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My Disabled/Low Income Resource List For 2020

I really want nothing more but to help others during this challenging period in history. ESPECIALLY other disabled folks, because I know I'm not alone in my struggles right now. Or my feelings (like everyone has forgotten we exist or matter).

I am making this resource list because I know some resources that not many people know about.

I want more people to know about them. So please, if you see something here, you've never seen before, and you or anyone you know may benefit... PLEASE PASS THIS LIST FORWARD.

60% Discount on CBD with free shipping: CBD Assistance Program for Veterans & Disability | Lazarus Naturals
Disabled, vets, and low income all qualify. I pay $44 for 120ml of high potency CBD, which is 50ml per ml. My 8oz. topical massage oil is $12 and is 50ml per teaspoon. The oral is good for anxiety, nervous system issues, muscle spasms, and seizures (raises the threshold for a seizure to occur). The topicals are what you want to turn to for pain. They are more effective than difluonac sodium gel, and cheaper, too (my insurance won't pay for the gel, and it's $60).

100% rebates & massive discount coupons: Home
You need Amazon Prime for this. You should also do this knowing that if you get caught, you won't be allowed to write reviews on Amazon anymore. So PLEASE be honest in your reviews. If you can't give the product five stars, return it. There are also tons of these groups and pages on Facebook. That's where I get supplements for free from. You got to search for them, though, or wait for their ads to show up in your feed. Remember, if anything goes wrong, you can return it and get a refund. PLEASE remember that. Sometimes these companies lose track of folks, and those folks get upset over not getting their rebate. If the company seems to have forgotten you, just return it, so you get compensated.

Electricity bill, deposit assistance: Learn About LIHEAP Assistance - Assistance Programs
You can only do this once a year, but if you're low-income, this can be a serious lifesaver.

I feel I should mention this because they can get you into a lot of programs you can't get yourself into, and they know a lot of programs that most people don't. If you need SERIOUS help - look for a case manager. Make sure not to wait until the last minute.... case management takes time and patience.

self-help aspie style: internet-of-the-mind.com
He explains family dysfunction & trauma using an iceberg. He teaches you how to help yourself by explaining dysfunction as it relates to the "internet" of your mind, and explaining how you can change your "network's" programming or map. I'm mentioning this site because when I first started becoming aware I had a lot of trauma in my life, none of it really CLICKED. You know how you can know something, but it still doesn't register). This site made it all CLICK in a way that allowed me to start coming up with solutions - MY solutions - and taking action. The skills he teaches can be applied to other things, as well. And knowing this stuff helps immensely with NT social.

budgeting, saving, small temp loans for emergencies: Meet Cleo: the AI assistant that helps you take control of your money
Cleo is an AI chatbot that helps you learn how to manage your finances better, create a budget, and keep an eye on your accounts. The paid version includes a temporary loan program where you can borrow up to $100 for an emergency. They also have a RAK (random acts of kindness) emergency fund, which we donate to, so if someone is REALLY desperate, they can get some financial help in the form of $250 even if they don't qualify for the loan.

Facebook alternative (we all need one): MeWe: The best chat & group app with privacy you trust.
MeWe is where I spend most of my time nowadays because it's not nearly as crowded as Facebook, but has enough people on it to keep me interested. What I like most about MeWe though, is that the people on their network tend to be WAY more polite and sane than many I see on Facebook. Mewe focuses on interest groups and pages for social. I feel like this social network was literally built for aspies. It's NORMAL to be hyperfocused on your interests and hobbies there because everyone else is likewise focused. I also get a lot of underground info/news here that don't make it to any primary public sources. While I love this forum, I don't want to isolate myself online because that's what everyone else has been doing. I want to stay open, learning, trying to understand others, teaching others, helping them. MeWe is the perfect platform for that. It's a social network for people who can't stand popular social networks lol. Most of the Google Plus refugees moved to MeWe.

Freelance platforms: UpWork, Fivrr
If you want to work but have issues, freelancing helps for many reasons. The primary one being that it puts you in control of everything. I'm listing these two networks as the best general ones, IMHO, but others may appeal to you. There are also niche platforms for artists, photographers, graphic designers, etc. Work is exploding on them, but we have all taken a little pay cut due to the economic issues. Stores are restructuring, though, so there's lots of work available.

Residual income playing games: Mistplay - The loyalty program for mobile gamers
I'm not much of a gamer, but a lot of it has to do with not feeling productive while I play. If you're similar but need to have some kind of entertaining, low-stress activity like I did, MistPlay might be the answer. Since I know playing is earning me a little something, I don't feel guilty or wrong when I do it. I tried out a TON of apps before I settled on this one because it seems to earn you more money than the rest. Mind you, this is STRICTLY residual income. You'll probably make about $10 a month just playing for an hour a day. The minimum payout is .50 for Amazon or $5 for other gift cards. Vanilla Visa is one of the gift cards available. I recommend holding out for at least $10.

I will add to this, because I know there's more. Right now, that's all that's coming to mind. Please feel free to comment if you know of more to add! Let's keep this going. :)


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