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Relieved to be back at work

Feels good to be back at work. Noticed a big change in my mood and outlook. But I think it warrants further care and attention on why I feel so wayward and depressed during my time off. I know that lack of money doesn't help matters. Yes there's some free things I could pursue, but the drive wasn't there on my week off. Being housebound did me no favours however. That 3 hour bike ride, whilst a stressful slog at the time, did help how I felt after.

Everyone is glad to see me back on this round. Next week's rota is out and all good hours wise. I arranged to see the escort I saw last month on Tuesday morning. She said she couldn't wait to see me again. The feeling is mutual. Seeing her for 90 mins this time instead of 60.

Didn't go home on my lunch break today to save petrol. My car feels a lot better to drive which is a relief. Driving sensibly, especially as I'm not feeling stressed. I have a half day on Monday, which means 2.5 days off. I also have a half day on Saturday, and get the afternoon/evening off.

Been eating better today, and bought healthier snacks which should help. Feel a little tired, but that's just me digesting a big meal, plus my first day back at work.

Going to try and get an early night. With the road still flooded, the drive home takes a little longer. Want to keep ontop of showers and personal care, as I've been doing well with that recently.

Also got some whitening tooth paste. I'm not expecting miracles, having been a smoker for over 14 years. But now I'm sober it's a good time to see what I can do to improve on that.

Nothing else new to report really. Trying to keep sugar and other things within reasonable levels. But the desire to comfort eat isn't very pronounced as I feel a lot happier.



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