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  1. Levitator

    Infected with headsquirrels

    I just encountered this man at the convenience store. He complied with my request to take his portrait, and then he infected me with headsquirrels.
  2. They wonder about Stevie Wonder

    They wonder about Stevie Wonder

    So, I'm new to this craic. I was into social media but gave it up completely during lockdown. Between whatever was going on with me(autism and cancer) at the time and the falsity of media itself, I was happy to say good luck. It changed,social media from when I first went on it. Then again, when...
  3. Rodafina

    Love It/ Hate It

    What’s the game? Finish these two thoughts. That’s all. I love it when… I hate it when…. OP is up first, I guess. ———————————— I love it when the label on my teabag spins around as I walk down the hall. I hate it when the label on my tea bag falls into the tea. (I don’t know, do you guys...
  4. Rodafina

    Lost Things

    There’s a story I love called The Lost Thing – there is a land in it where all lost things can go and have a place. It’s a story in this book: Anyway, if it doesn’t already exist, I thought this thread could be a place for lost things – things that you want to share, but you just don’t know...
  5. G

    Type a sentence using text prediction

    Here’s a sort of “game” I just came up with, type a random sentence using text prediction; just choose a word to start and then from then on use only text prediction to type out whatever is available. I’ll start: Aspies is going to be on the road now and then will be there in about the Crusades...
  6. J

    anyone else like me, with things in common?

    Hi i'm Joseph Asimeng. By the way i ... -watch a little bit of anime(rarely), -i play a little bit of games (rarely), -i don't read mangas or comics, -i hate smoking(cuz it can kill you, even from those ads, regardless of exaggeration), -i hate tattoos(cuz it can hurt you when you get...
  7. ryan1205

    I yearn for those days

    I yearn for those days of my teen years. 2016 was a turning point. I had friends I could count on. It all fell apart in an instance. I miss that girl I would always talk to every day. The only person I ever truly fell in love with. Only she never felt the same. We stayed friends until it all...
  8. Jenisautistic

    What could be causing this? Random thoughts and a possible rant

    I’m not sure if this has anything to do with any of my conditions however I am very routine oriented in a way For example I’m gonna watch a movie On my computer but I keep gravitating toward do YouTube or some thing I’ve already watched mainly YouTube cover songs or music in general Sometimes...
  9. IContainMultitudes

    Post something Weird or Random

    The person who posts the weirdest and most random thing *wins*! And there's no losers! Just to kick things off:
  10. J

    joe's 1st blog

    joe's 1st blog is very general. It's all about life, imagination, random stuff and things i wrote down in my notepads
  11. Joshua the Writer

    Worse Designed Thing(s) You've Ever Seen?

    It can be something you encountered IRL, or just something you have stumbled across while browsing the net. It could be terribly-designed architecture, clothing, ads, products, websites, or anything else that has a very crap design. Pictures are not required, but optimal. Here is some of what...
  12. M

    Serial Killers, why do they do it?

    Have always been interested in serial killers, could never understand why they did what they did. To kill someone that you don't know or even do know is the ultimate horror in a world filled with people. So many of the known serial killers offer no explanations for their killing, for their...
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