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Why is the world so ignorant and cruel to autistics and other developmental disabilities?


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Now that I found out what is possibly true that I could have a mild intellectual disability or whatever they say The level is

I also have something called a language disorder

Which probably explains one of my friends I’m about my inability to communicate too well except on certain occasions

When I’m outside I don’t really speak at all

I can say hi how are you have a good day and other things but not too much.

Did all of a sudden once in a while I get this thought and it turns into an idea and then I can express it to my grandmother or someone in my family but I just can’t get it out anyone else

I am currently watching the movie I am Sam if you have watched this movie before please do not tell me how it ends because I’m in the middle of it

It is about this developmentally disabled man trying to raise a little girl and trying to keep her because the court took her away

I wonder if I will ever be able to adopt a child one day.

I’m not saying I want to completely but I’ve thought of it sometimes.

I’m also not even sure if I want to husband I’ve never felt attracted to anyone in anyway like that in my entire life.

And I bet I do love children I don’t know if I’m up to raising one myself.

I want to have the opportunity to do whatever I choose to do later on

My family is still in denial about my disabilities.

And ironically my grandmother One of the only ones who is really really trying hard to understand

don’t know why it’s been diagnosed like three times now.

I wonder why they shown people with autism or intellectual disabilities for having programs to help them be independent yet they don’t show in a person in a wheelchair for using a wheelchair.

If you’re in these types of programs basically it’s like you can’t do anything else.

I want to help somebody to be something someday like a child advocate or Autism adovacate

I can only talk pretty much talk to guide myself to speech to text or by thinking about it several times and takes days maybe even a week or more sometimes. I cannot even physically type the words.

It doesn’t mean I’m stupid or dumb and it doesn’t mean I have anticipatory anxiety either.

It just means I need to have help expressing myself silly words not necessarily through forms like this but the words outside in the real world.

There is a reason why earlier in the summer I wasn’t on for a while but I can’t explain it because it involves something very Traumatic Innoway not completely in the way you think.

Why is that I either have to be so I’m functioning I can’t get a service for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities but I had to be sold a “dumb” that I need to require the services are the rest of my life or not be able to do anything other than have these services.

I have more to me than just my IQ adoptive score and disabilities

I am cute likable Smart and I like writing short stories and books. And sometimes fan fiction.

But all that’s going to be known to me the other is the fact that I like dolls carry around them and obsessed with them. And then I had my teddy bear Justin for six years was obsessed with him with him and took him literally everywhere I went.

If only I could explain you know of what I’m saying to the college program maybe they’re in this way or in the form of a essay but unfortunately I can barely formally write in like that way.

I also like listening to music trying to read and memorize stories listening to audiobooks singing and doing stuff with my camera.

So I may not be the most articulate in the outside in the real world so what.

So I need to help do express myself possibly speech physical occupational whatever it takes therapy. But obviously the right type of therapy none of those do you know...

I want to have a life similar or just like anybody else’s even if I need structured work or a day hab program to work or a structured special-needs college program. The world should know that’s OK. Because we all need different ways of expressing ourselves and improving ourselves in different ways.

And that we also have abilities. And then we are not dumb and that we do retain information but just stored in the recite it in a different way. For example reading makes my head spin wrighting makes me want to throw up. Even on the simplest things. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the stigma. Oh the horrors of this world due to ignorance. I mean I don’t completely understand and the mostly don’t understand things like politics religion or the world around me to the news but that’s OK I do understand certain things the things that matter.
Like compassion love happiness being kind and sensitive.

Being unique and not following the crowd all the time.

And not having to be shown for the way we are born.

Or if you can speak a bed or understand certain things in the way they think they move you up to high functioning.

I know that the labels are mixed and massed up and a way.
But clinically it is true that certain people have lower IQs can I do as well as other people and certain things like academics comprehension etc. but can be very lovable and compassionate and smart.

So as I titled this thread I ask why does The world had to be like that?

Why can’t release some of Nuro typical is even other aspies understand.

No one not even myself at times understands it out to go to an a daily basis just to do the basics of things.

But I don’t want them to judge me on that I want to judge me on my strength not to fight my disorder not to cure it let it be part of me and not let it define me.
People are flawed. People are selfish, shallow, ignorant, arrogant, and even cruel.

The difference between good people and not-so-good people are that the good people can recognize when they've hurt a person and try to do better. The bad people don't give a damned if they've hurt someone else, nor do they care to learn how to be a better person.

What has helped me is accepting people for who they are. I don't try to "fix" or "change" people. If I don't like someone, I just don't deal with them. If I really have an issue with somebody, I'll try to explain my point of view, and if they're stubborn then I walk away.
Just never give up and hopefully you can make at least some of your dreams come true!
I think it can be reduced to ignorance and fear. People are afraid of what they do not understand and disabilities and illnesses seem to make people fearful that they will be affected by it too. You may have a disability but you seem to have strengths too and most importantly you have hopes and dreams. I hope you can take your good and kind heart out into the world and help to make it a better place. Just be kind to yourself too. Your Grandma sounds awesome!
It is very unfortunate that people can or will not understand ASD. Clueless in Canada is right. People are afraid of what they do not understand. I believe that this is one of the main problems.

I think that you are lucky to have such a wonderful family. Family is a big influence on everybody, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It looks to me like family is a good influence for you.

You seem to be a smart, determined and likable young lady. I think that that you have bright future, with very good hopes and dreams. Just keep moving forward and improving. Do not give up on your hopes and dreams! I believe that you can do it.
If theres one thing i can say about all my diagnosis its

1 ) I will NEVER be ashamed on any of them & will forever stand tall with ALL of mien
2 ) NEVER let any diagnosis stand in youre way for reaching fore youre goals (sadly yes in some cases our Diagnosis makes things either extremely difficult and or sometimes impossible. BUT if you dont try you dont know if you could
People fear what they don't understand / Hate what they can't conquer / Guess it's just the theory of man -Nas (a rapper), from the song "Hate Me Now", 1999

Society's definition of what it means to be a contributing member of it seems to be getting increasingly narrow. In my grandfather's day a tinkerer could make a living repairing TVs or appliances. Today a tinkerer is called "autistic" and rots away in his mom's basement making youtube videos. People with talents that aren't valued are simply put on SSI and then verbally abused for being a "waste of life". I hate it. I figure, ok you jerks, if you hate the fact that I'm breathing your air then I'll retreat to the forests where you won't have to share your precious air with me, and I can be among life forms that are more easygoing about air.

Gee, another post that I've deleted and rewritten four times. I wish I didn't get so mad over stuff like this, @Jenisautistic and the rest of you don't deserve it.
Gee, another post that I've deleted and rewritten four times. I wish I didn't get so mad over stuff like this, @Jenisautistic and the rest of you don't deserve it.

Your anger is valid and useful. Useful in that it's likely others identify, and useful for yourself to articulate. You should express it freely.

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