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Duality of Universe vs. Concrete Thinking of Human

The above topic in my title has been literally driving me bonkers lately. I cannot stand being able to see the duality of the universe, and I equally can't stand seeing how the concrete thinking of humans tends to be their greatest downfall.

It is also in our nature to demand answers, and it does take a fair amount of willpower to make yourself okay with the unknown. However, I also do not understand those who will take the unknown and determine something is a fact simply for the sake of pacifying these need to know concrete answers. Sometimes the answer is "all of the above," and it seems humans cannot handle this any better, either.

I literally had a nervous breakdown over this the other day. :( And of course, that was my cue to stop my brain from going that deep and try to return my focus to smaller affairs that are actually more relevant to my singular life. I realized this prior to the meltdown, but I just could not seem to turn my focus away from it. I was totally in hyperfocus... and when I'm in hyperfocus, willpower alone will not sway me from whatever I'm focused on. I pretty much just have to allow it to run its course. And I hate that, too.

I often wonder if Autism, as opposed to a disability, is actually an over-ability which produces difficult symptoms to live with, much like being highly gifted produces side effects which make it difficult to cope with life. I do believe that others would understand Autism a lot better and also be more tolerant of it if it was seen in this light. However, I also cannot help but note giftedness has never really been viewed as a disability, even though it often does make people less able in some areas than others.

I passionately believe at this point in my life that neurodiversity is natural and normal, not just with Autism, ADHD, etc. Neurodiversity creates societal roles for us by which to be a support for our species various needs. Because these roles are vast and different, so are the brains designed to tackle them. It gives a whole new meaning to the scripture that talks about how each Christian is a different part to the body of christ. My heart functions entirely differently from say, my skin. Looks different, acts different, has different needs, etc. But neither is more important than the other, and they both have unique roles to play in supporting my body's ability to live. I suspect it is the same on a much larger scale such as our entire species. Humans just have a difficult time accepting that because this unto itself is a duality concept, and humans just can't tolerate duality in their concrete brains. It makes them explode.

I even feel the walls begin to cave in when I open my mind to "see" the duality of everything. It's more than I can even put into words, and more than my brain can fully handle.

However, I do feel that if society were structured more like a "web," and less like a "hierarchy," we would see much improvement in the mental health of everyone, as well as their physical health and well being. We've seen again and again throughout history that hierarchies just tend to implode on themselves. Yet there are tribes deep in the forest that have existed happily for centuries simply because they support this "web" concept in their community structures.

I've got a client wanting to chat now, though, so I need to leave this post on that point. Hopefully someone here finds my completely random thoughts interesting. :)


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