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high school

  1. C

    Diagnosed with ASD at 27...

    ...But I had problems that started in high school, and to a way lesser extent, before that. I went to a tiny religious private school for elementary school where I was generally fine, but may have been naive as to how public school worked, and I went to a public middle school where I was able to...
  2. catdog55616

    I'm A Little Bit Afraid

    It's nothing new to me that I feel "behind" my peers. Socially, emotionally, interest wise. Instead of a regular high schooler (9th-12th, about 14/15-17/18 years old for those who don't know), I feel like I'm 12 or something! I'm 16 though, and I'm afraid of what the future holds. Everyone...
  3. barappo32

    Trapped in my mind

    The inner dialogue of me, a socially anxious and autistic teenage girl who's trapped in her own mind. With nobody to talk to at school, my best bet is to talk to myself, internally. And then share that internal dialogue.
  4. T

    Autism survey for AP Statistics project, responses needed

    I am taking an AP Statistics class, and as part of a group project, me and my group need to send out a survey. My group is doing autism as our topic, and we decided that the best way to get data would be to post the survey here. The survey is anonymous, and the results will only be used for the...
  5. Kouzai

    Entry 1

    So, this is my first entry in a blog of any type in a very long time. I'm not that used to places like this, or talking to other people with similar issues so if I offend someone by accident, I apologise. I have always been able to speak easier with people who were at least five years older...
  6. Sportster

    GED vs. Traditional Education

    In school they kept trying to force me to "learn their way." Back then they didn't know about AS or a Non Verbal Learning Disorder, so they kept saying, "He won't apply himself." Over the years I have taught myself how to learn and have managed to gain higher education. No, it's not Harvard...
  7. J

    Autism simulation opinions and ideas!

    Hey guys! I didn't know where to post this so here I go. For a big project at my high school I'm going to do a 30 minute simulation/game about autism so people know what it's like. I have Asperger's so I know what it's like already. I was thinking of doing an obstacle course of some sort of...
  8. M

    Learning social rules by Temple Grandin

    Learning Social Rules By Temple Grandin Autism Asperger’s Digest | January/February 2005 Children and adults on the autism spectrum are concrete, literal thinkers. Ideas that can’t be understood through logic or that involve emotions and social relationships are difficult for us to grasp, and...
  9. T

    Aspie at 14 in High School

    Hey, as the title says, I'm an aspie who, according to many neurotypicals, "suffers" from autism, I don't think I suffer from autism, I suffer from neurotypicals being jerks(sometimes when it is not even real, merely percieved) and basically I spend my days playing neurotypical and I honestly at...
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