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People laughing at your expense

Let people laugh at your expense?

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Silhouette Mirage

Slimepunk's Not Dead!
V.I.P Member
I let a lot of things slide if I know it's coming from a good place, and genuine humor is one of them. It's different if someone is being antagonistic, but usually they have to go really far in order for me to care.


The Owl Lady
V.I.P Member
Humor is subjective, especially if it is at someone else’s expense. If you’re laughing at something another person has done, and they’re laughing about themselves too then it’s often genuine and not malicious. However, if someone is laughing at another with malicious intent and the person is not aware or is uncomfortable, then it’s not really funny. And it is not to Whine if someone laughs at you and you don’t get the joke, or if it is malicious.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
No, it is not funny to me. I never laugh at other people's expense and expect the same courtesy from them.

Neonatal RRT

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I think being the butt of a joke, and one's response will be highly individualized. I think both parties need to be in the correct "head space" for it to actually be funny.


There's NOTHING to fix!
V.I.P Member
Sometimes they intend it as friendly, other times not.
They call it what ... Busting on someone?
That said, That was foreign to me, as someone who doesn't immediately get all jokes or find many funny.
Plus, I was brought up in a family where we never did that.

As to how it is intended can be easily determined in asking does that person like me or have issues with me? hmmm just sayin'


V.I.P Member
This thread isn't to poll people's opinions, it's to judge people who think differently than you. *laughs at you*


New Member
If someone laughes at other people expenses (being me or anyone) that person will stay out of my social circle.

Bye bye idiot.

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