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Introducing Pat

Hey there, I'm Pat! I'm 29 years old, and identify as nonbinary, and prefer they/them pronouns. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at a young age but nowadays prefer the more inclusive terminology of "being on the Autism Spectrum" seeing as identifying myself as having Asperger's didn't really do me any favors, that and the history of Asperger's makes me uncomfortable.

Despite knowing that I'm on the spectrum all my life I didn't really know what that actually meant for me until roughly this time last year when I finally started doing research into Asperger's/Autism. This is mostly due to being raised by a father who never properly educated himself on his adopted child's diagnosis and instead went off of outdated concepts of Autism, which didn't do me any favors at all and in fact harmed me. To his credit though he did do things right initially by making sure I had extra help in Elementary School through Special Ed and Speech classes but once Elementary School was over I was pretty much expected to be just like all the other kids in my class who weren't neurodivergent, which wasn't fair and I struggled as a result.

Anyways I decided to join this forum as a way to find and interact with others like me so I find people I can relate to better and maybe further understand myself through listening to the stories of others. Also I don't use social media because I just never understood it, and still don't, but I have used forums before in the past so I felt joining an Autism forum would be more comfortable for me than joining Social Media.
Btw could anyone point me to good sub forums/threads to look into?


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That would depend what your interests are.
If you mean special interests I'm into reading and video games.

But if you mean threads I'd be interested in?
Hmm.. well maybe something that's just like sharing stories and experiences regarding Autism or just life in general.
Could help me to learn what sorta experiences others like me have had.


Hopefully Human
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Maybe you would some of like these:


Maybe you would some of like these:

I'll have to take a look at those.


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Welcome. This site has many resources, and many support posts for those of us navigating day to day struggles.


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Welcome! I've also found reading others' stories and experiences to be insightful, and to feel less alone.


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Hey @FoxLovinPat :) Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you will like it here, it's much better than yucky social media!

I'm sure you will find lots of sub forums that you will enjoy. @Rodafina has linked some good ones. But if you don't see anything that takes your fancy, why not start a thread of your own? :) I'm sure you will find people will take an interest and there's quite a few gamers here too! :)


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Btw could anyone point me to good sub forums/threads to look into?
Firstly - Hi and Welcome to the Forums. Glad that you have found this place.

I cant recommend any specific threads to look at, but I can affirm that the search tool does work well, so my recommendation would be to go and have a play. Loose an hour or so following your inclination and see what you come across.

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