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  1. Levitator

    Thursday night autism party

    I truly have nothing socially better to do than hang out here, and I hope my posting has not been felt as spammy. It was very much a last resort my coming here, not because I don't think other people need or deserve a place like this, but because I thought of myself as stronger and better...
  2. E

    Grasping for straws!

    Hello. I'm hoping someone can help me. My son is almost 20 and he has lost his way. He has Aspberger's, depression and ADD. He is a very sensitive and anxious young man who is afraid of the outside world and of growing up. He has no confidence or self-esteem and has never had more than an...
  3. KevinMao133

    The World Is Doomed

    I hate everything that is going on. The more I think about the more I don’t understand it The people who survive are the ones without souls. Soulless folks tend to do good because the system is designed to fail us, make us worthless Men, women, neurotypicals, everyone else, nobody is up to...
  4. AspiAngie

    Social Anxiety, Severe Insecurity and Avoidant Personality Disorder due to family?

    I watched a video on YouTube by Psych2Go called 10 Signs Your Parents are Making You Depressed after I got home from dropping off my insulting mom at her building. I am 49, and she still can make me feel like crap. When I watched the video I knew it was true in my life and this is what I...
  5. Chameleon In Recovery

    Late/missed diagnosis- Identity Crisis ( Hi )

    Hi Everyone, I’m new here & am really happy to find a group to connect in that isn’t Facebook or Twitter. Social media tends to get too overwhelming for me. I usually stay off of it for 60-80% of the year. I just turned 32 and have had quite a dark ride in this lifetime. I have been...
  6. Ikarus Diary

    I Can't Understand What Is Happening Inside Me

    Hi. How should I start this blog entry. I'm truly confused with myself. I cannot understand any feeling inside me anymore. I'm a person who has been able to identify my emotions thanks to a lot of training for years and it wasn't until now that I'm lost with what's going on inside me. My...
  7. apolloidolsice


    Hey. Anybody else feel depressed about being autistic? I've never been kissed, had boy or girlfriend, i've been bullied my entire life and i currently have no friends. And you're different. Most people think you're weird. Your existence is something to be cured. Fixed. Erased. I hate being this...
  8. O

    Me, Moods, & Coping Strategies

    After a manic episode, I sometimes had all kinds of emotions and normal moods before crashing into persistent depression. I meet the diagnostic criteria for mania, but I never fall down into major depression, the depression that I have after the manic episode is mild. What is that stage called?
  9. Leo Zed

    Emotional Sensitivity in ASDs

    Since I am relatively new to understanding ASDs, I am wondering if it is normal for those of us who have Asperger’s to be (extremely) emotionally sensitive, especially when “negative” remarks (not necessarily criticism) are being made to us. I have been battling severe depression for a few...
  10. nervous habits


    My thoughts, I have nothing else to say about it. I'm supposed to type 100 characters here but there is nothing left to say.
  11. Roxiee

    Updates on my life.....winter 2022

    So, as you'll know I went home to my mum and daughter talked to my mum about everything, I then went to sleep, its been a rough day due to being scared about the storm in South West of England, where my mum lives etc, but I've numerous phone calls and threats from him saying give me my daughter...
  12. Dalia


    Drowning in my thoughts, Pulled beneath the waves. Is it all for naught? Or is there something to save? Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by my thoughts like the water of the ocean, the force of the waves crashing against me and I wonder if there's any hope of being saved from drowning in...
  13. Dalia

    Beyond the Waves

    The feeling of drowning. It’s a feeling of sheer helplessness, of forced subservience, of loss of control. As the waves continue to batter you again and again, nature never giving in, never giving up, always stronger, always mightier and always the winner. You gasp for air, your body craving...
  14. Streetwise

    Samaritans.org self help app

    The Samaritans is an English charity, originally, now UK and Eire(republic of Ireland)wide ,founded by rev(pastor in USA)Chad Varah, in the early 1950s ,as there was no suicide prevention, 24 hour helpline and suicide percentages were high. Cut to the 21st century, now there is the Samaritans...
  15. Gerald Wilgus

    I Guess I Must be Depressed.

    Over the past year, I cannot feel positive or fulfilled by anything. I don't know if it started with the stroke last year in January, but now everything just seems dull. In June the stenosis was corrected, but before then, when doing strenuous activities that I have enjoyed and am skilled at...
  16. Au Naturel

    Interesting treatment for severe depression.

    Not all depression can be alleviated by therapy or SSRIs. It is interesting that the signals that caused depressive episodes originated in the amygdala. That's a part of the brain that deals primarily with instinctive behaviors like lust, fight or flight, fear, anger, etc. Often called the...
  17. GrownupGirl

    Feeling guilty and anxious because I'm a hoarder.

    I have too many toy, doll and plush collections and I know it, and I know I should get rid of them but it's too hard to decide what to keep and what to give away. I'm not very attached to other objects like clothes or old papers or whatever but I have a spare room that's so full of plushies I...
  18. V

    "Emptiness" without Special Interest?

    Does anyone else both not have a special interest/obsession or anything, but feel like you should have one but not in a "you need one to be autistic" way? Moreso I mean feeling like you need something to completely focus on and maybe obsess about but not having anything like that, and therefore...
  19. Amy Stone

    Feeling Lost Between Obsessions...?

    I am newly self-diagnosed with Asperger's. I tend to become fully obsessed with a topic until I burn out from learning about it, and then I move to a new one. The lifespan for my obsessions is typically 1-2 years, but they can last longer or shorter. Some of my obsessions I had through the...
  20. L

    How can I accept my diagnose and stop masking?

    TRIGGER WARNING: depression, OCD, anxiety, suicide thoughts. Hello. It'll be a little long, sorry for my broken english: I was diagnosed last november. The process took almost eight months. I was already going to a psycologist since 11 years old and to a psychiatrist, since 15 years. I have...
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