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What do you collect?


  • Toys

    Votes: 43 32.1%
  • Books

    Votes: 57 42.5%
  • Games

    Votes: 31 23.1%
  • Nature

    Votes: 27 20.1%
  • other

    Votes: 74 55.2%
  • Clothes

    Votes: 12 9.0%

  • Total voters
Interesting that we like similar things, stones, shells, leaves and fossils. I've been digging things up since I was child, fossils fascinate me. Have my favourite books of poetry, and many of the classics. Rilke is a favourite, as is TS Eliot among many others.

I love the antique poetry books with the suede covers. I have beautiful Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Keats editions.
Been fascinated with old things and nature since I was a kid. I think they appeal to my imagination ... their history ... magical and dark and mysterious.
I used to collect computer games. I still have them but rarely can I be bothered to play anymore....
I have an almost complete current ROM Set (Game images) for MAME- Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.
Most games for the SNES.
Any thing worth playing on the N64, Megadrive, PC-Engine (Turbo Graphix), Playstation, Playstation 2, Neo Geo, & of course PC. Not forgetting the spectrum emulator for terrible nostalgia of my early days.
I want to collect good deeds performed by myself and others! (open invitation to promote recycling, environment, volunteerism, donations, charity, altruism, and all that good stuff! : )
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It's hard to want to be both a minimalist and a collector. I have a rock and stamp collection, neither of which I'm real passionate or knowledgeable about.
I like my seed collection. I've always been interested in 'Vulture culture' but haven't got my hands on anything yet. (Animal remains) I also want to collect BJDs and Nendroids... But it may be best I don't.
back when I was making a middle-class income, I collected lots of audio equipment, some of which I still have and use.
At present I collect vintage photos, I have lots of them! Have never officially counted, most of them are small B&W prints, some of them are bigger prints, I think they are social history in a manner of speaking... I'm always on the lookout for more, still on the hunt...
Books I like (including books about my favorite Disney characters, especially the currently-releasing Don Rosa, Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson libraries of Duck and Mouse comics), other Disney merch of my favorite characters, videos, screencaps, etc.
When I was a child I used to collect pieces of wood and bottle caps. To add in, I used to not be afraid to pick them up from the ground - now I'm possibly the biggest germaphobe on the planet.

I also had these harmless little beetles fly into my childhood home so I sort of gathered them in one little spot so that they could have a home. They actually crawled more than they flew. I'm only scared of large beetles, those ones were cute.

Right now I'm not collecting anything physically, but I do have this dream of acquiring every single card in the game of Hearthstone (which I obsess over, always hoping to become Legend and getting extremely tilted when going into losing streaks). This will definitely take a lot of time and effort on my end, and becoming legend would make it so much easier but with the luck I have in that game I sometimes sincerely doubt that this would ever happen.

I deviated from the topic. I need to have all the Hearthstone cards! A FULL collection, no loose ends! Can't stand loose ends.
When I was a child I used to collect pieces of wood and bottle caps.
My kid has a very extensive collection of bottle caps, all from me though (no that's a lie, I got the bartender and the club to save a ton from the bar for me too of ones I would never drink, Bud light, Miller light, and other cheapo bar beers), I on many occasions let him pick out new beers for me to try so he could have the caps. I like trying new beers, always having the same one and it always ends up nasty, and some have very cool caps. He really likes the ones with the bikes and the stars. I can't wait for next year, I want to go to the big, big grocery and I'll let him pick some expensive craft beers for me to try.

I've been considering making checkers games from the bottle caps. Maybe I could sell them on Etsy, I just need to find a good base for the cap so they don't scratch the board.

I need to have all the Hearthstone cards! A FULL collection, no loose ends! Can't stand loose ends.
Awesome! I was totally worried they had a max amount you could have and I would have to figure out which ones to delete at some point. :3 :3 :3
I was like this with the original Pokemon card sets, I still have every single Base, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket and Gym Leader card. But after that it became so excessive and expensive I had to stop myself. I don't even know how many different expansions they have now. Too many for sure. At least they're keeping it alive.
80's and 90's toys and video games, t-shirts, stuff from Hairspray the musical, anything Spice Girls, anything 90's Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, vintage Care Bears, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Gameboy era Pokemon, VHS tapes, stuff on my hard drives like games, music, movies, TV.
if I had more money i'd collect musical instruments, I have my eyes on used but good-condition specimens of a grand D-33 strumstick as well as a loog mini-guitar. both have 3 strings and can be tuned in multiple ways. I also like collecting different versions of different songs by people.
Mainly stuffed animal dogs and dog figurines. I also collect shoes, headphones/audio equipment, and shirts from various places with the names of said places on them.
you mean for professional sound reinforcement? over the decades I've accumulated different speaker systems for different purposes, my faves are a pair of magnapans and a pair of vandersteen 1Ci's.

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