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  1. RESleight


    In this game an animal that follows alphabetical order will be posted. It can be any kind of animal. The next person will then offer/feed a food item/meal to the animal above. Both the animal and the food item/meal must have a matching letter before moving onto the next. (A-A, B-B, C-C, and so...
  2. Nicholas Wedemeyer

    Chess Game

    Hi everyone in this community, I would like everyone to recommend the game called Chess.com! Here is the screenshot of it: It's fun and make skills for gaming!
  3. Sid Delicious

    Is anyone good at designing basic combat systems for RPG style games?

    I'm working on a hobby game with a few other developers and artists. We've got most of it covered, but our combat system lacks much detail (other than character A whacks character B and causes n damage, then character B whacks character A and causes n damage). Our original system was far too...
  4. Joshua the Writer

    Count as High as Possible Before a Moderator Posts

    Rules are self explanitory. We count as high as possible before one of the moderators, such as tree or Nitro, post. Take turns. We start again after they post. I'll start . . . 1
  5. Vindicator Phoenix

    People/Characters Similar to You

    Which famous people and/or characters resemble you (in appearance and/or personality)? Feel free: to include multiple people/characters and to describe your similarities to them. To whom do you relate?
  6. BrokenBoy

    What's your moral alignment?

    On a website there's this personality test that places your moral attitudes and ethics within 9 classifications known as "alignments" These alignments rank you on 2 scales, chaotic and lawful, and good and evil. Neutrality (An equal balance of chaotic/lawful and good/evil) can also be achieved...
  7. Nervous Rex

    The Four 4's Game

    I'm going to create a few "recreational math" threads, to see if anyone's interested. This is the first. Starting at 0 create a formula that produces each integer. Use exactly four 4's (no more, no less) and no other digits. You may use any math operation you want - add, subtract, multiply...
  8. Butterfly88

    Funny fill in the blank quiz

    Mine is: I look like a giant duck. Lol!
  9. Vindicator Phoenix

    Alphabetical Long Words (10+ Letters)

    A sesquipedalian's game! A logophile's dream! Beginning with the letter 'A,' each person posts a word that begins with the letter alphabetically following the first letter of the previous poster's word. If someone's word begins with 'Z,' the next person will post a word beginning with 'A.' Each...
  10. Vindicator Phoenix

    Prosaic Synopsis Game - make it dull!

    In this thread, let's describe art forms or popular media, in a dull, matter-of-fact manner. You can add some bias, to your objective descriptions, if you wish. I'll give some examples: (1) Sesame Street is a televised children's cartoon, featuring a variety of ridiculous, anthropomorphic...
  11. Mebradhen

    Just joined

    Hey there! Just found this forum had a post about one of my games. Naturally, I joined so I could respond! I'm 18 years old and have been living with asperges syndrome. I'm from Australia where everything that looks harmless will probably kill you. and I'm currently a game dev working on An...
  12. Butterfly88

    A-Z Famous People

    Famous people in alphabetical order. Al Gore
  13. Butterfly88

    A-Z Places

    Name a place anywhere in the world in alphabetical order. Could be towns, counties, states, countries, ect. I'll start Alabama
  14. Butterfly88

    A-Z Adjectives

    This explanation of what adjectives are comes from vocabulary.com An adjective is a word that modifies a noun (or pronoun) to make it more specific: a "rotten" egg, a "cloudy" day, a "lovely" lady, or a "tall," "cool" glass of water. Angry
  15. DaRKMsOul18

    Story Make Up

    In this game you have to make up an outrageous weird story! You have to make it wacky and make a line of story that makes the story weirder and etc, or silly. example: starter:There was once a man named Bob. player: He was a fish player 2: that had 2 brain cells. just make it stupid as...
  16. M

    Never would I ever:

    Recall this from a 'big bang theory' episode. Although it's not being used here in the same manner. Simply list something that you would not do or dislike. This game has a time restriction, and will run until the last day or end of February 2018. The person with the most amount of dislikes...
  17. Culture Insight

    Looking for a Good Airport Flight Sim for your 3DS? Try this one

    The title of the game may be long but it's called I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero (This link goes to the version that takes place in Hawaii). There are other versions that take place in different areas but lets talk about the pros and cons. Pros 1. The soundtrack is satisfactory...
  18. Mr Allen

    What should I spend my money on?

    Topic. There's a game comes out on Xbox One tomorrow, Cities Skylines which I wouldn't mind playing, but also there's a show coming up, the Stage version of the Addams Family with Les Dennis as Uncle Fester at the Lyceum in September. I can't afford both, so help me decide which to buy?
  19. Vinca

    Count from 1,001 to 2,000

    A variation of the Count to 1,000 thread.
  20. ChurchTheArtist

    Pokemon Go... any thoughts?

    I'm surprised no one has put this out there yet. I'm not exactly solid on this idea but I do find it hilarious that it has become an instant global phenomenon to the scale where people are considering new legislation to handle it. It took less than 24 hours to break the order of an already...
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