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Spooky True Story Time!

STORY TIME EVERYBODY! Gather round the Mr. Rogers recliner, you may feel a slight lurch.

Now then, several years back when I was only slightly younger and slightly dumber, I used to run with a bunch of friends that (mostly) came from spec ed wing of my high school after we graduated. On the suggestion of my ex-best friend, I made the incredibly stupid decision to buy a Ouija board. This decision, funny enough, has both literally and figuratively haunted me ever since. We decided to take it to the same riverside park we graduated in after dark and see if we could talk to random ghosts and spirits.

First mistake was buying this cursed thing, second mistake was taking it to that park in particular. The river I'm referring to, is the famous (and infamous) Hudson River. If you didn't know, it's an infamous dumping ground for bodies. Everyone from killers to the mob have used this river to dispose of the evidence of their evil deeds. If that wasn't enough, this park is also maybe only a mile or two downriver from a major bridge, and the less said about that, the better. Why is this important? One of the major rules about using these things is NEVER take it to a graveyard. Well, whether we realized it or not, that's EXACTLY what we did...

So, we waited for sundown, and when all was finally dark and quiet, we lit our phone flashlights in place of candles and surrounded the board with them. I took the lead on starting our little 'ritual' and we waited to see what would happen. There was a response almost immediately. Cue the accusations back and forth of one person or the other moving the planchette to creep everyone else out. Finally, the best friend suggested that I ask any possible 'spirit' on the other side to give us a physical sign of their presence. Aaaannnnnddddd I listened to her, THIRD MISTAKE.

The moment I asked for a sign, all of our phones turned off. Then the pathway lights started to dim and wink out. It was at this point we probably should've listened to our better instincts and run. We should've said goodbye and left that thing right there on the table. Like the fools we were, we stayed. We were scared out of our wits of course, but we were all too curious for our own good. We kept talking to it and this is about the point where my memory gets really hazy. I kept hearing whispering and giggling behind me, and every time I'd turn my head, nobody would be there. My head hurt like NOTHING else I'd ever felt in my life. By the time I started feeling breath on my neck I asked everyone else about it and roughly 3/4 of us were hearing and feeling the same things too.

After that, I remember hastily convincing everyone else to say 'goodbye' on the board and packed up to leave. Never moved so fast in my life, hands down one of the scariest things I've ever gone through. If I had any doubts about life after death, they were completely silenced after that night. How I wish that was the end of it.

Fast forward to today, and that awful board is occupying the top shelf space of my hallway closet, untouched for years. She's (Yes, it's she. At least I think so? Every time she's appeared to me, she's looked pretty feminine) still attached to that board. She makes her presence known from time to time, slamming doors, moving furniture, clattering dishes, and generally being a nuisance. Still not sure what she is. Restless spirit? Demon? Somewhere in-between? Ex-coworker gifted me a couple of consecrated crosses to use as talismans to keep her energy contained to the inside of the closet. Hung them on the family cross just across from that closet.

She knows I'm writing this; I can tell because she just decided to make noise again. She knocks on the door or wall often enough, and she's currently doing it to freak my poor cats out. They don't like her at all, and frankly, even after getting used to living with a haunt, I still don't like the idea of it. Found scratches on my back this morning for the first time in a long time, I think she's getting stronger. The crosses need to be cleansed periodically with water and prayer, and I feel like I need to do it more and more as time goes on. In as much as I want to be rid of her, I can't bring myself to call a priest yet.

This is as close to having a captive spirit as I may ever get. It'd be foolish to waste this research opportunity. And so, in my infinite hubris, I will use her as a case study to write an official textbook on paraphysics. Anybody here with more experience in the paranormal? I've already done a couple low effort experiments, but it feels like I'm feeling around in the dark (pun only slightly intended) If you're skeptical, either because you don't believe in this kind of stuff or (wisely enough) need more proof than the anecdotage of a friendly internet stranger, I don't blame you. I used to be pretty skeptical too, but it turns out there are some things in this world you just can't explain. Won't ever stop me from trying though!


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I've had quite a few experiences and used an Ouija, aka Witch board, myself.
A friend had just moved into a mobile home and invited me over to see it.
She took me on a tour through the rooms and saved the guest bedroom for last.
As soon as I entered that room, I felt a difference in the energy of the air.
I told her this.
She then told me of her feelings that someone was always watching or was behind her when she was working around in that room.

She wanted to try the Ouija board and bought one.
She was also afraid to use it. I wasn't.
I also brought a digital camera and an infra-red heat camera for our experiment.
We put up the candles and the board.

I can't really say we got an answer from the board, but things happened while we tried.
Something went from candle to candle that you couldn't see. Like it was jumping one to the next and liquid wax splattered out from each in order. The flames almost flickered out when it seemed to be hit by something.
I got the cameras, and I could see a faint, white, small orb against the back wall going smoothly by. It showed up a little bit on the digital photo and the heat camera got a really nice shot.
It is yellow where the orb was, and the mosaic of colors are the white wall behind it.

We tried several times with the board and all we got was usually a bump or noise.
I wasn't afraid of the orb and even gave it a name- Spike.
She kept the board in that bedroom closet and one day got the nerve to try it alone. Her husband walked in and caught her. He was angry and told her to get rid of it. She gave it to me.
I still have it in an unused bedroom closet too.
Nothing seems to have become attached to it.

If you ever tire of what is attached to yours, you know what they do on Supernatural... Burn it.

I also lived with my parents in a rented house when I was 9-11 yrs. old that had a resident ghost. No one could deny what happened there. We all experienced that one.

Story for another time.

Here is the heat sensory camera shot of the orb from one night with the Ouija board at the friends house.

You should probably ask the staff to merge your post with this thread. There may also be others as well.

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This is a true story. When I was 15 and my cousin was 12, we decided to try the ''Bloody Mary'' thing in the mirror. She did, and laughing that it's just a silly game and nothing can really happen, we just got on with the day and forgot about it. Then that evening we were both in my kitchen, getting snacks. I dropped something on to the floor so my cousin bent down to pick it up. But just as she did, I accidentally hit her with the lower cupboard door and the corner hit just underneath her eye. She started crying, and when she stood up I was shocked to see all blood running down her face. It wasn't as serious as it looked though, but after my mum cleaned her up and treated the wound, we wondered if the injury had anything to do with the thing we were doing in the mirror earlier that day.

It may be not connected at all and just a mere coincidence, but even so, I have decided to never practice that sort of thing in the mirror again, just in case.

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