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  1. its_about_the_cones

    Autistic Character Headcanon Infodump :)

    This is going to be a long one, so if this topic doesn't interest you, feel free to skip! I have a headcanon Ben Wyatt is a high-masking autistic. I've only heard a few people mention this possibility, so I wanted to share my reasons why I have this headcanon (in no particular order). 1. Eye...
  2. Jenisautistic

    The story continues part two

    Hi everyone, I just finished uploading a little while ago my second part of the story These two parts are both in the year, 2020
  3. Jenisautistic

    Anyone get random reoccurring widespread pain

    Sometimes no matter what I do whether I exercise or not and I get this widespread pain pressure and pain like when you stretch wrong or exercise I have been having this for the longest time and I’m wondering if anyone may been through this as well I also used to get frequent headaches. The pain...
  4. The Meowing Pancake

    Some advice for my brother

    Hello! I have an autistic brother who really likes doing things such as peeling his skin, picking at the wooden tiles on our floors and removing them and he also likes to dismantle things. He must like the sensation of doing those things or they might calm him, but they're destructive. Also, him...
  5. HDLSeanWiley

    A scientific journal article about autistic adults and how therapists deal with autism

    A new article from Spectrum autism research magazine covered how dissatisfied autistic adults are with how therapists deal with autism.
  6. HDLSeanWiley

    Clowns in the Woods

    There's a new independently-produced horror movie coming out today called Clowns in the Woods, which has an autistic actor playing the autistic main character and has other autistic actors in it.
  7. HDLSeanWiley

    For anyone who was recently diagnosed, I think this video would really help you out a lot:

    It's only about 6 minutes, but I think it will help you more than you could ever think:
  8. Joshua the Writer

    My Thoughts as An Autistic Queer Person

    I feel like my Neurodivergency and Queerness is linked. My Queerness is Autistic, and my Autisticness is Queer. Because of this, I am going to add Autigender as a label to describe my gender ID. Autism strongly effects my gender identity, so my gender identity is Autistic. I am Autigender. Don't...
  9. A

    Autistic Daughter and Online Boyfriends

    Hello Everyone, I'm a father to a 21-year-old autistic daughter whom I love but we are having issues with her in regards to men she's meeting online and then immediately falling in love with. First, some background. My daughter has been chasing after boys since she was 14 and her maturity...
  10. A

    Autistic Communication

    [This was posted recently on Facebook by a Scottish Autism group] If you or a loved one has gone through an autism assessment in the last few decades, you may have come across the dreaded ‘triad of impairments’. This is from a very deficit-based assessment model, thankfully not used anymore...
  11. MacKenzie Smith

    Do you prefer "person with autism" or "autistic"? Let us know! Research participants needed!

    Researchers in the Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) department of Midwestern University are conducting a survey for individuals in the autistic and autism communities. Students and adults (ages 18+) with autism and parents or caregivers of autistic individuals are all welcome to complete this...
  12. HDLSeanWiley

    Autistic high school football player makes tackle, has entire audience going wild

    What do you think? Is it inspirational or should it be just as normal as any other NT doing the same? Football player with autism ecstatic after making play
  13. M


    Up until last year, I thought people treated me poorly because I was different. I blamed them for making me feel worse. I tried hard to act normal but I wasn't perfect and still got criticized. Since I couldn't change how people treated me, I thought there was nothing I could do about it. The...
  14. M

    What do you do differently that other people don't like?

    I'd like to compile a list of specific things some autistic people do differently that other people dislike, disapprove of, are bothered by, or react negatively to in any way. For example, here are some specific things I've done that other people didn't like: 1. Don’t make eye contact 2. Don’t...
  15. Jenisautistic

    Why don’t people talk about their feelings anymore?

    Hey guys I never noticed this until recently but it seems like whenever I try to get a conversation about feelings or just a conversation in general nobody seems to want to listen i’m talking about in person when people that you wanna have a conversation about feelings or something like they...
  16. Jenisautistic

    What do you think of autism?

  17. Tefi Riera

    My personal struggles

    Here I'll be posting about my own struggles as an aspie and the solutions I've found - if I find any - so feel free to give me your feedback. I think this might be helpful to anyone that feels related to these struggles or they could help me to solve it from another perspective. Thank you for...
  18. Jenisautistic

    comparing homelessness/Bad situations to being disabled

    Should I feel bad for thinking like this? Hi my grandmother offen compares my situation to people who are homeless or who grew up homeless or who came from drug addicted families and succeeded . I told her that even though it’s horrible to grow up in those conditions. And a feel for them...
  19. rollerskate

    MBTI (Meyers Briggs Personality)

    I kind of have this hypothesis going that auties are most likely to come up as INT- or INF- on a Meyers-Briggs assessment... I thought it might be kind of fun to find out if there's any truth to that! So, if you don't already know your MBTI personality type, you can take a free quiz on it...
  20. Renzo

    Autism & The Ability to Feel

    (From my official blog, Autistic Spirits) A lot of neurotypicals("normal people") think having autism means you don't have feelings. This is one of the most common stereotypes about autistic people and it's far from the truth. Someone on the spectrum does feel, but he/she expresses it in a...
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