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So it's birthday time, could have done without that present

By Misery · Dec 7, 2019 · ·
  1. Considering my birthday present was a sleepless, panicky night full of infinite snot and the total sensory overload that accompanied it. Accursed allergies. Or maybe a brief cold. I genuinely cant tell the difference... the end result is exactly the same.

    On the plus side, I discovered that it's possible for a nasal clog to abruptly delete itself in the space of a second. Thank you, mystery pill. Too bad I discovered this when sleep time was nearly over. Feh. Seriously though, took that thing, had about an hour more of suffering, and then *POP* "Whazzat? Wha happun?!? I breathe now?"

    Whoever invented whatever the heck that stuff is deserves the Nobel Prize of Being Totally Amazing.

    Though this is all countered a bit by the fact that I'm currently sitting in the middle of a tropical island paradise, so... kinda evens out.

    That's all I've got for today. I have to go drink 5 gallons of water to counter the pill's side effect of drying you up. But hey, I need to work on staying hydrated anyway, so that works out, eh?

    Also a thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.
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  1. LucyPurrs
    Yup, that's an allergy pill for ya but they usually work in about 5 minutes for me. If you are allergic to the vegetation on that tantalizing tropical paradise you didn't tell us the name of, you should consider taking it daily until you leave or it won't help that much.