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  1. UberScout

    Pretending that life is a video game

    Life is a difficult thing to live in. Its painful, annoying, aggravating and there are things that are constantly out of our control. But then there are video games, playable worlds that create their own rules and space, that we can explore and see. These worlds aren't our reality and that's...
  2. callmeriver

    coping mechanisms when on the verge of a meltdown/shutdown

    i feel like i’m on the verge of either a shutdown or meltdown and i was wondering if there are ways to calm down after it happens. lately i been watching 5 minutes crafts during shutdowns (the unrealistic crafts make me laugh) but i’m not sure how much longer it will help with shutdowns. i...
  3. How I coped with social anxiety.

    Making things not so scary

    Whenever I was faced with exploring new territory such as: meeting new people, going to a new part of town, learning to drive, etc. I felt like just avoiding these new experiences altogether, but I knew I couldn't if I wanted my life to go somewhere. Since these were new things in my life I...
  4. When I first recognized I had a problem.

    When I first recognized I had a problem.

    I was new in college (back in 2015) when I noticed that I had a difficult time acclimating to things. I was always busy on campus dealing with registration and classes, and I was at that campus by myself. Everyday I couldn't wait till I was back home where it was safe. I was afraid of doing...
  5. Storm Hess


    In my life, I don't feel lonely or alone. Never really felt that way even when I was single. Interaction on a face-to-face, personal level, gets too draining and too involved. Life's too short for all the drama that others bring into it...so working or creating is far more satisfying than to...
  6. shinobi

    Dealing with Meltdowns/Shutdowns

    My question is, how do you cope? I still struggle even to this very day when everything overwhelms me. I've had grown adults making fun of me in public, labeling me as a "spoiled brat" and demanding me to be taken to hospital to be "drugged and locked up". Usually when people approach me...
  7. Pinkie B

    How do you cope in the outside world?

    I love hanging out here because I can finally compare notes with other people who share the same kinds of daily struggles that I do. I used to keep a blog where I would document various techniques that I had come up with for coping with the abundance of Life Maintenance Activities that always...
  8. taakitz

    Can’t leave the house, what can help?

    I’m a 17 year old female who has just recently been diagnosed with aspergers and severe anxiety, so i’m trying to still figure out everything still. One of my largest problems right now is that i can’t leave the house, can’t go to school and often cancel important appointments. at least once...
  9. Deluded Dragon

    Does anyone else here use music as a "time machine"?

    I find myself attaching emotionally to certain songs as they correspond with the event in which I first heard them. I have a certain music album by Enya that I listen to in order to take me back to my stay at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in November of 2015. It exhilarates the experience in my...
  10. Daydreamer

    The Umbrella.

    Every so often I form fairly minor habits that repeat a significant amount of times, and aren't always easy to break. I don't always want to break them, since they can be comforting. One that I used to have involved an umbrella. It was a small hand-held one that had a strap you could wrap...
  11. Daydreamer

    How good are your senses?

    I am fairly hypersensitive, with hearing being the most sensitive and touch/pain is the least. My sense of smell is also fairly overactive, and there are certain foods that I cannot be around because of this. I have subtle ways of coping with my sensitivity such as adding water to fizzy...
  12. RachelleG

    Coping with Asperger's and being different

    The first part of this story describes the effects of Asperger's on individual's, families, and their loved ones. Living with Asperger's takes a heavy emotional toll on everyone involved the individual's life. A coping strategy must, therefore, be implemented that includes everyone involved...
  13. Oda a la Tormenta


    Been quiet for the past week or so because my depression and anxiety, has been bad. I am new to therapy so all of everything we are working on is just coming to the surface as well as everything I deal with daily and it's beyond my words to say how hard it is to process everything. I get through...
  14. Katleya

    Spectrum adults coping with childhood trauma caused by others

    A common motif here is the bullying, lack of acceptance and often traumatic life events that we were subjected to in our childhoor/teenage years for our lack of conformity to the NT world. So I have a lot of questions today, and I could use some help with those. 1. As an adult, how do you cope...
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