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What was the last movie you watched?

Rewatched The Thing (2011) Prequel. About the third time. Like it better with each rewatch for some reason. The Norwegian station vibe was always interesting but appreciate Winstead's subdued but believeable performance more.

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Yeah, the 2011 production was miles better than the 1950's James Arness version. They just didn't have the special effects available in the first production....
Silent Night - 2023 (John Woo).

An action/revenge/thriller with very little dialogue. Let's the musical score and action do the talking. Plays out like a silent movie with the noise of gunfire.

Quite good, along the 'lone man' subgenre of current action films like John wick, nobody and... Rambo
"The Batman" (2022)

Wow. I stuck with this one for 45 minutes until I couldn't stand it any more. I always thought creator Bob Kane intended his original story to be far from reality, well executed by Tim Burton. Then came Christopher Noland, attempting to inject a measured higher degree of reality into the story. Not quite as good, IMO.

With this latest and unnecessary incarnation attempting to move the bar even further towards reality. To the point where the idea is both preposterous and far less interesting given the most basic aspects of the story itself.

I guess Hollywood studios still believe the kids will eat up anyone in a cape fighting crime. Even at the risk of completely wearing out a classic and beloved graphic novel. Too bad, as I kind of appreciate those who only consider remakes after a sufficient lapse of time of say, thirty years or more.

Just not this "kid". :rolleyes:

It's not very often where I stop watching a film I've never seen before. Then again I knew something was up seeing a film released only a year ago already on television. Not a good sign.
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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The last one I watched was "River Of Grass" from 1994, dir.: Kelly Reichardt. I really like her later movies like "Certain Women", "Meek's Cutoff" and "Wendy And Lucy", so I have decided to check out all of them. "River Of Grass" was good as well, floating in a different, perhaps more improvised way. She has also made a short movie about an owl called, well, "Owl". The subtlety of what she does is amazing.
Some movie called Unexpected Journey from 2004 and has Zak Effron in it and is about fraternal twin brothers with autism. I liked it up until about ten minutes before the end of the movie when they said something that infuriated me enough to turn off the movie and made me hit the dislike option on Tubi. What made me so angry and end up hating what would have been a really good movie that showcases autistics as being actual people and being accepted by others for who they are and treating them with dignity? When the scene that was about the opening of the Miracle Run Foundation and the announcer said that the mom founded it “to find a cure for autism.” This literally came out of nowhere and not once did this mom say she wanted to ”cure” her sons. She even faked an attorney letter to force the school to keep the twins in a regular classroom and insisted that they were able to fit in with kids without autism and was supportive of their interests. I HATE it when the words “cure for autism” are uttered and find this highly offensive as I don’t want to be “cured” of autism as I’ve always had it and I literally don’t know what it’s like not to have it! Sure I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 18 and a senior in high school but I still had the symptoms. I have embraced the fact that I’m autistic and I’m perfectly happy with it as I think it helps make me a unique individual and that it has taught me to come up with solutions to problems that others might not have thought of before. I also am more imaginative because of the autism and I tend to not see everything as being black or white. What the heck am I supposed to do if I got “cured?!” The autism basically makes up most of my personality. I’m telling you all this because I needed to vent my anger and frustration for this movie. It’s an hour and a half minutes long and I am pretty angry that I wasted my time watching what seemed to be a positive movie about having autism, only for it to turn out to be about wanting a “cure” for it. That is insulting and so patronizing and not every autistic wants to be “cured!”
What are severe co-morbids?
In my ASD2/3 kids,
  • severe cognitive deficits,
  • OCD,
  • executive dysfunction,
  • disinterested* self-harm, etc.
There is ADHD, too, but that by itself would not be so debilitating.

*Out of morbid curiosity, not self-loathing.
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Peter Rabbit 2. I fancy the man in it, called Thomas, which is also my favourite name.
The Machine

American stand-up comedian goes to Russia. And quickly learns that the Russian mafia is not to be trifled with. :D I thought it was pretty good, a silly but funny movie. And Iva Babic is great in it, I give her two thumbs up.

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"The Bedford Incident" (1965)

Engaging Cold War story about a Navy destroyer aggressively tracking a Soviet submarine off Greenland's coast. Replete with an "over-the-top" captain in command of sailors all wound up too tightly over "an exhilaration of the hunt" as opposed to protecting the interests of NATO.

Scary stuff, based on some very real circumstances when it came to the US and Russia constantly playing a deadly game of "tag" between their submarines and our surface navy. Something my own brother could attest to while assigned to a nuclear cruiser (CLGN) in the 70s.


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