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  1. callmeriver

    how do i tell my parents i don’t want to do anything for my birthday?

    my birthday is in 2 months and my parents like to plan birthdays a month or 2 in advance, sometimes earlier but i don’t want to do anything for my birthday this year and i don’t want any gifts or a dessert of any kind either, i never liked celebrating my birthday because it always makes me...
  2. Ame568

    Quick update

    Here's a quick update since it's been a bit. I had my birthday and it went OK, my uncle played with the lights and made it too bright and when I said it was too bright he turned them down. Instead of 2 or 3 different conversations going on at the dinner table there was only one which didn't hurt...
  3. Jenisautistic

    Just another update

    Hello everyone first I want to say that my grandmother is doing better from a fall that broke her hip that I mentioned before my grandmother got out of the rehab center I have been back with my grandmother for a while now I have an aide that helps me with stuff around the house but my...
  4. N

    I’m confused about my relationship

    First of I wanted to thank everyone who helped me and shared there advice. like I posted in the headline I’m beginning to get very confused about everything. I’m dating a great guy For almost 4 years . He is on the spectrum but he doesn’t want to hear or deal with the term autism as it seems...
  5. Misery

    So it's birthday time, could have done without that present

    Considering my birthday present was a sleepless, panicky night full of infinite snot and the total sensory overload that accompanied it. Accursed allergies. Or maybe a brief cold. I genuinely cant tell the difference... the end result is exactly the same. On the plus side, I discovered that...
  6. Jenisautistic

    My 21st birthday Hooray

    Hey everyone yesterday was my 21st birthday Thank you all for being there for me for all this time I’ve been online Through forums thanks for all the advice you gave me over this time I’ll be updating you guys soon when I find out more information about things going on .
  7. GrownupGirl

    Today's my birthday.

  8. Butterfly88

    Oklahoma boy with autism has 'best day ever' even after no one shows up to his birthday party

    Oklahoma boy with autism has 'best day ever' even after no one shows up to his birthday party When the mom consulted the venue staff, the manager told her they would give the boy an “amazing party” at no cost. A 10-year-old boy in Oklahoma who has autism says he had the “best day ever” after...
  9. As sweet as-pie

    I've been invited to a birthday party...

    Hi everyone. I've never really had many friends. I'm pretty great at small talk but awful at actually getting past the acquaintance part and becoming friends with someone in real life. All my friends I've met online. I know people in real life but it never gets past the first stage and so I'm...
  10. Mr Allen

    Tomorrow, November 27th, would've been Bruce Lee's birthday!

    He would've been 77. And would probably have retired years ago having made enough loot in the movies to do so.
  11. Mr Allen

    Today is Meat Loaf's Birthday!

    Today, the 27th of Seotember, is Marvin Lee Aday, aka Meat Loaf's 70th Birthday, he was born on this day in 1947. The larger than life singer and rocker has had some great hits including the original Bat out of hell way back in 1977, and I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that) which made...
  12. Mr Allen

    Today would've been Bruce Lee's birthday!

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Lee He would've been 76, he was only 32 when he died in 1973 just after Enter the Dragon, the movie that made him a BIG Star, came out.
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