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What did you dream about recently?

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I had three or perhaps four dreams last night, but can only recall two of them:

1. I was driving across Canada with my dad in a semi truck. We saw a hitch-hiker standing on the side of the road and picked him up; he turned out to be Paul McCartney. Not long after picking up Paul McCartney, we ran out of gas. This made us frustrated and we just sat around and did nothing but drink beer, smoke cigs, and sing Beatles songs. After having consumed a considerable amount of beer and cigarettes, we had the "brilliant" idea of hitching dogs -- poodles, no less -- to the semi to pull us to our destination (I think Vancouver, Canada -- one of my dad's favorite cities). We made all sorts of newspaper headlines and spent a considerable amount of time talking to news reporters, but we eventually made it to our destination. What we decided to do there, I can't be sure . . .

2. I was in my teens and was attending a very crowded high-school that was located in either Canada, the USA, or Europe that was much different from the one I went to in real life. One day I noticed that there was a new student at the school who to my surprise was a person I speak to online. I was really frustrated because I whenever I'd see them I couldn't reach them due to so many students being in the way. Throughout the entire dream I tried reaching them, but couldn't. I eventually reached them but it turned out that my efforts of reaching them were wasted as this person, for reasons unknown to me, no longer wanted to have anything to do with me. :(
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I had a dream that there was a commercial for a new protein powder called satin 7 and that my grandma bought it. It was very ordered and normal.
I dreamt of my dead friend Tiffy. She kept telling me that I needed to be more forgiving and that I had to let her go. I kept telling her I didn't want to. I needed her. But no matter how much I begged she still left. I hate those dreams.
I dream about giving hugs and roses to my parents, who finally attended their first graduation ceremony, as I'm the first in class...

Not happening in a few years! Lol
I keep getting this recurring dream that I'm just about to go back to high school after taking some time out. I've had it for years and maybe its because I have some regrets about not studying hard enough and wish I was a teenager again.
What did you dream last night?

Dreamt that I and another person in the passenger side and we were driving somewhere when we came upon a steep hill with a road leading up to a restaurant. So when we got to the hill the next thing I know is we both were out of my van and was on some kind of weird lift with 4 large barrel like rollers where there were long smaller rollers that made the barrel shape. We along with 2 others got on this lift and I was on the bottom since it was a vertical type thing with each person above one another. The lift started rising and the higher it got the more I was losing my grip. I looked down to the ground below me with everything getting smaller and smaller. I was hanging on for life and started screaming to the top of my lungs until I got inside of the restaurant and was so relieved that it was over with. I looked around and seen a lot of children as well as adults. There was another child at another opening where he was sitting down getting ready to slide down a very long slide going along side of the steep hill.


This has got to be one of the strangest dreams I ever had. There were lots of color and I can hear me screaming to the top of my lungs. While I was going up on that scary lift I never seen any steep hill until I seen the kid getting ready to go down the slide.
Re: What did you dream last night?

To keep it short and simple, a bunch of people got pushed together into pulp, then these guys came out and painted with what was left.

Feels weird man,
Re: What did you dream last night?

Last night I had another of my vivid repeating dreams. I was in this big familiar place with white walls, very high ceilings & tall windows hung with bright yellow curtains. The wind blows the curtains gently & the sun pours through the windows. The floors are highly polished dark wood & my footsteps echo through the room. The place reminds me somewhat of an exclusive plastic surgery spa or one of those Victorian era lunatic asylums for wealthy crazy people (or those with greedy relatives who just want to take their money!). Some of the rooms have beautiful clean beds with crisp white linen sheets & yellow blankets folded at the foot of each one. There are never any sick people or lunatics to be seen (unless the joke's on ME & I'm the resident lunatic!) but the occasional nurse-type woman in a white smock walks by with an armload of sheets or blankets. Sometimes 2 work together to make up a bed. Oddly, the nurses all look like replicas of each other: pleasant-looking but not beautiful, slim, officious, spotless & pert. All of them are brunettes with dark brown collar length wavy 'flapper girl 1020s' hair, brown eyes & white skin (but not pallid: just typical). Where they come from or where they go is beyond me. I know the 'hospital' is on a hillside that cants towards a beach. There are trees outside.

At some point in the dream I become tired, I go lie down in the 'correct' bed & it smells of everything clean & fresh. As I fall asleep in the dream, I awaken in my bed at home. I must've had a version of this same dream over 50 times.
Re: What did you dream last night?

Last night I had another weird dream. I dreamt that I saw people walking on ledges. But, when I started walking along a ledge that had a very thick wall that was next to it, both started shaking and I had trouble staying on the ledge causing me to support myself at times using the wall. But, I successfully made it to the other end.

I've been having a lot of dreams of this nature where there always seems to be obstacles in my way as if they are keeping me from achieving something. But many of my dreams have damaged stairs that I have to deal with. I think I will copy them from another forum along with the 2 I posted here and keep them in their own file in my dream research folder on my flash drive. As many of these dreams that I've been having, they may be telling me something.
Re: What did you dream last night?

my latest dream was that i was in the back seat of my dad's Yukon and and found it strange that i looked out to see we were on a roller coaster track, first couple of hills on the track were like a regular road that was steep grade (like the roads in california) then the 3rd hill felt like the road was swept out from under us (felt like freefall) I woke up when we got to the bottom and going up the steep incline to next drop.

I don't know where that dream came from, I guess from looking at them little Smart cars?, this is not the first time where I have dream that I went to an amusement park and and all the rides are ADA or accessible by putting your car on it and staying in your car during the ride duration (really large round platform for carousel, a long line of lowboy trailers to replace the train, same for the roller coasters)

with how people come up with crazy things such as adult sandboxes and diggerland (in the UK) who knows if someone will find a way to make an amusement park that allows you to enjoy the rides while in your car.
Re: What did you dream last night?

11/21/2012: Dreamt it felt like I was in a harness under a helicopter that was flying around and letting me look at the scenary. The first time the heli flew me over this one site it look like it had just a bunch of junk and was abandoned. Then I was taken other places to see and then when the heli flew over this same site I saw 3 space shuttles that was mounted on steel structures for display once again. After the heli returned again I saw a big Saturn rocket that took men to the men. The rocket was on it's side and in sections. The next thing I knew I was taken to a strange factory where I was at the doors watching a man. The large metal door with a window had a giant silver looking door closer on it. The man started through the door but was stopped. So he left and started walking through this maze of walls which was part of the factory and came to a dead end. The man panic and started screaming to the top of his lungs because he didn't know how to get out. But, some kind person came by-BUT THE DREAM ENDED SO I DON'T KNOW WHETHER HE GOT OUT OR NOT.

The last part of this dream seems to be indicating that someone had to deal with obstacles being in his way stopping his progress. I can't make anything of the strange helicopter ride except that I may be flying somewhere in a helicopter. But, I've been putting these dreams in a seperate MS Word file because they seem to be telling a story. Or these dreams just may be a lot of nonsense caused by something I may be eating since I'm beginning the associate these dreams to coffee flavored hard candies. I suck on 3 of them in the afternoons so I can get the caffeine in order to not fall asleep too early.
Re: What did you dream last night?

my latest dream took place at technical school i went to from years 1999 to 2002, it started where i got off the bus and went inside, then entered a classroom and found out i was in wrong class, as the classroom i entered was for math (applied academics for those who need help in academics) a bell rang then i left the room and entered the classroom of a building and grounds class, I then seen the teacher (a teacher I had there, he is now deceased from losing a battle with skin cancer) i sit down and then look around to see the door, the door had a Sargent 1230 series closer (yes, my dream had door closers as well as Dirtdigger's dream) with a bent arm bracket and the arm itself was bent and not in the greatest condition, I then seen a female student looking at it (a clone of me?!?) she got up and started tapping her finger on the speed adjustments on the ends of it (sweep and latch adjustments) thinking touching would fix any problems it has and whenever the door opened, it would sound like a meowing cat (or maybe a cat in pain) I then sat down and looked out the window into the shop and noticed another door closer (LCN 4114 and wanted soo badly to go into the shop to get a "closer" look and check on it's condition, Mr Martin (teacher) then started talking about politics and instructing about how the process of electing a president happens, I then soo badly wanted to say something, (ask to fix the door) after the poltiical chat, and me having nothing to say, i then found myself on a bus and going out to an area that was damaged by Sandy within the town, I then told Mr Martin about my observation (classroom door closer's condition and wanted to check on the LCN in the shop's condition) then he told me "ok, you can go back to the school to check on them, also feel free to make some signs we need on the sign machine for the parking lot and "Men At work" signs for our off-grounds work too" I then started running down the road to get back to the school just to see my dad's CASE 721F work machine (a Front end loader he uses for leaf/brush pickup) I then ran the other way to find out I was going the long way back to the school, next thing I know I was in the parking lot of the technical school and entered the building and checked on the doors, I then fixed the bent arm on the classroom door and then went to the shop door to take a better look at it and seen that it was a new closer (LCN 4040 series with a different bolt hole location in the place of the 4114 that I was used to seeing) the teacher then came in from doing the off-grounds cleanup work and came to me to ask how I like the new closer, I told him "looks nice, another of my favorite series of closer LCN has to offer, I do wonder, what happened with the older closer that was here that I used to fix?? and if possible and not too late, can you find it so I can add it to my collection?? I also made the signs for when we do off-grounds work and fixed the classroom door" I then started looking through a bunch of big boxes hunting down the old closer, then it was time to leave to go home, I then woke up while running to the school bus

I woke up to my dad turning on the Tv and some criminal investigation show on and my LCN 4040 series closer laying on my chest and my hand over it.

analysis of dream, I think it's a from remembering about teacher and technical school and what I used to do there?? maybe the bent arm on the classroom door means my next closer will be one a broken or a used one in need of repair?? maybe next one will be a Sargent (any series)

maybe it was triggered by thinking about that last contractor i had work on the house yesterday(small DIY stuff, some was siding, woodwork) I cracked a joke about screen doors and found out the guy was a door repairer/door closer rebuilder in NYC and struck up a really nice conversation about our favorite brands and common problems we have came across when working on closers. then offers to install an older Anderson brand screen door closer and I turned down the offer, due to I was happy with the coil spring instead of a closer on my screen doors then before he left he gave me the closer and said "heres another for your collection"

-Jess (doordoctor)
Re: What did you dream last night?

I don't remember last night's dream too well, funny because I usually am able to keep track of this stuff. I'll just pull up another one instead...

RANDOM DREAM: All I remember is me and another "being" (I'd say person, but my dreams are so bizarre that person doesn't begin to describe it) kicking copious amounts of ass. Probably a sign that I'd been playing too many video games nights before, but anyway this goes on for a couple of minutes nonstop...next dream involved brightly colored hills and me running (or hovering, I dunno which it was) up and down the slopes of said hills which, BTW, were ridiculously huge. This triggers my fear of heights naturally, and once I dropped down a good distance I woke up not too long afterwards.

If I had to interpret both, the first probably signaled some kind of success or acheivement in my life shortly before, and the latter (my falling dreams) probably could have been interpreted as a loss of control in a situation or a sign that I'm "falling" even deeper, if that makes sense.
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Re: What did you dream last night?

Dreamt that I decided to dig up some ground next to this side of the front porch of my rental property. But, I decided to use a shovel instead of my backhoe loader since I wasn't going to be digging that much. When I started digging the ground was soft everywhere and I had no problems digging.

Don't know what triggered this dream unless someone told me that people sometimes grind the teeth on the back bucket of their backhoe loaders so they are verily sharp to cut through the very dense roots. I said that was a great ideal and will have to take the teeth off the back bucket of my backhoe loader and take them somewhere to get them ground. But, last night I think I have a better and more effective way. I'm going to try to remove the rest of the trunk just inside my rental properties line again in the fall. My brother won't cut his weeds and I can't really make him. And the weeds are full of poision ivy. I don't plan on touching anything either. I'm just going to push the stump to the back of the lot with the front bucket.
Re: What did you dream last night?

11/24/2012 @ 3:50am: Dreamt that I was staying in a hotel somewhere so I can train on a backhoe loader. I can see across the street where there was a big fenced in lot where I seen excavators being operated. So I went out the back of the hotel through a garage door that had to be raised and seen a large body of water where there was a yacht close to shore. Then I started walking along the side of the hotel toward the front noting my surroundings. I continued to walk where I seen a building with the word Connecticut on the front and on the left side was a huge stainless steel pole. But, I never had seen where I was supposed to go. So I went back to the hotel and seen the lot with the excavators again and it was just across the street from the hotel. So I went over to the lot and started talking to some man about training on a backhoe loader. I told him I will have to go back to my hotel and change my cloths since I was wearing an off white skirt just above my knees and a dark brown long sleeve blouse. He said I didn?t have to change my clothes and then we started talking about the cost of me operating the backhoe loader and the guy was very evasion about the cost. I tried my best to get him to tell me how much it was going to cost but never got the answer. I kept telling him I will have to make out a check if I knew the cost. I was never told the cost and I never gave him a check. In fact I never went back to the hotel. So we both went over to an area of his business where there was flowers planted. He said he will have me to dig up all of this area with the backhoe and pointed across the street to another large area he owned and would have me to dig that up and dig up yet another area. Then the dream ended.

COMMENT: Lots of color and activity. The man had dark hair and looked like he was in his early forties. I see some red flags about what seems to be a shady trainer. The first red flag was I wasn?t required to wear the proper clothing (pants, long sleeve shirt, shoes with ridged souls, safety vest and hard hat). Red flag number 2 is he was evasive about the cost and he refused to take a check. The third red flag is he seemed to have a motive when he had me to do something very specific with the backhoe loader as if he didn?t have time to do it himself. So given what I dreamed and me apparently getting my way as far as the backhoe loader training I don?t know if I want to call to make arrangements to do this. The trainer at this business seems almost too anxious for me to train from the emails I got which makes me think they can use the money but may be unwilling to tell me how much. But after this dream I?m going to wait a while before I call. I?m one of those who believe in ?DON?T GO WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD? until I do a little homework.
Re: What did you dream last night?

11/28/2012: Dreamt that I saw some toy taxi cabs that I was moving around with my fingers. They were white. But, I liked the looks of this one cab because it looked like a white van that looked similar to my van. The next thing I knew I was at my destination asking for instructions. Someone that works there told me to go down the flight of stairs to get to the main floor. I had my carry-on with me.
Comment: There wasn?t a lot of color. Mostly shades of white and the staircase was brown. The building that I was in the interior was shades of brown. I?m wondering if this was at an airport since I am always let out on the upper floor where the concourses are and then I would have to go down a flight of stairs (escalator) upon my return from my trip to get to the street level floor. This dream could be just a dream of the past since I have flown a lot at one time. The only time I get on an airplane now is when my obsessions give me an intense desire to travel. But, since this dream seems to be associated with other dreams is why I saved it in my ?Misc dreams2 docx.
Re: What did you dream last night?

I dreamed I was in a virtual world, and I had a room or something, and I got a Salvador Dali painting that when I clicked on it, it would generate another painting. So I was filling up the room with Salvador Dali paintings, and they were repeating. It was like I was in the virtual world not just on the computer though.
Re: What did you dream last night?

I dreamed I was in a virtual world, and I had a room or something, and I got a Salvador Dali painting that when I clicked on it, it would generate another painting. So I was filling up the room with Salvador Dali paintings, and they were repeating. It was like I was in the virtual world not just on the computer though.

I love the Salvador Dali paintings. I think they are surrealism and seems as though Salvador Dali may had synesthesia. Many of us who has synesthia can paint some really unusual stuff that seems to be so out of place.
Re: What did you dream last night?

I dreamt that 2 men were robbing our house- only when I ran outside & looked back, it was a different house on a different street! Even in the dream, I thought it was strange. I ran past several houses since it looked like nobody was home. The next house wasn't really a house but some kind of a church with all these Asian people going in. They seemed to be in a hurry: as though they were late for some event. I kept trying to get someone to call 911 but nobody seemed to understand me! They were friendly enough, but didn't 'get' that 2 armed thieves were upstairs in my house taking my jewellery. I woke up in the middle of trying to explain my predicament to a young woman (because the alarm rang).
Re: What did you dream last night?

Repetitious dreams drive me crazy because they are persistent and don't usually go away until something happen one way or the other. I?ve had these dreams all of my life and I?ve always seen a result whether good or bad that usually bring these dreams to an end.

11/29/2012 @ 7:30am: Dreamt that I saw a black man stooping with his hands on his knees which was out to the side, behind a white backhoe loader in front of a white background. Even the tires were white. The man was moving side to side and raising a hand to try to touch the crowd boom (dipper), but he couldn?t do it. The man acted like he was confused and puzzled and this went on for a while. So the man stood up and walked around to the side of the backhoe loader where there was a white box. So the man started messing around with something on the box, but he could never get this backhoe loader to do anything. The dream ended while he was still messing around with the box.

Comment: This is really an odd dream where there was some light gray shading behind the backhoe loader and very light outlines on the backhoe loader itself. It was parked with the digger part was on the left side. The black man had a brown shirt and black pants on and he had short enough hair where the skin on his head was showing through. He was a bit muscular. The man was exhibiting strange behavior.

:cry: :cry:

But I see this dream as just another obstacle dream and nothing else in my search for someone to give me more backhoe loader training and certify me. Like me, the man didn?t get anywhere and is probably just wishful thinking on our parts. I hit another road block yesterday when I was referred back to this place in Illinois that I had delt with before that gave me nothing but problems thinking I was going to be trained at the rental place after he said he can train and certify me. So disappointed because I thought I was going to see closure to this after looking for almost 2 years and not be taken out of my routine or comfort zone under the circumstances. I have extreme meltdowns when I?m taken out of my routine or comfort zone.

:cry: :cry:

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