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I need some advice on whether or not to play Mother 3


Well-Known Member
I need some advice on this. I've heard many great things about this game, and I would like to play it, but I have some concerns:

1. I have been struggling with depression for a while and sad/depressing things tend to overwhelm me. I've heard that Mother 3 is a great, but sad/depressing game. The last thing I need in my life right now is more sadness. Those of you who have played this game, is it a game that will likely depress me? I have read the tv tropes page about this game, so I know what happens in the end, but is it in general a sad/depressing game?

2. My dad (this one is long and tough to explain). The only way for me to play this game in english is to emulate it. My dad is very against emulators not just because they are illegal. The problem is that he works in the legal department of the U.S. Government. My brother ran into a problem because of this when he downloaded roms for all of the NES, SNES, and Genesis libraries. My dad told him that if word ever got out about my brother doing this, it could cost my dad his job. He then made my brother delete all the roms he downloaded. I have previously asked my dad if I could download a rom for a rare and expensive game (Lufia II), and he said that downloading it is not an option I could take. My question is this: Should I still do it anyway? I'd be putting it on my own laptop and I'm college now, so my dad wouldn't know unless I told him. But I really don't want to risk him possibly losing his job because of me.

3. The emulating process. I've never emulated anything before, so I have no idea how this works. I have macbook and I would like to know if the Mother 3 emulator only works on Windows computers, or if I'm fine.

Any help people can give to me on this is appreciated!
You are screwed.
Go Learn Japanese or find a pirated cart with an English patch.

Emulators are legal, ROMs (Game files) illegal
OpenEMU is the one of the best for OS X and it runs GBA games (free to download and I have it)

Though obviously you would need to find an English patched ROM of Mother 3, which is technically illegal, but the nothing happens unless Nintendo makes an issue of it.
Though downloading the ROM will most likely get your dad into trouble.

So if you really want the game, have a friend or cousin download the file for you on their network.

Or literally buy a pricy copy of Mother 3 and use one of the online English guides.
GBA games are region free
, so you can play them on your DS or GBA.

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