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  1. Captain Mars

    Spooky True Story Time!

    STORY TIME EVERYBODY! Gather round the Mr. Rogers recliner, you may feel a slight lurch. Now then, several years back when I was only slightly younger and slightly dumber, I used to run with a bunch of friends that (mostly) came from spec ed wing of my high school after we graduated. On the...
  2. Joshua the Writer

    Souls and Spirits

    Even though I am not religious, I still believe in souls, spirits, ghosts, etc. For the spirits/ghosts thing, I get different vibes when I am in an area/room. For example, a certain spot in the woods of a house belong to one of my parent's church friends gave me the chills, while another I was...
  3. I

    Creepy Ghost Stories

    So, I recently came across something from another website where people talked about various experiences they've had regarding ghosts and creepy, unexplainable occurrences they've encountered, and it made me think about something vaguely creepy that happened when I was younger. I'm not sure if I...
  4. Bella Pines

    What paranormal experiences have you had?

    I noticed from a previous thread that at least half of this audience believe in the paranormal. What types of monsters/paranormal stuff do you believe in? The definition of paranormal is "of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation". So...
  5. AustinFrom1995

    Ghost Encounter

    Well, first a little backstory, this happened about two years ago, during late fall. It was particularly rainy that night and I was home alone. I was fully awake and reading a book on one side of the couch. Now, my home is set up so that it is divided into two by a wall, one side has the...
  6. DC1346

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    I see dead people ... okay ... not like the character Cole Sear (played by Haley Joel Osment) in the 1999 production of The Sixth Sense, a supernatural thriller produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. But I have seen dead people walking this Earth. Years ago I worked as a Culinary Arts...
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