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Post something Weird or Random

Kisa the tea

Local Rabbit
V.I.P Member

For those who don't understand what's wrong with this picture:

You should never sleep on the slide!


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I thought this bizarre youtube short was making fun of flex seal infomercials, until I noticed that it was produced by the company.



Aspie Naturist
V.I.P Member
When I was in 2nd or or 3rd grade, after once again not being picked for either team in PE class and being told by the coach to watch the others play, I couldn't help but notice everyone ignoring me. Even the coach. No one explained they hadn't picked me because I was clumsy and they wanted to win, not lose. So of course I took it personal and decided I'd had enough.
I figured if they thought I had died or passed out, that they would come over and check, and then they wouldn't ignore me. So I stood very much in the open, and put my hands on my neck like i was strangling myself. When my vision started going dark (I really was squeezing my neck), I let my body go limp and just layed there the way I ended up. I figured if I fell forward or backwards I wouldn't be able to keep from using my hands to break the fall and they would know I was faking.
Apparently no one noticed. I lay there for several minutes, thinking they would HAVE TO see me on the ground eventually. Nope.
I wad considering giving up and just going back to watching the game when a woman's voice startled me. I opened my eyes to see two ladies who explained that they had seen me fall from their patio and wanted to ser if I was ok. One of the ladies was someone I knew from our church, and it turned out her house was next to the school athletic field.
I felt so foolish and told them I was just playing, which earned me two odd stares until the one I knew said she wad glad I was alright and they returned to her house. I never faked a suicide again.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
V.I.P Member
When I see signs like this, I always have to wonder what prompted their existence in the first place lol
I always used to smile to myself every time I saw these signs, but believe it or not the warning's necessary.
"Do not approach or interfere with these animals."


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