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What was the last movie you watched?


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What was the last movie you watched?

I watched Wild Strawberries, which was directed by Ingmar Bergman. He's a great director. I liked the film a lot, but I think I like The Seventh Seal even more.
Pyarr Impossible (Impossible Love). Bollywood film about a geek who finally gets a chance to try to get together with the beautiful girl from college he's secretly in love with, except that now she's divorced with a monster of a daughter. He becomes the daughter's nanny while simultaneously trying to deal with the fact that somebody stole the software he'd been developing.

My mom sent it to me to teach me about romance. It was enjoyable, but it didn't rock my boat - I liked Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs better if we're talking nerd romance. I'm too stubborn and clueless to be taught about romance anyway.

The best part of Pyarr Impossible is when the guy brings a present to the daughter, and says flatly, "This is a bribe. Can we be friends?"
I last watched one of my all time most adored films: Punch-Drunk Love. The scoring, cinematography, and overall story elements (which portray a strange fellow fixated on a few peculiar schemes, with intermittent explosive disorder [it seems], largely misunderstood by his 7 sisters, coworkers, and everyone else, as he becomes the victim to a fraudulent and bullying scheme and how he deals with it, while also finding love) completely capture me. Barry Egan is a huge influence on the expression of my identity, and has been ever since I first watched the film.

another with this same effect is Lost in Translation. It was an easy pick with my love of the Japanese and their language and culture. Throw in Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson and you have a total win.
Just back from the cinema and seen The Expendables with some friends. It was good but the storyline could have been better. Before that I seen the A Team which was good too.

Wikipedia said:
The film begins with a raid by the apelike Wagabu tribe on the Neanderthal Ulam tribe, who possess fire in the form of a carefully guarded small flame which they use to start larger bonfires. Obtained from a natural source, it must be fed constantly to keep it alive, for the Ulam do not know how to make their own fire. Driven out of their home after a bloody battle with the Wagabu, the surviving Ulam escape but are chased into a marsh by a pack of wolves. The Ulam fire tender escapes with the tribe's remaining fire, however after crossing a marsh, the moisture and wind douse the embers, leaving the tribe doomed to die from exposure and starvation. The Ulams refuse to resort to cannibalism and the elder decides to send three men, Naoh (Everett McGill), Amoukar (Ron Perlman) and Gaw (Nameer El-Kadi), out on a dangerous quest for fire.

After a frightening encounter with a pair of saber-toothed cats, the Ulam scouting trio enters territory of the Kzamm, a tribe who have resorted to cannibalism, and capture members of the Cro-Magnon Ivaka tribe as victims. When Gaw and Amoukar pretend to be berserker madmen, creating a ruse that causes the Kzamm tribe to scatter, Naoh manages to steal some fire, but not without being injured in a fight with two of them. One of his injuries is a bite to the genitals, and he spends a fair amount of time in visible agony from this. After killing his opponents and disposing of the Kzamm's remaining fire in contempt, Naoh rejoins Gaw and Amoukar.

A young woman named Ika (Rae Dawn Chong), an Ivaka prisoner who escapes with Naoh, follows them in gratitude, seeking protection. Despite attempts by Amoukar to drive her off, she follows, eventually taking advantage of a food-gather by Amoukar and Gaw to approach Naoh. She makes a primitive poultice, helping him recover from his injury. She also performs fellatio on him, as evidenced by the sudden look on his face, to soothe his pain, and perhaps to ingratiate herself with him.

The four begin their trek towards the Ulam, followed by the Kzamm. Attacked by the hostile tribe, the group takes advantage of a wandering herd of Wooly mammoths to make good their escape. While they travel back towards the Ulam grounds, Amoukar attempts to have sex with Ika: she hides near Naoh, who then demonstrates his claim on her by raping her in front of the other two males.

One day, Ika recognizes that she is near her home. She tries to persuade the Ulam trio to go with her, but either the men's sense of purpose or the lack of a common language with the woman (or perhaps both) keeps them together on their way back to the Ulam. However, when Ika leaves them the next morning, Naoh is upset; at first he continues without her, but finds he cannot stop thinking about her. He turns around, followed by the reluctant Gaw and Amoukar. After Naoh leaves the others to scout a village, he is trapped in a marsh, nearly sinking to his death, but is discovered and captured by the Ivaka.

At first, Naoh is teased and subjected to several forms of humiliation by the Ivaka, but eventually they accept him and show him their ways, initiating him into the tribe. The Ivaka is the most advanced tribe depicted. They have atlatls (spear throwers), arts (body painting, huts, ornaments, primitive pottery), and most importantly, the ability to make fire. When Naoh is taught by Ika how to make fire, he is overwhelmed and his life is changed forever.

Growing impatient, Gaw and Amoukar go to find Naoh and are also captured by the Ivaka. During their ordeal, they are disturbed to realize that one of the teasers laughing at them is Naoh, initially unrecognizable as he now wears the full body-paint of the Ivaka. When Gaw and Amoukar begin their escape during the night, Amoukar tries to inform Naoh of their plan but Naoh pretends that he doesn't understand their native language. Frustrated from the day's events, Amoukar 'persuades' Naoh to come along by knocking him unconscious. Ika follows the trio and helps them escape.

On their way back home, the four run into a trio of Ulam hunters, led by Aghoo, Naoh's rival as dominant male of the tribe. Left by Naoh and Amoukar to guard the fire with Ika, Gaw is severely wounded in a fight with a mother cave bear, barely managing to escape. The other three members of the group find Gaw, and Amoukar carries him over his shoulder. When attacked by the Ulam rivals, the group uses several atlatls stolen from the Ivaka to dispatch their enemies. Thus the group demonstrates the advantages of embracing new technologies.

Naoh and Ika make passionate love during a cloudburst, first by the initial, "animal" style short, rough copulation from behind seen several times before, eventually shifting around to the "missionary position", a position the Ivaka attempted to teach Naoh during his initiation. Intrigued and aroused by observing them, Amoukar approaches, Gaw, who immediately rebuffs him. They also begin to finally understand the concept of laughter, something that had puzzled them earlier about Ika and the Ivakas. When Gaw is hit on the head by a small, falling rock, they all (even Gaw) burst out laughing.

Finally rejoining the Ulam tribe, the group present the fire to the delight of all. The fire tender, having been given the flame, prompts the tribesfolk into an outburst of joy. Due to the ensuing euphoria, the fire tender ends up falling in the water, extinguishing the fire. The enraged tribe nearly kills the fire tender, until Naoh, Gaw and Amoukar restrain them and scold the group. Naoh then tries to create a new fire the way he'd been taught, by using some sticks, dung and dry grasses. After several failed attempts, the more experienced Ika takes over, carefully rubbing the dry sticks together. Once the spark is lit, the tribe is overjoyed, cheering and overwhelmed again.

In the end, Naoh discovers that Ika is pregnant with their child. Naoh caresses Ika while they both gaze at the brightly lit moon.
"Kick Ass" on DVD. I originally saw it a the cinema, but wanted to watch it at home with less distractions. I really like this movie because it seems to have very twisted morality jokes in it. Plus, I like comic books and action movies and this had a little of each.
Am I the only one who watches lots of movies?

No you are not...I'd sit and watch movies all day everyday if I could...I love movies. My problem is I tend to forget the titles and actors names (probably because I watch so many). Last week when I had a couple of days to myself, I watched around 10+ movies back to back.
just watched 'the killer inside me'....hid behind a chair for some of it. just stunningly violent. i wouldn't let gort watch it, might give him ideals.......it stars ben affleck's little brother, the one who was so good in the brilliant film 'gone baby gone', and he is, of course the killer. if you liked the movie 'martyrs', you would probably like this. otherwise, i would suggest you stay away.
Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. A film adaptation of a musical by Sondheim, although I haven't seen the musical. I was scared to watch this film because I don't like gore overmuch, but I wanted to see it because I like Tim Burton's movies and because I've heard people cultural-reference it before. I actually enjoyed it. Strange juxtaposition of dark/violent elements and humor. The music was great. I will watch it again before returning it to the friend I borrowed it from.
Watched Werner Herzog's new-to-DVD My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done last night. It has its moments, and the performances are all good, but I'm not sure it really adds up to much. Still, iIf you're a fan of Herzog or producer David Lynch, you'll want to see it.

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What's the last film you watched?

I'm starting an anime series called Haibane Renmei. It'll probably take me a few days to watch the entire series as it's quite long, but that's fine.

I'm not too fond of anime and mostly watch it with my niece (I pretty much always watch anime when I'm with her), but this series looks very promising. I was captivated by the animation in the series Texhnolyze and decided to check out other series where the character design was done by Yoshitoshi Abe. His character designs are brilliant and unlike anything else I've seen in anime.
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I watched Buried with my brother and a friend last week. I didn't know much about the storyline other than some guy was trapped underground. Overall I found it to be good despite the entire movie just focusing on the one guy/actor and location (underground). It was something different for me.
I watched Buried with my brother and a friend last week. I didn't know much about the storyline other than some guy was trapped underground. Overall I found it to be good despite the entire movie just focusing on the one guy/actor and location (underground). It was something different for me.

I want to see that, but it's not playing anywhere near me. Probably have to just wait for the Blu-Ray.
I watched Stroszek about an hour ago. I liked it quite a lot actually. I may watch it again sometime soon.

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