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I'm A Little Bit Afraid

By catdog55616 · May 12, 2019 · ·
  1. It's nothing new to me that I feel "behind" my peers. Socially, emotionally, interest wise. Instead of a regular high schooler (9th-12th, about 14/15-17/18 years old for those who don't know), I feel like I'm 12 or something! I'm 16 though, and I'm afraid of what the future holds.

    Everyone seems to have some semblance of a plan for after high school, but I don't. Everyone's either employed or looking for a job, and I'm not.

    Everyone seems to know their sexuality and their interests and passions but I don't! I'm confused all the time, and I hate how it feels like everyone knows something I don't, and it's like I'm being left behind.

    Is this an ASD thing? Or is this something everyone goes through?


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  1. shysnail
    I couldn't say if it's an ASD thing, since I've been through similar but I also have ASD. But yeah, 16 is so young. You have a lot of time ahead of you to figure stuff out. If you feel like a 12 year old, great! There is literally nothing wrong with not having stuff figured out. It's not stuff you can force. It comes to you.

    Also, don't assume other people have stuff figured out. They may have decided things like their sexuality/interests/career, but those things are so liable to change, it's not exactly more valuable than having no clue.
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  2. Michelle Espinosa
    Oh my god, I cannot believe a 16-year-old has to worry about those things! No, you don't have to and yes it's very challenging to navigate the pressure to fit in when 16 (and more), but please please please give yourself a break. If those others want to stress about that stuff, let them.
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