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  1. malu1ce

    Just got diagnosed. Any tips?

    I got diagnosed this week and I'd like some tips that could help me understand myself better. Do you guys keep your autism as a secret? Would you recommend me trying to unmask? How do you guys deal with executive dysfunction?
  2. AluxCinAmoon

    What is the difference between Aspergers and Autism?

    I know this is kind of a dumb/ignorant question, but even though I'm definitely on the spectrum, I don't have any ASD friends or family, and all my doctors and therapists have kind of left it at telling me I have it. So, what, if anything, is the difference between Aspergers and High-Functioning...
  3. Zirk

    Officially diagnosed

    Hi, I am a 26 year old European man living in the Netherlands. I am officially diagnosed with high functioning autism, a very severe variant. Which means I have trouble forming speech, working with language, people and joining society. I have no special talents, but I see patterns more easily...
  4. HDLSeanWiley

    For anyone who was recently diagnosed, I think this video would really help you out a lot:

    It's only about 6 minutes, but I think it will help you more than you could ever think:
  5. Jenisautistic

    I found out what major noncognitive disorder really means ( update)

    I can't say much right now but i found that it means dementia which I've been diagnosed with I know it may sound strange seeming my age maybe that's where the injury is or what it is I just found out for sure today after about my life plan Which is created by my new social worker from...
  6. J

    Adult Diagnosis Questions

    I am 28 years old. My husband just recently sat me down and brought up the possibility of talking to a psychiatrist about the possibility of a high-functioning autism diagnosis. He brought this up because I: am incredibly sensitive to smells and loud noises. have been diagnosed with anxiety...
  7. AmbitiousGirl

    I was diagnosed with ASD level 2 at age 20

    Hi, My name is Aisha and I'm almost 22 years old. I live in Europe. I recently graduated from university as an engineer. Currently I have summer break until I start working in September. I was diagnosed with ASD level 2 one and a half year ago and via the same tests it was also found that I...
  8. Jenisautistic

    Just got some tests diagnosed with intellectual disability as well as other stuff

    Hi I just recently got diagnosed with an intellectual disability as well as another diagnosis of autism language disorder dyslexia ADHD and I believe 1 or 2other things My iq is 68 but my adaptive scores are pretty low so they diagnosed me with moderate to severe intellectual developmental...
  9. Christina Renee

    What to except when being diagnosed with Autism

    Hey guys I am 27 and I have always been different and perceived the world in a way that was not neurotypical. I have been reading a lot lately about High Functioning Autism and Aspergers and it seems like every page I find myself going "oh that's me" or "wow so that's why I do that" and so on. I...
  10. JellyBean

    Tips on writing aspie characters?

    I'm diagnosed with asperger myself but I'm still unsure how to write my characters. Right now I'm writing about a girl with aspergers beginning on a School for witches, and befriending other students diagnosed with ADHD, borderline, dyslexia, depression and anxiety. Do any of you have any tips?
  11. A

    Greetings from Newly Diagnosed 58-year-old

    It's a bit overwhelming to realize your entire life can be defined with a single word. I had been in therapy for a long time, but that word, Aspergers, never left my doctor's lips, that is until I came to it myself, and asked him straight out. I am the youngest of four, and my siblings have...
  12. Jorg

    Is it possible to get back with someone?

    This may be 2 threads/forums in one. As many of you I also have lost many people because of my aspie perks, more recently in this lasts 2 years than in any other stage of my life. I'm regurlaly fine, sometimes an anxiety issues there and there but since I'm studing I focus in it very well. But...
  13. Nemo

    Increase in autistic behaviours after diagnosis?

    Hey, I noticed that after my diagnosis, I started stimming more and displaying more behaviours. Not sure why. Placebo effect? Letting loose? Other idea? I want to hear it. Just curious
  14. Doofkcans

    Aspie retiree

    Hi folks, i grew up in Detroit, Michigan, then lived a few years as a child in Europe 1969-1973 :: spent 27yrs @ Chrysler doing Computer Graphics, then Web Development :: i have been Diagnosed A.S. in 2012, i am now an early retiree on disability since 2015. I help organize a "Meetup group" here...
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