over 2 weeks from now


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yeah im happy ! mostly keeping the sentiment of "the diagnosis is just giving me an explanation for what i already have" so i see it as a good thing :3
Excellent thing to be mindful of. Nearly everyone who has come and gone from this community knew or suspected they were on the spectrum before going on to getting that diagnosis from a medical professional.

Where a formal diagnosis merely confirmed what they already knew. But for some, that diagnosis validates it all, whether one seeks government entitlements, workplace accommodations or just peace of mind.


A musical mind with recent revelations
yeah im happy ! mostly keeping the sentiment of "the diagnosis is just giving me an explanation for what i already have" so i see it as a good thing :3
Your words echo exactly what I thought when I got my diagnosis!! I went into the clinic and said to the psychologist that a diagnosis would give me clarity...which it has.

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