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Your favorite comfort food/beverage?


I love coffee. I'm addicted to it but fortunately I never go over 3 coffees per day and 3 is the maximum. However I can't go a day without my coffee cup. I'm so far up into it at this point that I don't even notice the 'nerves' thing. In fact I drink it to even calm myself down from my anxiety :laughing::tongueclosed:
I can't do 'favorites' for the most part. My brain goes into an endless loop of indecision. But a few that come to mind are hot tea, pizza and donuts. Swedish Fish and Mike and Ikes are also high on my list.
Tacos washed down with a Coke Icee would be really nice.

Makes me want to go out for a smoke. Except I don't smoke...lol. :rolleyes:
Oh, I love me some comfort food. I usually feel like trash the next day, but going down the hatch, oh yeah. ;)

1. Stovetop popcorn with butter, salt, and garlic powder.
2. Potato chips.
3. A "meat lovers" pizza with ice-cold ginger ale.
No favorite, so any of the below would do.

---Hamburger sandwiches without the burger (whole wheat hamburger roll, lettuce, organic ketchup, chopped onions, slice of tomato, mustard, pickles, a little mayo). Then I imagine it is a fast food hamburger as tastes similar to me.

--Donuts without the saturated and trans fat ingredients (soft large whole wheat dinner rolls stuffed with my favorite blueberry or strawberry natural sugar filling). To me I call these donuts instead.

--Homemade Pizzas with soft crust, fat-free shredded cheese, olive oil, mushrooms, onions, peppers, spicy sauce, etc.

--Tacos "without the meat", and filled with fat-free shredded cheese, lettuce, chopped onions and peppers, with spicy sauce.
Oh I do like many of those mentioned, especially those that have to do with dough :innocent: And especially when they go along with coffee xp
I actually haven't been able to find them for years but cheddar cheese Maruchan instant lunches are like still one of my fave comfort foods.

They just have a certain je ne sais quois that just makes them so good.

I know they're not discontinued because they're still listed on Maruchan's website and I can get them off Amazon, but no stores near me carry them and they haven't for some time now.

(Funny if I was at my summer home right now, I could get them because they're in-stock at the Walmart up there but that doesn't help me being down in Florida)
Pizza! There's a local pizzeria near me that makes an awesome deep dish. I'm starting to drool just thinking about it.

Can't live without black coffee either.
I would have said pizza or nachos, but the lactose intolerance changed that completely. There aren't any non-dairy cheeses that melt well at all - not that I've come across, anyway.
Sharp cheddar cheese, creamy mozzarella shreds, peanut butter cookies, spring rolls with sauce, donuts, coffee, hot chocolate.
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