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What is your alignment?

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"In some role-playing games (RPGs), alignment is a categorization of the moral and ethical perspective of the player characters, non-player characters, monsters, and societies in the game. Not all role-playing games have such a system, and some narrativist role-players consider such a restriction on their characters' outlook on life to be overly constraining. However, some regard a concept of alignment to be essential to role-playing, since they regard role-playing as an exploration of the themes of good and evil..."
Alignment (role-playing games) - Wikipedia

"Alignment charts are highly subjective as evidenced by variations in placement even with the same characters. They provide an amusing yet overly simplistic characterization of people and objects; real humans react differently depending on the situation they are presented with. While it’s all in good fun to place people on the alignment chart, their label, as it is with any label placed upon people, is not reflective of their whole self."
Did you do the test? What did you score?
Got Neutral.
True Neutral.
I hear "James Bond" in that rhythm...
I voted lawful good and then realised there is a test. I got, Lawful Neutral.
The test said Lawful Good, even though I didn't select the most goody two-shoes boy scout answer to every question.

I'm told that ASD comes with an inflexible view of the world - black-and-white thinking. When it comes to right and wrong, I definitely fall in that category.
Came out Lawful good even though I hid a crime.. lol
It's important to note that doing one thing that represents you into either side doesn't automatically make you like that. It's more complex than that. A chaotic evil person doing something nice one time doesn't make them not chaotic evil anymore.
I'm good...when I want to be. :)


Neutral Good

People who are Neutral Good are guided by their conscience and typically act altruistically, with only secondary regard for whether their actions are lawful or in line with cultural expectations or traditions. Neutral Good individuals have no problems with what is lawful as such, and nor are they rebels by nature, but they believe in furthering kindness and good deeds through whatever means seem necessary to them. If fostering good means supporting an organized society, then that is what must be done. If good can only come about through the overthrow of the existing social order, then so be it. For many who are Neutral Good, insistence on either lawfulness or rebellion is seen as detriments to or distractions from the greater goal of promoting true kindness in the world.

Take the Moral Alignment Test
I’m neutral good. I tend to score more lawful than I actually am because I need proper motivation to go against rules and customs, or at least reason for it to make no sense to do so, and the questions often don’t include that for me. My default is to not cause a fuss, but I’m not hesitant to do so if I feel it’s the right thing to do. The description of “neutral good” fits me exactly.
Lawful neutral.

Pretty surprising. When I have been offered a role in law enforcement, I've always declined.
Kind of concerned I'd let it go to my head and become a crazed legalomaniac... Though I don't have that tendency so far.

But maybe I'm interpreting it all wrong.

lol, I think I lost

True Neutral​

True Neutral people believe in the ultimate balance of forces, and they refuse to see actions as either good or evil. True Neutral individuals do their best to avoid siding too strongly with any one force, whether that force is good or evil, lawful or chaotic. For this reason, True Neutral personalities sometimes find themselves drawn into rather peculiar alliances, friendships, and life paths. To a great extent, they side with the underdog, sometimes even changing sides as the previous loser becomes the winner. Such people often see good, evil, chaos, and laws as simply prejudices that lead to dangerous extremes. Like the Taoist masters of ancient China, they tend to believe that the universe functions best when the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, are in balance.

Strangely enough this is really accurate

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