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  1. Captain Mars

    Spooky True Story Time!

    STORY TIME EVERYBODY! Gather round the Mr. Rogers recliner, you may feel a slight lurch. Now then, several years back when I was only slightly younger and slightly dumber, I used to run with a bunch of friends that (mostly) came from spec ed wing of my high school after we graduated. On the...
  2. L

    Silent Hill: The Short Message

    This new spin off Silent Hill game (which was rumoured for ages), finally got unveiled at State of Play, and Konami also showed some footage of the SH2 remake. However, Konami hasn't confirmed a release date yet for the remake, but it should be out later on this year. This is probably going...
  3. L

    Silent Hill: Ascension

    Just why did Konami allow this? Meh. It makes no sense. I tried to watch an episode of it the other day on my phone. But it's so dark, that I couldn't see much. :D Lately, I've found out a lot of these Silent Hill games or whatever, aren't even set in the actual place in the series called...
  4. L

    Stray Souls

    Anyone tried this Silent Hill style game yet? You begin the game's story as a guy who is about to turn 18 and ends up inheriting his late grandmother's house. After registering on a dating site, he learns he has a sister, who he soon discovers is living across the street. She explains how the...
  5. HDLSeanWiley

    Clowns in the Woods

    There's a new independently-produced horror movie coming out today called Clowns in the Woods, which has an autistic actor playing the autistic main character and has other autistic actors in it.
  6. Sir Bedlam

    Hello everyone!

    Hello, I just recently joined this site, and I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself here. My name is Jake. After having dealt with much anxiety and depression throughout my life, feeling like an outsider and struggling with the difficulties that come with Asperger's, it feels nice knowing...
  7. Riley

    Horror & Creepypasta Advice/Concepts/Other

    I plan on writing horror stories. Creepypastas, to be more exact. While I do use cliches, some may be original on their own right. I need people to provide me with information. With advice. With help. Here are my planned stories: "My Daughter's Furby Won't Stop Screaming": A single parent buys...
  8. AustinTheAspie


    Do any of you guys like creepypastas? I just recently got into them, and I must say, they're really interesting to me. Something about horror just appeals to me; perhaps it's because I was born in October, the same month Halloween is. But ever since I was little, I can vividly remember watching...
  9. Creepi

    The Horror Genre

    Personally, I have a big obsession with the horror genre and the backstories of the antagonists. I often engage in watching movies, playing games, reading articles, stalking Wikis and reading books of the horror genre. I'm interested to know if anyone else also finds the horror genre...
  10. Zombie Theory

    Zombie Theory

    Just wondering... When a zombie bites a person they eventually turn into a zombie. What if a person bit a zombie? Hmm...
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