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What was the last movie you watched?

Double viewing:

I saw Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. It's not so great...not as a cohesive, intelligently edited story, at least. It feels like a planned 10 part mini series was crammed into barely two hours. I swear there are six different sub plots to that film, and I'm not sure either of them make any real sense. I'll probably watch it again to better figure out what bugs me so much because there's definitely lingering irks in the back of my brain about it all.

I then went home and watched this new vision of Road House. It's actually pretty decent. If one has to remake or reimagine a classic film, this is a good instance of doing so. It's considerably different enough to be its own thing, while it's still essentially the same plot formula. Gyllenhall is good in this role, as his character is quite cynical about everything ( I think that's the idea, anyway ). Connor MacGregor is enjoyable, too, as he plays an absurb version of just himself when a popular figure. Nothing felt forced, and there's even things that you expect to happen in a film about just normal, regular people fighting for once. Not everyone knows how to hit someone, for instance. It's not a perfect film, but it's a cohesive story and shot well.
"The Hereafter" directed by Clint Eastwood.
Starring Matt Damon. About a psychic medium, a French woman who has a near death experience, and a 12 yr old English boy who's twin dies.
A tear jerker for me. Excellent movie of substance, beauty and romance and some genuine touching on real phenomena.
"Black Rain" 1989

Cowboy NY cop and his partner are assigned to physically extradite a member of Japan's organized crime known as the "Yakuza". They deliver him to the authorities in Osaka when shortly after they realize that they turned him over to the Yakuza, and not the police.

With all hell breaking lose with two NY cops hot on the trail of a criminal in Japan whose law enforcement was not particularly happy about any of it.

Great film with Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia and Kate Capshaw. Warning: Extreme Violence
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People really used to talk fast in these old movies.

Late Night With The Devil

It's a sleek style of a found footage / documentary movie (but not only those styles). I like it a lot. Opinion: I wish it had stayed "more" grounded, which I can't further explain because it would be spoilers. It's a good film, though. The acting and sets sell it big time.

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