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Sarah S
Last Activity:
Mar 25, 2019 at 7:07 AM
Dec 23, 2018
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Permanent sick disability

Sarah S

Active Member, Female, from Sweden

Sarah S was last seen:
Mar 25, 2019 at 7:07 AM
    1. guitarandtattoos
      Saw you had no messages here and wanted to come by and say Hi.
      1. Sarah S
        Sarah S
        Thank you kindly dear .No not in here but ALOT both in my intro thread as well as Pm (smiling)
        Jan 19, 2019
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  • About

    Permanent sick disability
    Diagnosis Status:
    Autism (classic) - Officially Diagnosed
    Among other diagnoses im diagnosed with originally MBD = Minimal brain damage from birth due to birth complications (with MANY MANY of the 100 + accompanying side diagnosis to this specific diagnose alone incl dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, , hyperactivity, poor attention span, temper, sleeping disorder , Depression disorder, Anxiety disorder, Bipolar disorder, tantrums, aggression, clumsiness, adjustment disorder ,Sleeping Disorder, Suicidal disorder , Social anxiety disorder ,Dyspaxia,
    processing disorder (APD), Nonverbal learning disabilities ( NLD ), Visual Perceptual /Visual Motor Deficit disorder, working memory deficits, Emotional Hyper arousal, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD),Executive function Disorder(EFD ), etc.......

    Then later diagnosed with SEVERE ADHD (even there with MANY side diagnosis ( MANY undiscovered side diagnosis yet to be discovered and diagnosed according to my latest evaluation but in my case they have given up as they feel its not worth more time and effort in digging in al this (and i agree for me its alredy to late and ive learnt to live with al this ) .As well as ASD 1 & 2 = Autistic spectrum Disorder. from birth (but discovered later in life ) & MOST probably (self diagnose) i do fit all the criterias in DSM 5 and ICD 10- MILD Intellectual disability

    In short a SEVERELY broken soul and a HOOOWLING Lone wolf (not by choice)

    Anything else you wonder about feel free to Ask and i will gladly tell you (smiling )


    Originally Diagnosed with MBD=Minimal brain damage)with MANY of the 100 + of the side diagnosis(incl Dyslexia so do please have some patience with my spelling :oops:) later diagnosed with severe ADHD(with MANY side diagnosis). & later ASD level 1-2 . & MOST probably (self diagnose) i do fit all the criterias in DSM 5 and ICD 10 - MILD Intellectual disability. In no way am i stating im a qualified expert when offering my advice's & its solely based on my own experiences and how i perceive things:)